Taking Britain’s Longest Domestic Flight: A 5+ Hour Journey from Penzance to the Shetland Islands

Imagine embarking on a journey that takes you from the picturesque town of Penzance in Cornwall all the way to the remote and breathtaking Shetland Islands in the northeast of Scotland. This incredible adventure involves Britain’s longest domestic flight, lasting over 5 hours and covering nearly 900 miles. Operated by Loganair, this flight consists of three legs, with stops in Manchester and Aberdeen for refueling. Despite a two-hour delay, the author receives a meal package as compensation and eagerly describes their flight experience, from the spacious legroom to the tasty snacks provided. The author expresses excitement about the journey ahead and the breathtaking views that await. With footage capturing the entire experience, this article offers a captivating and immersive look into the unique experience of taking Britain’s longest domestic flight.


Welcome to this comprehensive article that will take you on a journey through Britain’s longest domestic flight. In this article, we will explore the flight details and route, the delays and compensation, the flight experience and amenities, the excitement for the journey, the description of each flight leg, the challenges and unexpected stops, and some sponsorship mention. Finally, we will discuss the cost of the flight and share some final thoughts. So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this epic adventure together!

Introduction to the longest domestic flight in Britain

Imagine traveling from the picturesque town of Penzance in Cornwall to the remote and beautiful Shetland Islands in the northeast of Britain. This is Britain’s longest domestic flight, covering nearly 900 miles and lasting over 5 hours. Operated by Loganair, this flight offers a truly unique and expansive travel experience.

Flight details and route

The journey begins in Penzance, a charming town located on the southwestern tip of Great Britain. From there, the flight takes you on a scenic route, making stops in Manchester and Aberdeen for refueling before reaching its final destination, the Shetland Islands. The flight is operated by an ATR aircraft, known for its reliability and comfort.

Delays and Compensation

Unfortunately, no journey is without its challenges, and this flight had a two-hour delay. However, Loganair, being a reputable airline, took care of its passengers by providing a meal package as compensation. This gesture not only alleviated the inconvenience of the delay but also showed the airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Flight Experience and Amenities

Despite the delay, the flight experience itself was exceptional. Loganair understands the importance of comfort, legroom, and seating arrangements, especially on long flights. Passengers were pleasantly surprised by the ample legroom and comfortable seating on board the ATR aircraft. This made the journey more enjoyable and allowed passengers to stretch their legs during the extended flight time.

In addition to the comfortable seating, Loganair also provided complimentary snacks during the flight. Passengers were delighted by the selection of snacks, including the crowd-favorite caramel wafer. These small details added an extra layer of comfort and satisfaction to the overall flight experience.

One notable aspect of the flight was the quietness of the ATR aircraft. Despite being a turboprop plane, the ATR 72 was surprisingly quiet, making the journey peaceful and allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the flight without excessive noise.

Excitement for the Journey

Noel Philips, the author of this article, shares his enthusiasm and anticipation for the journey. As the plane takes off from Penzance, the excitement builds, knowing that this long and scenic journey will offer breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. The anticipation for the views along the way creates a sense of adventure and makes the journey even more special.

Flight Leg 1: Penzance to Manchester

The first leg of the journey takes passengers from Penzance to Manchester. This leg offers a description of the flight experience, the duration of the flight, and a stop in Manchester for refueling. Passengers enjoyed the views from the windows, which showcased the diverse landscape of the British Isles. The flight time for this leg was approximately one hour and three minutes.

Flight Leg 2: Manchester to Aberdeen

After a short stop in Manchester for refueling, the journey continues to Aberdeen. This leg, lasting approximately one hour and thirteen minutes, provides another opportunity for passengers to appreciate the beautiful scenery from above. The author shares their experience on this leg, emphasizing the enjoyment of the aerial views and the comfort of the ATR aircraft.

Flight Leg 3: Aberdeen to the Shetland Islands

The final leg of the journey takes passengers from Aberdeen to the Shetland Islands. This leg offers a description of the flight, the duration, and the scenic views along the way. Passengers had the opportunity to enjoy tea and snacks while taking in the breathtaking landscapes below. The author highlights the beauty of the Shetland Islands and expresses gratitude for being able to experience such a unique and remarkable destination.

Challenges and Unexpected Stops

Although the journey was mostly smooth, there were a couple of challenges along the way. The author discusses the tight turnaround in Sombra and the unexpected overnight stay in the same location. These unexpected stops added an element of adventure and unpredictability to the journey, making it even more memorable.

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Cost and Final Thoughts

The cost of this epic domestic flight was just under 200 quid, considering the distance covered and the unique experience provided. Upon reaching the final destination, the author had to navigate their way to the hotel, highlighting the logistics involved in such a journey. Finally, the author poses a question to the readers, asking if they would embark on this longest domestic flight in the UK. With all the excitement, views, and comfort encompassed in this journey, it leaves the readers pondering the possibility of experiencing this adventure themselves.

In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Britain’s longest domestic flight. It highlights the flight details, delays, compensation, flight experience, and amenities. The author shares their enthusiasm for the journey, describes each flight leg, and discusses the challenges and unexpected stops. With sponsorship mention, cost considerations, and final thoughts, this article invites readers to imagine and consider embarking on this extraordinary adventure.