This Airline WARNED ME About Flying On THEIR OWN Plane!

You won’t believe the experience I had on this airline! They actually warned me about the plane I was about to fly on and even offered to change me to a different aircraft. How crazy is that? The airline is called Alliance Airlines and they operate flights on behalf of Virgin Australia. They have a rare plane called the [] 100, and there are not many of them left in the world. I missed the opportunity to fly on one during my previous trip to Australia, so I came back just to get a ride on this unique aircraft. The flight was from Adelaide to Brisbane, and although they don’t often fly the [] 100 on this route, they made an exception this time. I was thrilled to be on board and experience the nostalgia of flying on an old aircraft.

This Airline WARNED ME About Flying On THEIR OWN Plane!

Video By Noel Philips


In a recent video by travel vlogger Noel Philips, he shares an interesting experience he had while flying on a rare aircraft operated by Alliance Airlines on behalf of Virgin Australia. Before boarding the flight, Noel received a warning from the airline about the plane he was about to fly on and was even offered the option to change to a different aircraft. In this article, we will delve into the background information surrounding the purpose of Noel’s trip and the rarity of the aircraft he was flying on. We will also explore the offer to change aircraft and why Noel decided to stay on board the F-100. Join us as we take a closer look at the flight experience and Noel’s unique perspective on flying on old airliners. Lastly, we will learn more about Noel’s promotional work as Lord Noel Phillips and the benefits of purchasing a lordship.

Background Information

The purpose of the trip

Noel’s return to Australia was driven by his desire to fly on the increasingly rare F-100 aircraft. Known for his love of unique travel experiences, Noel had a particular interest in flying on the F-100 due to its limited availability worldwide. He explains that he did not get the chance to fly on this aircraft during his previous visit to Australia and wanted to seize the opportunity on his current trip.

The rarity of the plane

The F-100, also known as the Fokker 100, is becoming increasingly uncommon in the aviation industry. While there are still a few F-100s flying in Australia, the worldwide fleet is dwindling. Noel highlights the importance of flying on this aircraft before it completely disappears from commercial service.

Alliance Airlines and Virgin Australia partnership

Alliance Airlines operates flights on behalf of Virgin Australia, forming a partnership between the two airlines. This arrangement allows Virgin Australia to expand its network and offer more flight options to its customers. The F-100 flights are typically operated by Alliance Airlines on certain routes, adding to the uniqueness of this particular aircraft.

Offer to Change Aircraft

Email from Virgin Australia

Just days before the flight, Noel received an email from Virgin Australia notifying him of a change in aircraft. Instead of flying on the F-100 as originally planned, the flight was now scheduled to be operated on a Boeing 737. The airline gave Noel the option to change to the 737 flight free of charge, acknowledging the rarity of the F-100.

Offer to change to a flight on a Boeing 737

Despite the offer to switch to a more common aircraft, Noel made the decision to stay on the F-100. His passion for flying on unique aircraft outweighed the convenience of flying on a typical commercial plane. Noel was willing to pay extra to ensure he could experience the F-100 firsthand.

Noel’s decision to stay on the F-100

Noel explains that he had been looking forward to flying on the F-100 for months, making it a priority on his trip. The limited availability and impending retirement of the aircraft made it a unique opportunity that he did not want to miss. Despite the warning from the airline, Noel’s excitement and dedication to experiencing the F-100 led him to stick with his original plan.

On Board the F-100

Description of the aircraft

Noel gives viewers a glimpse of the F-100 aircraft as he boards the plane. He describes the aircraft as having a nostalgic and old aircraft smell, comparing it to a flying museum piece. The F-100’s vintage charm adds to the excitement of flying on this rare aircraft.

Layout and seating arrangements

Noel notes that the F-100 has two seats on one side and three seats on the other. The aircraft is often used for flights to remote towns and mining destinations in Australia’s interior. Although the crew is more accustomed to flying the more common Boeing 737, they show enthusiasm for flying the F-100 on this particular route.

Crew’s novelty at flying the F-100

Noel mentions that the crew members on this flight are not often assigned to the F-100, as they typically operate flights on the Boeing 737. Their excitement and novelty at flying the F-100 adds to the overall experience and makes it even more special for Noel.

Flight Experience

Flight route and duration

The flight from Adelaide to Brisbane took Noel northeast across South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. The flight had a duration of approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes. The route allowed Noel to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Australian landscape from the air.

Cruising altitude

Noel shares that the aircraft cruised at an altitude of 31,000 feet. The smooth ride and breathtaking views from this altitude added to the enjoyment of the flight.

Noel’s love for old airliners

As a self-proclaimed aviation enthusiast, Noel explains his love for flying on old airliners. He believes that old Soviet-era aircraft, like the F-100, offer a unique experience that is reminiscent of classic jet travel. Noel’s enthusiasm for vintage planes shines through as he talks about his passion for preserving and experiencing these iconic aircraft.

Lord Noel Phillips

Promotion of established titles

In the latter part of the video, Noel introduces himself as Lord Noel Phillips, promoting established titles. He explains that by dedicating a plot of land in Edleston, Scotland, individuals can help preserve woodlands while also receiving a novelty gift and the ability to call themselves a lord or lady. While he acknowledges that these titles are not official royal titles, he believes they offer a fun way to protect the environment and support global charities.

Benefits of purchasing a lordship

Noel discusses the benefits of purchasing a lordship through established titles. By participating in this program, individuals not only have the opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation but also gain a unique and fun title. Established titles’ partnership with global charities, such as One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future, adds to the appeal of this initiative.

Partnership with global charities

Noel highlights the positive impact that established titles has through its partnership with global charities. By planting thousands of trees next to the dedicated plots of land, established titles contributes to reforestation efforts and helps combat climate change. This combination of environmental conservation and enjoyment of a novelty title makes purchasing a lordship through established titles a fulfilling experience.


Noel’s second visit to Brisbane

Noel concludes the video by acknowledging that this was his second visit to Brisbane in a year. His return was motivated by the desire to fly on the F-100 and complete his 100th flight milestone. He expresses his appreciation for the trip and the unique opportunity to experience the F-100 firsthand.

Completion of 100 flights

Noel’s journey to complete 100 flights is a testament to his love for aviation and exploration. Flying on the F-100 with Alliance Airlines on behalf of Virgin Australia added a memorable and rare experience to Noel’s flight count.

Final thoughts and farewell

Noel bids farewell to his viewers, encouraging them to share their thoughts in the comments section. He expresses his gratitude for their continued support and looks forward to sharing more exciting travel experiences in the future. With his love for aviation and dedication to exploring unique destinations, Noel’s videos continue to captivate audiences and inspire their own journeys.