Flying on an Old Airliner: The Air North 737-400 Experience

Today, we embark on a journey aboard the Air North 737-400, an old airliner that won’t be flying for much longer. This airline, which primarily operates in the northern parts of Canada, offers a unique route from Vancouver to Kelowna, a short flight of about 40 minutes. As we step onto the plane, we can’t help but notice the nostalgia that comes with flying on such an aged aircraft. Despite its age, the 737-400 still manages to provide a comfortable experience with ample legroom. The process of checking in at the Vancouver airport was a breeze, and in no time, we find ourselves seated and ready for takeoff. Join us as we embark on this adventure, experiencing the charm of flying on a classic 737 and enjoying the beautiful sights along the way.

As we soar through the skies, we can’t help but be captivated by the breathtaking views outside the window. The 737-400 might be old, but it still knows how to fly smoothly and effortlessly. On this particular flight, there are only 42 passengers, as it serves as a connecting flight from Whitehorse. We ask ourselves why someone would choose to fly on this old, battered aircraft. However, for aviation enthusiasts like ourselves, it’s an opportunity we simply can’t pass up. And so, as we descend into the scenic city of Kelowna, filled with surprises and unexpected charm, we reflect on the incredible experience of flying on the Air North 737-400 and eagerly await our next adventure.

Flying on an Old Airliner: The Air North 737-400 Experience

Introduction to Air North and the Route

Are you ready for a unique flying experience? Step aboard Air North, the airline that proudly calls itself Yukon’s airline. While they mainly operate flights in the northern regions of Canada, today we are flying with them from Vancouver to Kelowna, a short 40-minute flight. Air North has a reputation for their unique routes and the old 737-400 aircraft they operate. So, why would someone choose to fly on an old airliner like this? Let’s find out!

Boarding the Old 737-400

As we step onto the Air North 737-400, we immediately notice the charm and character of this old aircraft. The legroom is surprisingly spacious and the cabin, although showing its age, still maintains a certain charm. You may notice a few wobbles here and there, but rest assured, this old 737 has safely transported passengers from Whitehorse to Vancouver and is more than capable of completing our short flight to Kelowna. The boarding process was seamless and quick, allowing us to step onto the plane just minutes after arriving at the airport.

Flight Experience and Legroom

Once we take off, we quickly realize why people still choose to fly on older aircraft like the 737-400. The flight is smooth and comfortable, and the legroom is certainly a pleasant surprise. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply looking for a unique flying experience, this old airliner offers a nostalgic charm that newer aircraft sometimes lack. As we soar through the sky at 25,000 feet, we can appreciate the reliability and efficiency of these classic planes.

The Appeal of Flying on an Older Aircraft

There’s a certain allure to flying on an older aircraft. It’s not just about the nostalgia or the unique experience, but also the appreciation for aviation history. These older planes, like the 737-400, have served faithfully for many years and have transported countless passengers across the skies. By choosing to fly on an old airliner, you become part of that story, connecting with the past and celebrating the advancements in aviation technology.

Passenger Load and Unique Experience on Air North

One thing you may notice during your flight on Air North is the small number of passengers. This particular leg is a connecting flight from Whitehorse to Kelowna, with only 42 passengers on board. While other airlines offer multiple flights to Kelowna each day, Air North provides a unique alternative for those seeking a different experience. The intimate atmosphere allows for personalized service from the friendly flight attendants, and the cabin feels spacious and comfortable.

Comparison to Other Airlines and Aircraft Types

When comparing Air North to other airlines and their aircraft types, it’s clear that Air North offers something special. While larger carriers like WestJet or Air Canada may have more frequent flights to Kelowna, they often use newer aircraft models like the Q-400. While these newer planes have their own advantages, flying on the old 737-400 with Air North provides a sense of nostalgia and uniqueness that can’t be replicated.

The Cost of the Flight

You may be wondering about the cost of flying on an old airliner with Air North. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank for this special experience. The flight from Vancouver to Kelowna on Air North typically costs around £75 or approximately $100. Considering the comfort and charm of the old aircraft, as well as the personalized service, this price offers great value for a memorable flight.

Arrival in Kelowna and First Impressions

As we touch down in Kelowna, we are greeted by a stunning view of the Grand Okanagan Resort and the beautiful surroundings. Kelowna itself may not be what you expected, with its casinos, resorts, and bustling atmosphere reminiscent of Las Vegas. This vibrant city offers a unique blend of relaxation and entertainment, and you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay.

Review of the Flight and Overall Experience

Looking back on our Air North flight experience, it’s safe to say that it was a memorable and enjoyable journey. From the seamless boarding process and comfortable cabin to the friendly service and smooth flight, Air North provided a unique flying experience that stands out from the crowd. The old 737-400 charmed us with its character and reliability, reminding us of the wonders of aviation history.


Flying on an old airliner like the Air North 737-400 may not be for everyone, but for those seeking a different kind of flying experience, it’s definitely worth considering. The nostalgia, uniqueness, and comfort of these old planes create a special atmosphere that can’t be replicated on newer aircraft. So, next time you have the opportunity to choose between a run-of-the-mill flight or a journey on an old airliner, embrace the adventure and take a trip back in time with Air North.