Batik Air: A Surprisingly Positive Experience

Are you curious about Batik Air and whether it lives up to its terrible reputation? Well, you’re in for a surprise! In a video by Noel Philips, he shares his personal experience flying with Batik Air, a low-cost airline that used to be called Melinda and is part of the Lion Air Group. Noel had heard all the negative reviews, but decided to see for himself. The video takes you through his check-in process, airport security, and boarding a Boeing 737 Max 8 for his 6-hour flight to Bali. He comments on the lack of in-flight entertainment and basic amenities on the plane. Despite a canceled connecting flight and the airline’s reputation, Noel is pleasantly surprised by his overall experience with Batik Air, mentioning the affordable price and even reviewing the in-flight meal.

Throughout the video, the author’s first-hand account provides insights into flying in economy class and on low-cost airlines. The content also addresses the safety concerns surrounding the Boeing 737 Max 8 and emphasizes that the issues have been resolved. Noel’s positive experience with Batik Air contradicts its negative reputation, leaving you intrigued to watch the video and discover all the surprising details yourself.

Background Information

Introduction to Batik Air

Batik Air is an Indonesian airline that was formerly known as Melinda. It is a part of the Lion Air Group, which is a low-cost airline with a reputation for crashes and poor customer service. Despite this reputation, the author decided to book a flight with Batik Air to experience the airline for themselves.

Batik Air’s Reputation

Batik Air, being a part of the Lion Air Group, has a less-than-stellar reputation among travelers. Many Australians, in particular, refuse to fly with them due to the airline’s low reliability factor and poor customer service. The Lion Air Group has had a history of crashes, which further adds to the negative perception of Batik Air.

Author’s Decision to Fly with Batik Air

Despite the negative reputation surrounding Batik Air, the author wanted to see for themselves if the airline was as bad as people say. They were intrigued by the opportunity to form their own opinion and decided to book a flight with Batik Air.

Check-in Process and Airport Security

Footage of Check-in Process

In the video, the author shows footage of their check-in process at the airport. They mention that the process was relatively easy and straightforward. They highlight the use of advanced machines at the security checkpoint that eliminated the need to take out personal belongings from their bag, making the process quicker and more convenient.

Experience with Airport Security

The author had a positive experience with airport security, thanks to the efficient use of technology. They were able to pass through security quickly, as there were no long queues or delays. The author expresses their satisfaction with the streamlined process and praises the airport for its convenience.

Issues with Connecting Flight

Cancellations by Batik Air

The author faced a major hurdle with their connecting flight, as Batik Air had canceled it without prior notice. This cancellation added to the negative perception of the airline. The author expresses their disappointment and frustration with the last-minute cancellation, which disrupted their travel plans.

Author’s Plan for Next Flight

Due to the cancellation of their connecting flight, the author had to come up with an alternative plan to reach their intended destination of Jakarta. They mention that they will have to figure out their next steps upon arriving in Bali and arrange for a new flight to Jakarta.

Boarding the Boeing 737 Max 8

Author’s Perception of Safety

The author addresses the issue of safety regarding the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. They state that they feel completely safe flying on a Max 8, despite its past issues. The author acknowledges the efforts made by Boeing to address and fix the problems with the aircraft, and they express their confidence in its safety.

Basic Amenities on the Plane

Upon boarding the Boeing 737 Max 8, the author comments on the basic amenities provided on the aircraft. They mention that the seats are reasonably comfortable and that the legroom is decent. However, they note that there is a lack of in-flight entertainment, which may be a downside for longer flights.

Lack of In-flight Entertainment

The author highlights the absence of in-flight entertainment on the Boeing 737 Max 8. They mention that there are no screens or personal entertainment systems available for passengers. This may be disappointing for some travelers, especially on longer flights where entertainment options are desired.

Review of In-flight Meal

Quality of the Meal

The author reviews the in-flight meal provided by Batik Air. They mention that they had pre-ordered a hot meal and were pleasantly surprised by its quality. They describe the meal as chicken with rice and note that it had a spicy flavor. Despite it being a breakfast meal, the author found it enjoyable.

Options and Variety

The author does not mention the options or variety of meals available onboard Batik Air. However, they seem satisfied with the meal they received, suggesting that it met their expectations. It is unclear if there were other meal choices available or if the hot meal was the only option.

Overall Dining Experience

Based on the author’s comments, it can be inferred that the overall dining experience on Batik Air was satisfactory. The quality of the meal was praised, and although specifics on other options were not mentioned, the author seemed content with their meal choice.

Flight Experience and Service

Author’s Experience in Economy Class

The author describes their experience flying in economy class on Batik Air. They mention that they frequently fly in economy class and low-cost airlines, so they are accustomed to the experience. However, they do not provide extensive details about their specific experience in Batik Air’s economy class.

Comparison to Other Low-cost Airlines

The author briefly mentions that they have flown with other low-cost airlines before. They suggest that Batik Air’s reputation might lead one to believe it is a subpar airline. However, the author’s experience may provide a different perspective.

Customer Service and Staff Attitude

The video does not specifically address the customer service or staff attitude on Batik Air. It is unclear whether the author had any positive or negative interactions with the airline’s staff during their journey.

Conclusion of Flight to Bali

Overall Surprise at Positive Experience

Despite the negative reputation surrounding Batik Air, the author expresses their surprise at having a positive experience with the airline. They mention that their expectations were low, but they were pleasantly surprised by the overall experience.

Affordability of the Flight

The author notes that one of the positive aspects of their Batik Air flight was its affordability. They suggest that the flight was reasonably priced, which may be a factor for future travelers considering Batik Air for their travel plans.

Safety of Boeing 737 Max 8

The author reaffirms their belief in the safety of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. They mention that the issues with the aircraft have been resolved, and they feel completely safe flying on it. The author encourages others to have confidence in the aircraft’s safety as well.

Airport Experience in Bali

Long Queues and Bureaucracy

The author recounts their experience at the airport in Bali, specifically mentioning long queues and bureaucratic processes. They describe the challenges faced in dealing with these aspects of airport operations, which may cause inconvenience and delays for travelers.

Author’s Impression

The author expresses their impression of the Bali airport based on their experience. While it is unclear whether their impression is positive or negative, the mention of long queues and bureaucracy suggests a less-than-ideal experience.

Challenges Faced

The video does not go into detail about the specific challenges faced by the author at the Bali airport. However, it can be inferred that the long queues and bureaucratic processes were some of the major obstacles they encountered.

Figuring Out Next Flight to Jakarta

Dealing with Cancelled Connecting Flight

The author discusses the cancellation of their connecting flight by Batik Air. They mention the need to figure out their next steps for reaching Jakarta after arriving in Bali.

Author’s Plan for Next Steps

The author states that they will need to figure out their next flight to Jakarta once they have arrived in Bali. They do not provide further details on their specific plan for resolving this issue.


Summary of Positive Experience

In conclusion, the author had a surprisingly positive experience flying with Batik Air. Despite the airline’s negative reputation and the challenges faced with their canceled connecting flight, the author found the overall experience to be better than expected.

Final Thoughts on Batik Air

The author’s final thoughts on Batik Air are not explicitly stated in the video. However, based on their positive experience, it can be inferred that they would recommend the airline to others.

Recommendation for Future Travelers

Though not explicitly mentioned, the author may recommend Batik Air to future travelers based on their positive experience. The affordability of the flight and the author’s perception of safety on the Boeing 737 Max 8 may contribute to this recommendation.