What Shows Are Available For Acorn Theater Tickets?

Looking for a delightful night out at the theater? Look no further than the Acorn Theater! With an exciting lineup of shows, you can indulge in the magic of live performances and immerse yourself in captivating stories. From exhilarating musicals to thought-provoking dramas, the Acorn Theater offers a range of options to cater to every taste. Whether you are a theater aficionado or someone just looking for a memorable evening, there is something for everyone at the Acorn Theater. So, grab your tickets and get ready to be transported to a world of pure entertainment.


The Phantom of the Opera

If you are a fan of captivating music and thrilling stories, then “The Phantom of the Opera” is a musical that you should definitely consider. With its mesmerizing score composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and its iconic mask-wearing phantom, this musical has been enchanting audiences for decades. Join the phantom as he haunts the Opera Populaire, falls in love with the young soprano Christine, and tries to win her heart. Experience the breathtaking performances, stunning sets, and the unforgettable music that has made “The Phantom of the Opera” one of the longest-running shows on Broadway.

Les Misérables

Prepare to be transported to 19th-century France with one of the most emotional and powerful musicals of all time – “Les Misérables.” Based on Victor Hugo’s novel, this Tony Award-winning musical takes you on a journey through the lives of characters like Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, and Cosette, as they struggle for redemption, love, and justice in a time of social unrest. With its unforgettable songs such as “I Dreamed a Dream” and “One Day More,” “Les Misérables” will leave you feeling moved, inspired, and reminded of the enduring power of the human spirit.


If you’re looking for a musical that combines history, hip-hop, and a fresh take on the American Revolution, then “Hamilton” is the show for you. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this groundbreaking musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Founding Fathers, through a unique blend of rap, R&B, and traditional Broadway tunes. From the opening number to the final bow, “Hamilton” will have you hooked with its catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and impressive choreography. Don’t miss your chance to be in the room where it happens and witness the phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.


Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy of star-crossed lovers, “Romeo and Juliet,” continues to captivate audiences with its tale of forbidden love, feuding families, and tragic consequences. Follow the passionate romance of Romeo and Juliet as they defy their families’ hatred and try to find happiness in a world of violence and prejudice. With its beautiful language, memorable characters, and heartbreaking ending, “Romeo and Juliet” remains a must-see play for theater enthusiasts of all ages.


Considered one of William Shakespeare’s greatest works, “Hamlet” is a play that delves into themes of revenge, madness, and the complexities of the human psyche. Join Prince Hamlet as he grapples with his father’s death, his mother’s marriage to his uncle, and the ghostly visitation that sets him on a path of vengeance. With its introspective soliloquies, intricate plot, and memorable characters like Ophelia and the witty Polonius, “Hamlet” is a theatrical masterpiece that continues to challenge and intrigue audiences.


Enter the dark and treacherous world of ambition, witchcraft, and murder with Shakespeare’s tragic play, “Macbeth.” Follow the eponymous character Macbeth as he succumbs to his wife’s ruthless ambition and the prophecies of supernatural beings, leading him down a path of destruction and supernatural horror. With its atmospheric setting, unforgettable characters like Lady Macbeth and the three witches, and powerful themes of guilt and fate, “Macbeth” remains a gripping and haunting play that will leave you questioning the nature of power and the human condition.

Comedy Shows

The Comedy of Errors

Get ready for a night of hilarity and mistaken identities with Shakespeare’s uproarious comedy, “The Comedy of Errors.” This play follows the misadventures of two sets of twins who are separated at birth and accidentally reunited later in life, leading to a series of confusion and chaos. With its fast-paced plot, witty wordplay, and slapstick humor, “The Comedy of Errors” is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a lighthearted and entertaining theatrical experience.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Step into a world of fairies, mischief, and enchantment in Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Follow the intertwining stories of four young lovers, a group of amateur actors, and a mischievous fairy named Puck as they navigate the magical and hilarious events that unfold in an enchanted forest. With its whimsical characters, comedic misunderstandings, and romantic entanglements, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a delightful escape into a world where dreams and reality collide.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Experience the sophisticated wit and sparkling dialogue of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Set in Victorian England, this comedy of manners satirizes the social conventions and hypocrisy of the upper class. Follow the charming and witty characters as they navigate mistaken identities, double lives, and love affairs, all while showcasing the sharp humor and biting social commentary for which Wilde is known. With its clever wordplay, memorable one-liners, and intelligent insights, “The Importance of Being Earnest” is a must-see for lovers of classic comedy.

