Comfort of the flatbed: Shoulder room issue in Air Canada’s business class

Welcome to the Air Canada Signature Business Class on the 787 Dreamliner! In this video by Noel Philips, he shares his experience with Air Canada, starting with his disappointment in their performance including a late connecting flight and lack of ground crew. Noel expresses hope for a smoother experience on the Dreamliner as he interviews fellow passengers with mixed opinions. Throughout the video, Noel discusses the seating configuration, amenities, in-flight entertainment, dinner and breakfast offerings, and the comfort of the flatbed seats. He also mentions the delay in the flight and the friendliness of the crew, while highlighting the tight shoulder room when lying on the side on the flatbed. Overall, Noel suggests that Air Canada has the potential to offer a more unique and Canadian-themed experience, but still provides a reliable and solid business class product that rivals other airlines. Cheers to that!

Seating Configuration and Amenities


Air Canada’s 787 Signature Business Class offers a generous amount of legroom, ensuring a comfortable and spacious experience for passengers. With ample space to stretch your legs, you can relax and enjoy your flight without feeling cramped or restricted.

Flatbed seats

One of the highlights of Air Canada’s Business Class is the flatbed seats. These seats allow you to recline and adjust to the perfect position for optimal comfort during your flight. Whether you want to relax, sleep, or work, the flatbed seats provide a cozy and luxurious space to do so.

In-flight entertainment

Air Canada knows how important in-flight entertainment is to a pleasant journey, and their 787 Signature Business Class delivers on this front. With a large and high-resolution personal entertainment screen, you can enjoy a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and more. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find the perfect entertainment to suit your preferences.

Dinner and breakfast offerings

Air Canada takes pride in providing delicious and satisfying meals for their Business Class passengers. The dinner and breakfast offerings in the 787 Signature Business Class are no exception. From gourmet entrées to delectable desserts, the menu is carefully curated to cater to a variety of tastes. Passengers can sit back and enjoy a fine dining experience at 30,000 feet.

Amenity kit provided

To enhance the comfort and convenience of their passengers, Air Canada provides an amenity kit in their 787 Signature Business Class. This kit includes essential items such as skincare products, a dental kit, socks, earplugs, and an eye mask. These thoughtful amenities allow you to freshen up, relax, and enjoy a restful journey.

Flight Experience

Flight delay

Unfortunately, Noel Philips experienced a flight delay during his journey with Air Canada’s 787 Signature Business Class. Delays can be frustrating and inconvenient, but it is important to note that delays can happen with any airline. It is always advisable to plan for potential delays and have some extra time in hand to avoid any disappointment.

Friendliness of the crew

One aspect that stood out to Noel Philips during his flight was the friendliness of the Air Canada crew. The crew members were attentive, accommodating, and made an effort to ensure a pleasant experience for all passengers. Their professionalism and warm demeanor added an extra touch of hospitality to the journey.

Tight shoulder room on the flatbed

While the flatbed seats in Air Canada’s 787 Signature Business Class offer exceptional comfort, Noel Philips mentioned that he found the shoulder room to be tight when lying on his side. This is an aspect to consider if you prefer sleeping in this position. However, it is worth noting that the spaciousness and comfort of the overall seating configuration still make for a comfortable journey.

View from the bathroom

Noel Philips highlighted the view from the bathroom as a unique feature of the Air Canada 787 Dreamliner. The large windows in the Dreamliner allow passengers to enjoy breathtaking views of the sky and scenery while using the facilities. This adds a touch of luxury and serenity to the overall flying experience.

Overall Business Class Experience

Potential for a more unique and Canadian-themed experience

Air Canada has the potential to further enhance its Business Class experience by incorporating more uniquely Canadian elements. From showcasing Canadian cuisine and beverages to promoting indigenous arts and culture, there are opportunities for Air Canada to create a truly distinctive and immersive Canadian experience for its passengers.

Reliable and solid business class product

Despite the initial disappointment caused by the flight delay, Noel Philips noted that Air Canada’s 787 Signature Business Class provides a reliable and solid product. The spacious seating, flatbeds, and friendly crew contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience overall. While there may be room for improvement in certain areas, Air Canada consistently delivers a quality business class experience.

Comparison with other airlines

When comparing Air Canada’s 787 Signature Business Class with other airlines, it is essential to consider individual preferences and priorities. Air Canada offers a competitive business class product that rivals other major carriers. Factors such as legroom, seating comfort, amenities, and service quality can differ between airlines, and passengers should choose based on their personal preferences and requirements.

Flight Cost and Acknowledgements

Brief overview of flight cost

Noel Philips did not explicitly mention the cost of his Air Canada 787 Signature Business Class flight in the video. However, Business Class flights generally come at a premium compared to Economy Class tickets. The cost of the flight can vary depending on factors such as the destination, time of booking, and availability. Passengers interested in experiencing Air Canada’s Business Class should check the airline’s website or consult with a travel agent for specific pricing information.

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