Flying on a 45-Year-Old Soviet Yak 40 Airliner with Noel Philips

Embark on a fascinating journey with Noel Philips as he takes you on a ride aboard a 45-year-old Soviet Yak 40 airliner. In his video, Philips explores the town of Vologda, showcasing the unique experience of flying on this vintage aircraft. With only a handful of Yak 40 airliners still in operation, Logder Aviation Enterprise offers flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow, with a captivating overnight stop in Vologda. Get ready to immerse yourself in the retro features and coolness of the Yak 40, from its old-fashioned seats and round windows to the vintage overhead luggage storage. Join Philips as he shares his adventure, highlighting the traditional elements of the aircraft and the fascinating Soviet aviation history at the Vlogder airport. After a busy flight, the author explores the streets of Velogte, visits landmarks, and stays at the Volunteer Hotel. Experience the thrill of flying on an old aircraft by watching Philips’ engaging video and be inspired to visit Russia for your own unique adventure.

Flying on a 45-Year-Old Soviet Yak 40 Airliner with Noel Philips

Welcome aboard the adventure of a lifetime as we join Noel Philips on his journey flying on a 45-year-old Soviet Yak 40 Airliner! Not only will we experience the thrill of flying on this vintage aircraft, but we will also get to explore the charming Soviet town of Vologda. So buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride!

Exploring the Soviet town of Vologda

Our journey begins in the historic city of St. Petersburg, formerly known as Leningrad during the Soviet era. As we take in the sights of the city, including a glimpse of the iconic statue of Lenin, we can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the Soviet times. From St. Petersburg, we will embark on a flight to Moscow with an overnight stop in Vologda, a town that still retains its Soviet charm.

Less than 10 Yak 40 airliners still in operation

One of the highlights of this adventure is the opportunity to fly on a rare aircraft. The Yak 40 Airliner, which was once a mainstay in the Aeroflot network, is now a rare find with less than 10 of them still in operation worldwide. It is truly a testament to the Soviet aviation industry and its engineering prowess.

Operated by the Logder Aviation Enterprise

Our flight is operated by the Logder Aviation Enterprise, an independent company based in Vologda. They have been keeping the Yak 40 tradition alive by operating flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow, with Vologda as a stopover point. It’s impressive how they have managed to maintain and operate these vintage aircraft in today’s modern aviation landscape.

Flight details: St. Petersburg to Moscow with overnight stop in Vologda

Our journey takes us from St. Petersburg to Moscow, with a unique overnight stop in Vologda. This allows us to explore this charming Soviet town and immerse ourselves in its rich history and culture. It’s not every day that you can experience such a unique and adventurous travel itinerary!

The Soviet Style and Coolness of the Yak 40

Now, let’s dive into the flight experience on the Yak 40 Airliner and discover the Soviet style and coolness that it exudes. From the moment you step on board, you can feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the 1970s. The interior of the aircraft showcases the retro features of the era, from the old-fashioned Soviet type seats to the round windows and vintage overhead luggage storage.

The Flight Experience on a Vintage Soviet Airliner

As we settle into our seats, we can’t help but notice the cramped seating and the lack of properly functioning seat belts. While it may not offer the same level of comfort as modern aircraft, the Yak 40 more than makes up for it with its unique charm. The traditional and old-fashioned elements, such as the former curtains on the windows and the use of meters for altitude measurement, add to the authenticity of the experience.

Highlighting the Retro Features of the Yak-40

Let’s take a closer look at some of the retro features that make the Yak 40 truly special. The open overhead luggage racks are reminiscent of a bygone era when passengers would simply toss their bags onto the racks instead of using overhead compartments. The large round windows offer a panoramic view of the outside world, which is a refreshing change from the typical modern aircraft windows.

Cramped Seating and Lack of Properly Functioning Seat Belt

It’s important to note that the Yak 40 may not provide the most comfortable seating arrangements. The limited legroom and lack of a properly functioning seat belt can be a bit discomforting for some passengers. However, for aviation enthusiasts and those looking for a truly unique experience, these minor inconveniences are easily overlooked in favor of the aircraft’s vintage charm.

Traditional and Old-Fashioned Elements of the Yak-40

As we continue our journey, we can’t help but appreciate the traditional and old-fashioned elements that are still present on the Yak 40. The remnants of the former curtains on the windows serve as a reminder of the aircraft’s rich history. Additionally, the use of meters for altitude measurement harks back to a time when metric units were the norm in the Soviet Union.

