Relief from Avoiding a Repeat of the Lion Air Crash

In the video titled “Relief from Avoiding a Repeat of the Lion Air Crash,” Noel Philips takes us on a flight with Lion Air, an infamous airline in Indonesia. Despite its bad reputation in terms of safety and other aspects, Noel explores Jakarta Airport, describing its chaotic nature yet also highlighting its tropical paradise once past security. With 10 crashes in its 20 years of operation, averaging one crash every two years, Lion Air has been banned from flying to the EU and the US due to accidents caused by pilot error or maintenance failures. Noel shares his nervousness about the flight but appreciates the cabin crew’s offer to move him to an emergency exit row for more legroom. After a relatively short flight of about an hour and a half, Noel lands safely in Pankalpinang and expresses relief at not experiencing a similar incident to the previous Lion Air crash. Throughout the video, he also promotes the Ground News app, which consolidates news from different sources and allows users to sort by bias, providing a complete review of news stories from various perspectives.


Welcome to this comprehensive article where we will explore the experience of flying with Lion Air, an infamous airline in Indonesia. We will delve into their reputation, the chaotic nature of Jakarta Airport, the factors behind their famous crash, lax security measures at Jakarta International Airport, nervousness before boarding, the offer of an emergency exit row, the relatively short flight duration, another recent Lion Air accident, and our final thoughts on the matter.

Lion Air’s Infamous Reputation

History of Crashes

Lion Air has gained notoriety for its history of crashes. In its 20 years of operation, the airline has experienced a total of 10 crashes, averaging one crash every two years. This alarming track record has understandably raised concerns among passengers and aviation authorities alike.

Banned from Flying to the EU and the US

Due to a series of accidents caused by pilot error or maintenance failures, Lion Air has been banned from flying to the European Union (EU) and the United States. These high-profile accidents since 2002 have led to a loss of confidence in the airline’s safety standards. The most well-known crash was the Max 8 crash in 2018, which investigators attributed to a combination of design flaws by Boeing, poorly trained pilots, and inadequate maintenance by Lion Air.

The Chaotic Nature of Jakarta Airport

Description of Jakarta Airport

Jakarta Airport has gained a reputation for its chaotic and bustling atmosphere. As passengers navigate through the airport, they may encounter confusion and disorganization. The airport’s layout, signage, and lack of clear directions can make it challenging for travelers to find their way. However, the airport is also known for its vibrant energy and bustling activity, which gives travelers a taste of the vibrant city of Jakarta.

The Tropical Paradise beyond Security

Despite the chaotic nature of Jakarta Airport, there is a hidden gem beyond the security checkpoints. Once passengers pass through security, they are greeted with a tranquil and tropical paradise. The contrast between the chaotic arrival area and the serene departure gates is remarkable. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take a moment to relax before their flight.

Factors Behind the Famous Lion Air Crash

Design Flaws by Boeing

Investigations into the famous Lion Air crash have identified design flaws by Boeing as one of the contributing factors. These design flaws, specifically related to the Boeing Max 8 aircraft, played a significant role in the tragic event. The flaws were later addressed by Boeing through software updates and other modifications to ensure the safety of future flights.

Poorly Trained Pilots

Another factor that led to the Lion Air crash was the issue of poorly trained pilots. It was discovered that the pilots operating the ill-fated flight lacked the necessary training and experience to handle the emergency situation that arose. This highlights the importance of rigorous training programs and ongoing education for pilots to ensure their preparedness for any situation they may encounter.

Inadequate Maintenance by Lion Air

Inadequate maintenance practices by Lion Air have also been identified as a contributing factor in the crash. Maintenance failures and lapses in safety checks can have catastrophic consequences. It is crucial for airlines to prioritize regular and thorough maintenance procedures to ensure the safety and airworthiness of their aircraft.

Lax Security Measures at Jakarta International Airport

Unlocked Doors

During the boarding process at Jakarta International Airport, it was observed that there were unlocked doors along the jet bridge. This raised concerns about the ease with which unauthorized individuals could access the aircraft. This lax security measure goes against the standard procedures followed by most airports to ensure passenger safety.

No Security at Jet Bridge

Furthermore, there was a lack of security personnel or barriers at the jet bridge, which meant that passengers could freely walk down and potentially access the aircraft without authorization. This flaw in security raises serious questions about the safety measures in place at Jakarta International Airport and the need for stricter protocols to prevent unauthorized access to the aircraft.

Nervousness Before Boarding

Given Lion Air’s reputation and the documented incidents, it is understandable for passengers to feel nervous before boarding their flight. The concerns regarding safety and reliability can create anxiety and unease among travelers. However, it is important to remember that every flight undergoes strict safety checks and procedures to ensure passenger well-being.

The Offer of an Emergency Exit Row

To alleviate some of the concerns regarding legroom, Lion Air’s cabin crew offered the narrator a seat in the emergency exit row. This gesture was appreciated, as it provided extra space for comfort during the relatively short flight. The option of the emergency exit row is a common practice among airlines to accommodate passengers with taller stature or those who desire additional legroom.

The Relatively Short Flight Duration

The flight with Lion Air had a relatively short duration, lasting about an hour and a half. For many passengers, shorter flights can provide a sense of relief as the time spent in the air is significantly less. Despite the duration, airlines prioritize safety and maintain stringent protocols regardless of flight length.

Another Recent Lion Air Accident

Shortly before the narrator’s flight, news broke of another Lion Air plane involved in an accident in Indonesia. This incident serves as a reminder of the airline’s troubled history and brings attention to the ongoing need for comprehensive safety measures and oversight in the aviation industry.


In conclusion, flying with Lion Air can be an unsettling experience due to the airline’s infamous reputation and the factors that have contributed to their crashes. The chaotic nature of Jakarta Airport emphasizes the need for improved organization and clear directions for passengers. The lax security measures at Jakarta International Airport raise concerns about unauthorized access to aircraft. However, it is important to acknowledge that the airline industry as a whole is continuously working to improve safety standards and address past mistakes. By learning from previous incidents and implementing necessary changes, airlines can strive to regain passengers’ trust and ensure safer travel experiences for all.