Unlocking China: QR Codes and a Helping Hand on Shanghai Airlines

So there you are, embarking on a thrilling journey to China with the unfamiliar Shanghai Airlines. With a touch of nervousness, you set out to discover what it’s like to enter the country, navigating the complexities of immigration and the requirement to use the enigmatic WeChat app. Despite encountering confusion about visas and struggling to create a WeChat account, a helpful stranger comes to your aid, providing a link to obtain a QR code for entry. Eventually, you board the impressive Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by Shanghai Airlines, and to your pleasant surprise, you find the quality and amenities on the plane to be top-notch. The friendly cabin crew, delicious meals, and entertainment options help ease your nervousness about traveling to China, as you successfully pass through immigration and venture into downtown Shanghai. With limited time to explore before your next flight, you anticipate an exciting adventure ahead while cherishing the positive experience with Shanghai Airlines and your first impressions of China.

Arrival in China

Difficulties of entering China

Arriving in China can pose challenges for travelers, especially those who are not familiar with the country’s entry requirements. The process can be confusing and overwhelming, and it is important to be prepared for any difficulties that may arise.

The requirement to use WeChat

One particular requirement that may come as a surprise to travelers is the need to use a messaging app called WeChat. WeChat is widely used in China for various purposes, including communication, social media, and even financial transactions. However, for travelers, it is primarily used as a tool for entry into the country.

Confusion about visa requirement

Another common difficulty that travelers may face when entering China is confusion over the visa requirement. Some travelers may be unsure whether they need a visa to enter the country, especially if they are transiting through China and not planning to stay for an extended period of time. It is important to research and understand the visa requirements before embarking on a trip to China.

Uncertainty about visa-free transit

For those who are eligible for visa-free transit, there may still be some uncertainty regarding the process and whether the 24-hour visa-free transit will be honored. This can be particularly nerve-wracking for travelers who are unfamiliar with the country and its immigration procedures.

Using WeChat

Downloading WeChat

To fulfill the requirement of using WeChat, travelers must first download the app. This can be done by visiting the respective app store for their device (such as the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android) and searching for “WeChat”. Once the app is downloaded, travelers can proceed to create an account.

Difficulty creating an account

Creating a WeChat account can sometimes be challenging, especially for travelers who do not have a friend who can scan a QR code to verify their identity. Without this verification, the account creation process may come to a halt, causing frustration and confusion.

Lack of a friend to scan a code

If travelers do not have a friend who can help them with the account verification process, they may be unsure of how to proceed. This can be a major hurdle, as the verification process is typically a necessary step to gain access to certain features and services within the app.

Help from a stranger

In some cases, travelers may be fortunate enough to receive assistance from a stranger who is willing to help with the account verification process. This can be a welcome relief, as it allows travelers to proceed with using WeChat and fulfilling the entry requirement for China.

Obtaining the QR Code

Receiving help from someone

In the midst of the challenges and uncertainties, travelers may encounter kind individuals who are willing to provide assistance. These individuals may guide travelers through the process of obtaining a QR code, which is necessary for entering China.

Link to fill out QR code form

To obtain a QR code, travelers can fill out an online form. This form typically requires personal information and details about the traveler’s itinerary. Once the form is completed and submitted, a QR code will be generated, which can then be used for entry into China.

Boarding Shanghai Airlines

Flying on a Boeing 787

The author had the opportunity to fly on a Boeing 787 operated by Shanghai Airlines. This modern aircraft offers passengers a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience.

Description of the Dreamliner

The Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, is a state-of-the-art aircraft known for its innovative features and advanced technology. It is designed to provide passengers with a more comfortable and efficient flight experience.

Quality and amenities on the plane

The author was pleasantly surprised by the quality and amenities on the plane. The seats were comfortable, and the cabin was well-maintained and clean. Passengers had access to a variety of amenities, including power sockets, contactless charging, and an amenity kit.

Pleasant surprise

The author’s initial expectations were exceeded when they boarded the Shanghai Airlines Boeing 787. The luxurious and modern interior, along with the attentive service from the cabin crew, created a pleasant surprise.

Friendly and accommodating cabin crew

The cabin crew on Shanghai Airlines were friendly and accommodating, providing excellent service to passengers throughout the flight. Their professionalism and attentiveness contributed to a positive overall experience.

Flight Experience

Nervousness about traveling to China

The author expressed some nervousness about traveling to China, primarily due to a lack of knowledge about the country. This is a common feeling for travelers visiting a new destination for the first time.

Lack of knowledge about the country

The lack of knowledge about China and its culture can contribute to feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. However, the author’s willingness to explore and learn about the country’s customs and traditions can help alleviate these concerns.

Meal service and entertainment options

During the flight, passengers were treated to a meal service and had access to a range of entertainment options. These amenities provided a welcomed distraction and helped make the flight more enjoyable.

Overall positive experience

Despite initial nervousness and lack of knowledge, the author’s overall experience on the flight was positive. The comfortable seats, friendly cabin crew, and amenities onboard the aircraft contributed to a pleasant journey.

Immigration in China

Successful immigration process

Upon arrival in China, the author successfully went through the immigration process. This involved presenting necessary documents, such as a passport and visa, and answering any additional questions from the immigration officers.

Allowed entry into China

After completing the immigration process, the author was granted entry into China. This marked an important milestone in their journey and allowed them to proceed with their plans in Shanghai.

Arriving in Shanghai

Taking a taxi to downtown Shanghai

After clearing immigration, the author took a taxi to downtown Shanghai. This allowed them to easily access their hotel and explore the city.

Short amount of time before next flight

The author mentioned that they had a short amount of time in Shanghai before their next flight. This may have limited their ability to fully explore the city, but it also allowed them to get a glimpse of what Shanghai has to offer.

Impressions of Shanghai Airlines and China

Positive experience with Shanghai Airlines

The author had a positive experience flying with Shanghai Airlines. The quality of the aircraft, the attentive service of the cabin crew, and the overall comfort of the flight contributed to their positive impression of the airline.

First impressions of China

The author’s first impressions of China were shaped by their experience with Shanghai Airlines and their brief stay in Shanghai. They were able to see the modernity and efficiency of the country and look forward to exploring more of its culture and attractions.


In conclusion, the author’s journey to China and their experience with Shanghai Airlines provided valuable insights into the difficulties and uncertainties that travelers may encounter when visiting the country for the first time. The use of WeChat as an entry requirement, the challenges in creating an account, and the necessity of obtaining a QR code were clear examples of the unique processes involved in entering China. However, despite these initial difficulties, the author’s overall experience on the flight and their impression of Shanghai Airlines and China were positive. With their successful entry into the country, the author can now look forward to further exploration and discovery in China.