Unveiling the Guide to Praying: An Interesting Aspect of Nam Air

Unveiling the Guide to Praying: An Interesting Aspect of Nam Air is an article that recounts the author’s experience flying on Nam Air, an Indonesian airline they had never heard of before. The author provides details about their journey, including flying on a 40-year-old Boeing 737-500, waiting at the Bali airport, and encountering a 30-minute delay. They also discuss the unique aspect of the flight, which is the presence of a guide to different gods that passengers can pray to. The author shares their mixed feelings about the crew and concludes the article by inviting feedback on whether people would choose to fly with Nam Air or opt for a different airline.

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Flight Experience with Nam Air

Unexpectedly Flying with Nam Air

Flying with Nam Air was a completely unexpected experience for me. After my original flight with another airline got canceled, I had to quickly find an alternative, and that’s how I ended up on Nam Air. Prior to this, I had never even heard of Nam Air, so I had no idea what to expect.

The Age and Model of the Plane

To my surprise, the plane I flew on with Nam Air was a 40-year-old Boeing 737-500. It was certainly an old model, delivered in 1995, but it added a unique sense of history to the flight. Despite its age, the plane was still in good condition and seemed to be well-maintained.

Waiting at the Bali Airport

Before my flight with Nam Air, I had to wait at the Bali airport. While waiting, I took the opportunity to explore the airport and observe the surroundings. Bali’s airport is undeniably beautiful, with its stunning views and vibrant atmosphere. It made the waiting time more enjoyable and helped pass the time.

Accessing the Concordia Lounge

Fortunately, I had access to the Concordia Lounge at the Bali airport through my priority pass. Though I was flying in business class, it was still a pleasant surprise to have access to the lounge. The staff at the lounge were friendly and accommodating, making my wait more comfortable. I was able to enjoy a glass of water and some fresh fruit while relaxing in the lounge.

Flight Delay

Unfortunately, there was a 30-minute delay with my Nam Air flight. This was a bit disappointing, but delays are not uncommon in air travel, and I understood that sometimes these things happen. The delay did not significantly impact my overall experience, but I hoped that the rest of the flight would proceed smoothly.

Comparison to Previous Flight Experience

Having recently flown on a Boeing 737-500 with another airline, Air Baltic, I found it interesting to compare my experiences. Each airline had its own unique characteristics, but I appreciated the nostalgia and sense of history associated with flying on an older plane with Nam Air. It provided a different perspective and made the journey more memorable.

Cabin Interior and Amenities

Retro-Style Features of the Interior

The cabin interior of the Nam Air flight had a distinct retro-style. It was evident that the plane had previously been used by Continental Airlines, as there were remnants of the old design elements. The overhead consoles, in particular, had a vintage feel to them. It was a charming touch that added a touch of nostalgia to the flight.

Unique Guide to Praying

One of the most unique amenities I found on the Nam Air flight was a guide to different gods that passengers can pray to during the flight. It was fascinating to see this inclusion, as it showed a level of cultural awareness and diversity within the airline. While this may not be something that I personally engage in, I appreciated the effort to cater to various religious beliefs.

Business Class Meal

In business class, I was served a meal during the flight. Although it may not have been as extravagant as the meals provided by other premium airlines, it was still satisfactory. The meal included a cup of water and, to my delight, a nostalgic pink biscuit that reminded me of my childhood. Sometimes, simplicity can be just as enjoyable.

Lavatory Review

I took the opportunity to review the lavatories on the flight, and to my surprise, they were not too bad. Given the age of the plane, I expected them to be less well-maintained, but they were kept clean and functional. It was a relief to have a pleasant lavatory experience during the flight.

Crew and Service

Mixed Feelings about the Crew

I had mixed feelings about the crew on my Nam Air flight. While they were generally friendly and polite, I couldn’t help but notice a lack of professionalism. They seemed more interested in chatting with other airline employees than attending to the needs of the passengers. It left me feeling somewhat neglected throughout the flight.

Lack of Professionalism

The lack of professionalism displayed by the Nam Air crew was evident in their casual interactions and overall demeanor. It gave the impression that they were not taking their roles seriously and could have been more attentive to the passengers. As a business class passenger, I expected a higher level of service and professionalism.

Interaction with Other Airline Employees

During my time at the Bali airport, I had the opportunity to observe some interaction between the Nam Air crew and employees of other airlines. It appeared that they were more focused on socializing with their colleagues than on providing optimal service to the passengers. This further reinforced my perception of a lack of professionalism.

Crew’s Attention Towards Passengers

Throughout the flight, I noticed that the crew’s attention towards the passengers was subpar. There was minimal interaction, and they did not seem eager to assist or ensure the comfort of the passengers. It was disappointing to see this level of disengagement, especially in a business class setting where a higher standard of service is expected.

Flight Cost and Passengers’ Perspective

Expensive Business Class Seat

Considering the overall flight experience with Nam Air, I found the cost of the business class seat to be relatively expensive. While the flight itself was not terrible, the lack of professionalism and attention from the crew made me question the value of the premium price. I would have expected a more enjoyable and seamless experience for the cost.

Perceived Ignorance Towards Passengers

Throughout the flight, there was a perceived ignorance towards the passengers’ needs and comfort. This was evident in the lack of attention and professionalism displayed by the crew. As a passenger, it is disheartening to feel disregarded and unimportant. It is important for airlines to prioritize the satisfaction and well-being of their passengers.

Asking for Readers’ Feedback

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on whether you would choose to fly with Nam Air or opt for a different airline. Have you had a similar experience with an airline before? I believe that sharing our experiences can help others make informed decisions when it comes to air travel. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Arrival and Accommodation in Jakarta

Arriving in Jakarta, Indonesia

After surviving the Nam Air flight, I finally arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia. The journey was over, and I was looking forward to exploring the city. Jakarta has a vibrant atmosphere and offers a mix of cultural experiences, delicious cuisine, and fascinating landmarks. It was an exciting destination to reach after my flight.

Swiss Hotel Experience

During my stay in Jakarta, I had the pleasure of staying at the Swiss Hotel. The hotel provided a comfortable and luxurious experience, with excellent service and amenities. It was a welcome change after the disappointing flight with Nam Air. The Swiss Hotel offered a delightful stay and added to the overall positive experience of my trip.


In conclusion, my flight experience with Nam Air was a mixed bag. Flying on a 40-year-old plane added a unique touch of nostalgia, and the cabin interior had some charming retro-style features. However, the lack of professionalism from the crew and the perceived ignorance towards passengers were significant drawbacks. The business class seat was relatively expensive considering the overall experience. Arriving in Jakarta and staying at the Swiss Hotel provided a much-needed improvement to my trip. If given the choice, I would hesitate before flying with Nam Air again.