Dance Performances

Swan Lake

Immerse yourself in the graceful and ethereal world of ballet with Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” This timeless masterpiece tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer, and Prince Siegfried, who falls in love with her. Filled with stunning choreography, exquisite costumes, and Tchaikovsky’s enchanting music, “Swan Lake” showcases the beauty and technical prowess of ballet dancers as they bring the love, betrayal, and ultimate redemption of these iconic characters to life.

The Nutcracker

Experience the magic and enchantment of the holiday season with “The Nutcracker.” This beloved ballet follows the journey of young Clara as her toy nutcracker comes to life and leads her through a fantastical world of sugarplum fairies, dancing snowflakes, and a battle against the sinister Mouse King. With its iconic score, lavish sets, and charming characters, “The Nutcracker” has become a cherished holiday tradition for audiences of all ages.


Prepare to be swept away by the hauntingly beautiful tale of “Giselle.” This romantic ballet tells the story of a young peasant girl who dies of a broken heart after discovering her lover is engaged to another woman. In the afterlife, Giselle joins a group of supernatural beings called the Wilis, who seek revenge on men who have betrayed their love. With its delicate and intricate choreography, emotive storytelling, and the renowned “mad scene,” “Giselle” is a ballet that showcases the skill, artistry, and emotional depth of the dancers.



Indulge in the passionate and fiery world of Georges Bizet’s opera, “Carmen.” Set in Seville, Spain, this tale of love, jealousy, and tragedy revolves around the captivating and independent woman, Carmen, and her ill-fated relationships with Don José and the glamorous bullfighter Escamillo. With its iconic melodies like the “Habanera” and “Toreador Song,” vibrant Spanish rhythms, and dramatic storyline, “Carmen” is a celebrated opera that will transport you to the heart of Spain and leave you enthralled until the final curtain falls.

La Traviata

Witness the emotional journey of Violetta, a courtesan with a tragic fate, in Giuseppe Verdi’s timeless opera, “La Traviata.” Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ novel “La Dame aux Camélias,” this opera explores themes of love, sacrifice, and societal expectations. Follow Violetta as she navigates the complexities of her relationship with Alfredo, struggles with her fragile health, and faces the judgment and hypocrisy of society. With its exquisite melodies, poignant arias, and profound exploration of human emotions, “La Traviata” is an opera that will leave you moved and contemplating the nature of love and redemption.

The Magic Flute

Step into a world of fantasy, magic, and Masonic symbolism with Mozart’s enchanting opera, “The Magic Flute.” This fairy tale-like opera follows the young prince Tamino and his comical companion Papageno as they embark on a quest to rescue Pamina from the clutches of the evil Queen of the Night. Filled with colorful characters, memorable arias, and Mozart’s exquisite music, “The Magic Flute” combines elements of comedy, drama, and romance to create a truly captivating and imaginative operatic experience.


Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty and power of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Often referred to as the “Choral Symphony,” this monumental work showcases Beethoven’s mastery in combining orchestral music with vocal performances. From the iconic and transcendent “Ode to Joy” chorus to the dramatic and emotional journey of the entire symphony, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 is a monumental achievement that has stood the test of time and continues to resonate with audiences.

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21

Experience the elegance, virtuosity, and sensitivity of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major. This beloved concerto features one of Mozart’s most famous and recognizable melodies, the sublime Andante movement. With its delicate piano passages, masterful orchestration, and moments of sheer brilliance and emotional depth, Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 is a thrilling showcase of both the composer’s genius and the talent of the soloist.

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Prepare to be captivated by the passionate and fiery melodies of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. Regarded as one of the most technically challenging and emotionally intense violin concertos ever composed, this masterpiece takes the listener on a journey through soaring melodies, dazzling virtuosity, and breathtaking cadenzas. With its rich orchestration, soaring violin solos, and moments of intense drama and emotion, Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto is a tour de force that will leave you in awe of the talent and artistry of the performers.

