The World’s Worst Airline Seat on an MD83 in Kyrgyzstan with Tez Jet

Join me on an adventurous journey as we explore the world’s worst airline seat on an MD83 in Kyrgyzstan with Tez Jet. In this engaging video by Noel Philips, the content creator shares his first-ever experience flying on an MD-80. From taking a taxi to the airport to the chaotic check-in process, he details every step of the journey. Despite securing a window seat, he expresses disappointment with the poor view and noise at the back of the aircraft. The video also captures his time in Osh, where he visits a park and a war memorial. Throughout the video, the narrator’s frustration with the day’s events and unsuccessful attempts to get a good view from the MD-80 aircraft are evident. Join him on this exciting adventure and discover if this truly is the world’s worst airline seat.

The Journey Begins

Taking a taxi to the airport

To start your journey, you hailed a taxi for the 40-minute drive to Manas International Airport in Kyrgyzstan. Despite the initial concern about the traffic, the roads were surprisingly quiet, and you arrived at the airport in no time at all.

Arriving at the domestic departures area in Bishkek

Upon arrival at the airport, you made your way to the domestic departures area. However, instead of the bright and airy spaces you were accustomed to in international areas, you found yourself in a hot and crowded corner of the terminal. The lack of space and the discomfort in the area made you realize that this was not going to be your typical airport experience.

Chaos at Check-in

No clear queuing system

As you approached the check-in counters, you immediately noticed the chaos and confusion. Unlike the orderly queuing systems you were used to, there seemed to be no structure in place. Passengers were crowding around the counters, attempting to secure their boarding passes.

Disorganization and confusion

The lack of a clear queuing system added to the overall disorganization and confusion. It was difficult to discern who was next in line or which counter to approach. This experience was a stark contrast to the efficient and orderly check-in processes at other airports.

Difficulties securing a good window seat

Despite the challenges at check-in, you managed to secure a window seat for your flight. However, the process was not without its difficulties. The lack of a clear system meant that some passengers were able to secure better seats, while others, like yourself, were left with less desirable options. Securing a good window seat became a challenge in itself.

Waiting at the Gate

Lack of social distancing

Upon reaching the gate area, you immediately noticed the lack of social distancing. Despite ongoing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the gate area was crowded and uncomfortable. It seemed that every available inch of space was filled with passengers, leaving little room for personal space.

Crowded and uncomfortable conditions

The combination of the crowded gate area and the lack of social distancing created uncomfortable conditions for passengers. It felt claustrophobic and challenging to find a comfortable spot to wait for the boarding announcement.

Unpleasant boarding experience

When it was time to board the flight, the process was far from pleasant. The lack of organization carried over into the boarding process, with passengers jostling to be one of the first on board. It felt chaotic and rushed, leaving little time to gather oneself before stepping onto the aircraft.

Onboard the MD83

Introduction to the aircraft

Once onboard the MD83, you took a moment to familiarize yourself with the aircraft. The MD-80 series of planes had been in operation for several decades, and the MD83 you were on was delivered in 1996. It had flown with various airlines in different countries, adding to its history and character.

Age and previous operations of the MD-80

Learning about the age and previous operations of the MD-80 added to the uniqueness of the experience. It was fascinating to think about the different routes and passengers the aircraft had served over the years.

Comparison to boarding through the tail on a Yak 40

You recalled a previous experience of boarding through the tail of an aircraft on a Yak 40. This unique boarding method added an element of excitement and novelty to the journey. Boarding through the tail of the MD83 brought back those memories and reminded you of the wonder of aviation.

Disappointment with the window seat

Despite your efforts to secure a window seat, you were disappointed with the view once onboard. The seat you chose didn’t provide a good perspective, and the noise at the back of the aircraft was overwhelming. You found yourself longing for a better window seat and a quieter experience.

Poor view and noise at the back of the aircraft

Sitting at the back of the aircraft not only limited your view but also exposed you to excessive noise. As the engines started and the plane taxied, the noise became even more pronounced. It made you realize why sitting at the back of an MD80 was widely regarded as an unfavorable experience.

The Flight to Osh

Route and destination

The flight took you from Kyrgyzstan to the city of Osh, providing an opportunity to explore a different locale. The journey would be relatively short, with a flight time of around 38 minutes.

Experience on the RJ85 aircraft for the return flight

On the return flight from Osh to Bishkek, you had the chance to experience a different aircraft, the RJ85. While excited about the change, you found the conditions on the RJ85 to be old and smelly, further adding to your frustrations.

Old and smelly conditions

The age of the RJ85 aircraft was evident in its worn-out interior. The smell further detracted from the overall experience, leaving you longing for a fresh and comfortable environment.

Frustration with the lack of attractions and sights in Osh

Upon arriving in Osh, you were met with disappointment as you explored the city. Despite hopes of discovering new attractions and sights, you found the city to be lacking in offerings. It was a letdown, particularly after enduring the challenges of the journey.

Exploring Osh

Visit to a park

Despite the disappointment with the city itself, you decided to make the most of your time in Osh. You visited a park, taking in the greenery and finding solace in the natural surroundings. It provided a brief respite from the frustrations of the journey.

Exploring a war memorial

Another stop in Osh included a visit to a war memorial. While the memorial held historical significance, it couldn’t fully compensate for the lack of other attractions in the city. Nevertheless, it offered insight into the local history and culture.

Disappointment with the city’s offerings

Overall, your exploration of Osh left you dissatisfied. The lack of attractions and sights diminished your experience and further added to your frustration. You were eager to return to Bishkek and to wrap up the day’s events.

More Issues with Check-in

Chaotic check-in process

Upon your return to the airport in Osh, you were met with a chaotic check-in process once again. The familiar lack of organization and confusion made securing a desirable seat seem like an impossible task.

Delays and frustration

The check-in process was further marred by delays, exacerbating your frustration. It felt as though the challenges of the journey were piling up, with no respite in sight.

Unsuccessful attempts to secure a good view on an MD-80

Despite your best efforts, you were unable to secure a better seat on the MD-80 for your return flight. The disappointment of not having a good view persisted, leaving you increasingly disheartened.

Heading Back to Bishkek

Return to the hotel

After enduring the frustrations and disappointments of the day, you were relieved to return to your hotel in Bishkek. It offered a sense of familiarity and comfort, allowing you to unwind and reflect on the events.

Overall frustration with the day’s events

As you settled into your hotel room, the overall frustration from the day’s events weighed heavy on your mind. What was supposed to be an exciting adventure turned out to be a series of disappointments and challenges.

Glad to be back in Bishkek

Despite everything, you found solace in the fact that you were back in Bishkek, a familiar and welcoming place. The familiarity of the surroundings brought a sense of relief and helped alleviate some of the frustrations.


Summary of the experience

Your experience flying on an MD83 with Tez Jet in Kyrgyzstan was filled with challenges and disappointments. From the chaos at check-in to the discomfort at the gate and onboard the aircraft, every step seemed to bring a new set of frustrations.

Final thoughts on the world’s worst airline seat on an MD83 in Kyrgyzstan with Tez Jet

While the journey was far from ideal, it provided you with a firsthand experience of what many consider the world’s worst airline seat. The limitations of the window view and the noise at the back of the aircraft were notable drawbacks. Despite the setbacks, you persevered, took in the sights of Osh, and made the most of your time in Kyrgyzstan.