ALONE in Africa’s STRANGEST Business Class

In the video “ALONE in Africa’s STRANGEST Business Class,” created by Noel Philips and his friend Josh Cahill, viewers are taken on a unique flight experience aboard a brand new Airbus A330-800neo of Uganda Airlines. The flight is described as strange and deserted, as the narrator and his companion find themselves as the only passengers in business class. From sharing their impressions of the crew and the cleanliness of the aircraft to highlighting the excessive security checks at Entebbe Airport, the video provides an honest and entertaining account of their African adventures. While showcasing the potential of Uganda Airlines, the narrator also offers suggestions for improvement in the airport experience.

As the video “ALONE in Africa’s STRANGEST Business Class,” created by Noel Philips and his friend Josh Cahill, takes off, viewers are treated to a captivating journey onboard a brand new Airbus A330-800neo of Uganda Airlines. From the narrator’s perspective, the flight is strange and deserted, with business class being typically empty on these flights. Throughout the video, the narrator and his companion express their admiration for the crew, the cleanliness of the aircraft, and the comfort of the flatbed seats. They also provide positive reviews of the amenity kit and in-flight entertainment options. In concluding their African adventure, the video highlights the potential of Uganda Airlines while suggesting areas for improvement in the airport experience.

The Video and Flight Overview

Title and Description

The video titled “ALONE in Africa’s STRANGEST Business Class” captures an intriguing and unique flight experience on board a brand new Airbus A330-800neo. This video promises to take viewers on a journey full of surprises and unexpected moments, making it a must-watch for aviation enthusiasts and travel lovers alike.

Aboard the Airbus A330-800neo

Noel Philips, accompanied by his friend Josh Cahill, documents their adventure on this deserted flight. The A330-800neo is one of the newest aircraft models in Africa, adding excitement to this already captivating journey. With state-of-the-art features and amenities, this aircraft sets the stage for an unforgettable flight experience.

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Uganda Airlines’ A330-800neo Experience

Impressions of the Crew and Cleanliness

Noel and Josh are immediately impressed by the friendly and professional crew on board the Uganda Airlines A330-800neo. The attentive service and warm hospitality contribute significantly to their overall experience. Additionally, they commend the airline for maintaining a clean and well-maintained aircraft, which further enhances the comfort and enjoyment of their journey.

Excessive Security Checks at Entebbe Airport

The duo highlights the excessive security measures at Entebbe Airport, expressing their surprise at the numerous security checkpoints they encounter before even reaching the terminal. While acknowledging the importance of safety, they also find the process somewhat arduous and suggest improvements to streamline the airport experience for passengers.

Comfort and Amenities in Business Class

Testing the Flatbed Seat

Noel decides to indulge in the luxury of the flatbed seat offered in the business class cabin. He finds the seat incredibly comfortable, allowing him to relax and enjoy the flight. This feature adds a touch of luxury to his journey and reaffirms his preference for business class travel.

Privacy and Comfort

In addition to the flatbed seat, Noel appreciates the privacy provided by the business class cabin. The spacious layout and individual dividers ensure ample personal space, creating a serene environment to rest, work, or simply unwind during the flight. This level of privacy further enhances the overall comfort and enjoyment of the experience.

Positive Review of Amenity Kit

Noel provides positive feedback on the amenity kit provided by Uganda Airlines. The kit includes essential travel items such as toiletries and comfort accessories, ensuring passengers have everything they need for a relaxing journey. The attention to detail in curating these kits reflects the airline’s commitment to passenger comfort and satisfaction.

In-flight Entertainment Options

Noel explores the wide range of in-flight entertainment options available on the A330-800neo. From movies and TV shows to music and games, the extensive selection caters to a diverse range of preferences. This abundance of entertainment ensures there is never a dull moment throughout the flight.

Business Class Experience on Uganda Airlines

The Unusual Emptiness of Business Class

Noel and Josh notice the unusual emptiness of the business class cabin, with Noel being the sole passenger in this section. While this may be surprising, they take advantage of this unexpected situation to enjoy the exclusivity and privacy that comes with having an entire cabin to oneself.

Potential of Uganda Airlines

Despite the emptiness in business class on this particular flight, both Noel and Josh acknowledge the potential of Uganda Airlines. They recognize the efforts made by the crew and the airline’s commitment to providing a pleasant and enjoyable experience. With their focus on cleanliness, friendly service, and quality amenities, Uganda Airlines has the potential to become a leading player in the African aviation market.

Suggestions for Improvements in Airport Experience

While appreciating the overall experience on board the Uganda Airlines A330-800neo, Noel and Josh offer suggestions for improvements in the airport experience. They highlight the excessive security checks at Entebbe Airport, emphasizing the need for a more streamlined and efficient process. Their recommendations aim to enhance the overall passenger experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable for travelers.

Conclusion of African Adventures

Narrator’s Final Thoughts

As their African adventures come to a close, Noel shares his final thoughts on this extraordinary journey. He expresses gratitude for the unique experiences, the opportunity to fly on the Airbus A330-800neo, and the privilege of documenting it all. His passion for aviation and exploration shines through his words, leaving viewers with a sense of awe and inspiration.

Wrap-up with Companion, Josh

Noel concludes the video by engaging in a final conversation with his companion, Josh. They reflect on the highlights of their African adventures and discuss future travel plans. Their camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for exploration and aviation create an engaging and relatable conclusion to this remarkable video.