Children’s Shows

The Lion King

Embark on a journey to the African savannah with one of the most beloved and iconic children’s shows of all time – “The Lion King.” Based on Disney’s animated film, this spectacular musical tells the coming-of-age story of Simba, a young lion prince who must navigate his responsibilities, find his place in the circle of life, and confront the treacherous Scar. With its breathtaking puppetry, vibrant costumes, and unforgettable songs like “Circle of Life” and “Hakuna Matata,” “The Lion King” is a visually stunning and heartwarming experience that will delight audiences of all ages.

Beauty and the Beast

Experience the enchantment and magic of the tale as old as time with “Beauty and the Beast.” This beloved Disney musical brings to life the timeless love story between Belle, a young woman who yearns for adventure, and the cursed Beast, a prince trapped in an animal form. With its unforgettable characters, memorable songs like “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast,” and captivating storyline, “Beauty and the Beast” is a magical theatrical experience that teaches the importance of inner beauty, compassion, and the power of love.


Join Anna, Elsa, and their friends from the kingdom of Arendelle in the magical world of “Frozen.” Based on Disney’s blockbuster animated film, this enchanting musical tells the heartwarming story of two sisters and the power of their bond. Featuring beloved songs like “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” as well as stunning visual effects, dazzling costumes, and a tale of love, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing your true self, “Frozen” is a must-see for fans of all ages.


Sleeping Beauty

Experience the enchantment and splendor of the classic fairy tale through the artistry and grace of ballet in “Sleeping Beauty.” Follow the journey of Princess Aurora as she falls into a deep sleep under the spell of the evil fairy Carabosse and is awakened by the kiss of true love. With its exquisite choreography, opulent sets and costumes, and Tchaikovsky’s mesmerizing score, “Sleeping Beauty” is a ballet that showcases the technical skill, elegance, and beauty of the dancers, as well as the timeless appeal of the fairy tale.

Don Quixote

Embark on a whirlwind adventure filled with romance, comedy, and daredevil dancing in the ballet “Don Quixote.” Based on the beloved novel by Miguel de Cervantes, this ballet tells the story of the aging knight Don Quixote, who sets off on a quest to find his ideal woman, the beautiful Dulcinea. With its vibrant Spanish flavor, virtuosic dancing, and lively characters, “Don Quixote” is a joyous celebration of love, friendship, and the power of imagination.


Experience the timeless tale of Cinderella in a dazzling ballet adaptation. Follow the kind-hearted Cinderella as she overcomes adversity, captures the heart of the prince, and dances her way into a fairy tale ending. With its enchanting music, elegant choreography, and beautiful costumes, the ballet “Cinderella” brings this beloved story to life in a way that captures the imagination and inspires audiences of all ages.

Musical Revivals


Step into the world of murder, fame, and corruption in the iconic musical “Chicago.” Set in the Roaring Twenties, this dark and satirical show tells the story of rival vaudevillian murderesses Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart as they scheme, manipulate, and sing their way to freedom. With its sizzling dance numbers, show-stopping songs like “All That Jazz” and “Cell Block Tango,” and a sharp commentary on the cult of celebrity and the justice system, “Chicago” is a thrilling and electrifying theatrical experience that continues to captivate audiences.


Transport yourself to the seedy and glamorous world of the Kit Kat Klub in the musical “Cabaret.” Set in 1930s Berlin, this Tony Award-winning show follows the stories of American writer Cliff Bradshaw and British cabaret performer Sally Bowles as they navigate the rise of the Nazi Party and the decadence of the cabaret culture. With its unforgettable songs like “Willkommen” and “Cabaret,” provocative choreography, and evocative storyline, “Cabaret” is a dark and mesmerizing musical that explores themes of love, politics, and the price of freedom.

West Side Story

Experience the timeless rivalries, forbidden love, and thrilling dance sequences of “West Side Story.” This modern retelling of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” transports the tragic tale to the streets of 1950s New York City, where two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, clash in a battle for territory and respect. With its unforgettable music by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, electrifying choreography by Jerome Robbins, and powerful themes of love, prejudice, and the search for identity, “West Side Story” remains a groundbreaking and resonant musical that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and dance.