Descent and Landing on a Short Runway in Velogte

As we approach Velogte, our destination for the night, we prepare for a unique landing experience. The Yak 40 is capable of landing on shorter runways, which adds an element of thrill to the flight. The skilled pilots maneuver the aircraft safely to the ground, showcasing their expertise in handling these vintage machines.

Passenger Responsibility for Baggage Handling at Russian Airports

Upon landing in Velogte, we learn about an interesting aspect of traveling through smaller Russian airports – the responsibility for handling our own baggage. Unlike larger airports where baggage handling is taken care of by airport staff, passengers in Velogte are expected to handle their own bags. It’s a reminder of the different airport procedures and customs that can be found across different regions.

Admiration for Soviet Aviation History at Vlogder Airport

At Vlogder Airport, we can’t help but admire the rich Soviet aviation history on display. The presence of an IL-18 plane and gate guardians is a testament to the airport’s connection to the past. It’s a unique opportunity to learn more about the achievements and innovations of the Soviet aviation industry.

Checking into a Soviet-Style Hotel in Vologda

With our overnight stop in Vologda, we have the chance to experience a Soviet-style hotel. The design and decor pay homage to the Soviet era, creating a nostalgic atmosphere for guests. It’s a step back in time and a perfect complement to our adventure on the Yak 40.

A Busy Flight to Velogte

The next leg of our journey takes us from Velogte to Moscow, and it promises to be a busy flight. With limited flights operated by Logder Aviation Enterprise, the demand for seats on the Yak 40 is high. It’s a testament to the allure of flying on such a unique aircraft and experiencing the nostalgia of Soviet-era travel.

Exploring the Streets and Landmarks of Velogte

During our stay in Velogte, we take the opportunity to explore the streets and landmarks of this fascinating town. From historic buildings to charming cafes, Velogte offers a glimpse into the traditional Russian way of life. It’s a chance to immerse ourselves in the culture and history of the region.

Supermarket Visit for Hotel Supplies

To make our stay in Velogte more comfortable, we visit a local supermarket to gather supplies for our hotel room. This gives us a chance to experience everyday life in the town and interact with the locals. It’s the little moments like these that make our journey even more memorable.

Velogte: An Important Railway Station

Velogte is not only known for its aviation industry but also for being an important railway station. Situated on the main line between Moscow and Arkhangelsk, it serves as a significant transportation hub for the region. Its historical significance and strategic location make it a fascinating place to visit.

Stay at the Volunteer Hotel in Velogte

Our accommodation in Velogte is the Volunteer Hotel, a Soviet-style establishment that offers guests a taste of the past. As we settle into our room, we can’t help but notice the unique blend of retro decor and modern amenities. However, we encounter a small obstacle as the room turns out to be quite hot, making for a difficult night’s sleep.

Airport Transfer with a Yandex Driver

The next morning, we head to the airport with a Yandex driver, ready for the next leg of our adventure. The ride offers a thrilling experience as we zip through the streets of Velogte, taking in the sights and sounds of the town. It’s a quick and convenient way to reach Logder Airport, our departure point for Moscow.

Logder Airport: A Time Capsule from the 1970s

Logder Airport truly feels like a time capsule from the 1970s, with its retro design and nostalgic atmosphere. As we check in for our flight to Moscow, we can’t help but admire the preserved elements of Soviet aviation history that surround us. It’s a unique blend of past and present, creating an unforgettable experience.

Check-in and Preparations for the Moscow Flight

After checking in, we make our final preparations for the flight to Moscow. The anticipation builds as we board the Yak 40 once again, ready to soar through the skies. The flight duration from Velogte to Moscow is approximately 1 hour and 28 minutes, giving us ample time to enjoy the vintage aircraft experience.

The Rare Yak 40 Airliner in Commercial Service

As we make our way to Moscow, we reflect on the rarity of the Yak 40, which is still in commercial service. With only a handful of these aircraft remaining worldwide, it’s a truly unique experience to have the opportunity to fly on one. The Yak 40 has become a symbol of Soviet aviation history, and its presence in the skies is truly remarkable.

Recommendations to Experience Flying on Old Aircraft in Russia

We conclude our adventure with a recommendation to experience flying on old aircraft in Russia. The Yak 40 is just one example of the many vintage planes that still operate in the country. For aviation enthusiasts and those seeking a unique travel experience, flying on these old aircraft is a must-do. It’s a chance to step back in time and appreciate the history and craftsmanship of Soviet aviation.

In conclusion, flying on a 45-year-old Soviet Yak 40 Airliner with Noel Philips is a thrilling and nostalgic experience. From exploring the Soviet town of Vologda to experiencing the unique features of the Yak 40, every moment of this journey is filled with excitement. So pack your bags and embark on this unforgettable adventure through the skies of Russia!