Experimental Theater

Waiting for Godot

Enter the absurd and existential world of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.” This iconic play follows the circular conversations and moments of silent contemplation between two tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, as they wait for the mysterious Godot. With its sparse setting, dark humor, and profound exploration of the human condition and the concept of time, “Waiting for Godot” is a theatrical experience that challenges traditional narrative structures and invites audiences to reflect on the futility and meaninglessness of existence.

No Exit

Prepare to be immersed in a psychological and philosophical exploration of the afterlife with Jean-Paul Sartre’s “No Exit.” In this existentialist play, three deceased individuals find themselves in a locked room together for eternity, revealing their deepest desires, regrets, and vulnerabilities. With its claustrophobic setting, intense dialogue, and searing examination of human relationships, truth, and self-awareness, “No Exit” offers a thought-provoking and contemplative experience that questions the nature of human existence and the consequences of our actions.

The Glass Menagerie

Delve into the fragile and memory-haunted world of Tennessee Williams’ semi-autobiographical play, “The Glass Menagerie.” Through the eyes of Tom Wingfield, the story reveals the complexities of family dynamics, dreams, and the power of nostalgia. With its poetic language, delicate characters like the iconic Amanda and her daughter, Laura, and its examination of the illusions and desires that shape our lives, “The Glass Menagerie” remains a timeless classic that will resonate with audiences and elicit a myriad of emotions.

Whether you’re a fan of music, drama, comedy, dance, or opera, there is a wide range of shows available for Acorn Theater tickets that cater to different tastes and interests. From the grand spectacles of “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Misérables” to the groundbreaking rap-infused storytelling of “Hamilton,” the world of musical theater offers a diverse array of experiences that will leave you singing, dancing, and awestruck.

For those who prefer the power of spoken word, plays like “Romeo and Juliet,” “Hamlet,” and “Macbeth” transport audiences into worlds of love, tragedy, and moral dilemmas. These timeless works of Shakespeare continue to captivate audiences with their poetic language, complex characters, and exploration of universal themes that transcend time and place.

If laughter is what you seek, comedy shows like “The Comedy of Errors,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “The Importance of Being Earnest” offer light-hearted and entertaining experiences. These witty and clever plays, filled with mistaken identities, mischievous fairies, and biting social commentary, guarantee an evening of laughter and amusement.

Dance enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the beauty and elegance of ballet with performances such as “Swan Lake,” “The Nutcracker,” and “Giselle.” From the ethereal Swan Queen to the enchanting Sugarplum Fairy, these ballets showcase the skill, artistry, and grace of dancers as they bring these timeless stories to life through their movements and expressions.

For opera lovers, “Carmen,” “La Traviata,” and “The Magic Flute” offer a world of passionate emotions, tragic love affairs, and beautiful melodies. Opera combines powerful vocal performances with captivating storytelling and grand productions, creating a multi-sensory experience that transports audiences to different cultures and historical periods.

If you prefer the symphony and the grace of instrumental music, concerts like Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21, and Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto offer breathtaking performances by renowned musicians. These masterpieces of classical music showcase the mastery of composers, the technical brilliance of musicians, and the emotional power of orchestral music.

For younger audiences, children’s shows like “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Frozen” bring beloved stories and characters to life on stage. These musical spectacles combine catchy songs, vibrant costumes, and heartwarming stories that inspire imagination and teach valuable life lessons.

Those interested in the revival of classic musicals can enjoy shows like “Chicago,” “Cabaret,” and “West Side Story.” These reimagined productions breathe new life into iconic stories, combining elements of the past with contemporary interpretations and styles, offering a fresh and exciting take on familiar tales.

If you’re looking for avant-garde and thought-provoking experiences, experimental theater productions like “Waiting for Godot,” “No Exit,” and “The Glass Menagerie” push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. These works challenge audiences to question social norms, explore existential questions, and engage in introspection, leaving a lasting impact on those who seek out unconventional forms of theater.

With such a wide variety of shows available for Acorn Theater tickets, there is something to suit every theatergoer’s taste and preference. Whether you’re looking for a night of romance, laughter, music, or contemplation, these performances offer an escape from reality and a chance to be transported into a world of imagination, emotion, and artistic expression. So, grab your tickets, settle into your seat, and get ready to be swept away in the magic and splendor of the performing arts.