The US Travel Ban is Still in Effect for Non-Americans Arriving from UK, Europe, Brazil, and China

In August 2021, the US Travel Ban is still in effect for non-Americans arriving from the UK, Europe, Brazil, and China. However, there are still ways to visit the USA, as Canada has opened up and become a viable option for travel from Europe. The narrator, Noel Philips, shares their journey from Mexico to Atlanta on Delta Airlines, discussing the challenges of flying to America from Europe and the smooth check-in process they experienced. They express excitement about being back in the US and mention their upcoming travel plans within the country. Overall, this video provides valuable information on how to fly to the USA from Europe in 2021.

US Travel Ban on Non-Americans

As of August 2021, the US travel ban is still in effect for non-Americans arriving from the UK, Europe, Brazil, and China. This ban has been in place for 18 months, restricting entry into the country for individuals from these areas. It’s important to note that this ban does not apply to Americans returning to the United States, but rather to non-American citizens.

Ban’s Continuation in August 2021

Despite the passage of time, the US travel ban remains in effect in August 2021. The ban is a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the efforts to control the spread of the virus. Non-Americans who have been physically present in the UK, Europe, Brazil, or China within the previous two weeks are currently not allowed to travel to the United States.

Impact on Travelers from Restricted Countries

The continuation of the US travel ban has had a significant impact on travelers from the restricted countries. Many individuals who had plans to visit the United States for work, leisure, or family reasons have had to alter or cancel their travel plans. The ban has also affected businesses that rely on international tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Alternatives for Traveling from Europe to US

Given the US travel ban on non-Americans from Europe, finding alternative routes to travel to the United States has become necessary. One viable option is traveling through Canada. Canada is currently open to international travelers and serves as a gateway to the US. By flying to a Canadian city, such as Toronto or Montreal, travelers can then continue their journey to the US by land or air.

Another option to consider is the status of Mexico as a transit country. While Mexico was previously recommended as a 2-week wait destination before entering the US, it is now on the UK’s red list. This means that travelers coming from Mexico may face additional restrictions or quarantine requirements when arriving in the UK or other European countries before continuing on to the US.

When considering traveling to the US from Europe, it’s important to research and stay updated on the latest travel restrictions, entry requirements, and safety guidelines for each country involved in the journey. Be sure to check with relevant government authorities, airlines, and travel agencies for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Noel Philips’ Travel Experience

Noel Philips, a popular travel vlogger and content creator, documented his recent travel experience from Mexico to Atlanta, USA. Noel runs a website ( where he shares his official merchandise and travel updates. He also offers a WhatsApp group for his supporters on Patreon, where they can join him for weekly live chats and more.

Flying with Delta Airlines from Mexico to Atlanta, Noel Philips shared his journey in a video. He mentioned that flying from Europe to the US is not a straightforward process due to certain restrictions. However, since his family had spent two weeks in Mexico and had negative COVID-19 tests before flying to the US, they were able to proceed with their travel plans.

Flight Journey from Mexico to Atlanta

Before their flight, Noel Philips and his family made the necessary preparations, including arranging transportation to the airport and ensuring they had all required travel documents. They checked in for their flight with Delta Airlines, expressing excitement about flying to America and mentioning the smooth check-in process.

The flight from Mexico to Atlanta was on a Delta 757 in economy class. Although economy class can sometimes be cramped, Noel noted that they were fortunate to have two rows to themselves, which provided more space and comfort. He also mentioned the short flight time of about two hours to Atlanta.

During the flight, Noel captured views from the plane and highlighted the cost and demand on the Cancun-USA route. He mentioned that flights from Cancun to the US are often busy due to the popularity of the Cancun resort area, leading to higher prices.

Arrival Procedures in Atlanta

Upon arrival in Atlanta, Noel and his family went through the immigration process. He mentioned that the immigration process was straightforward, with officials checking their passports and stamping them. This process was completed without any issues or complications.

After clearing immigration, they waited for transportation to take them to their hotel. Although Noel did not provide details about the transportation method, it can be assumed that they either used a shuttle service or arranged for a private pick-up from the airport to their hotel.


Noel Philips expressed excitement about being back in the US and mentioned upcoming travel plans within the country. Despite the challenges posed by the US travel ban and the need to find alternative routes, Noel’s journey from Mexico to Atlanta showcased the possibility of continued travel during these unprecedented times.

It’s important for travelers to stay informed about travel restrictions, entry requirements, and safety guidelines when planning their trips. By following regulations and taking necessary precautions, individuals can still fulfill their travel aspirations and explore new destinations, even during a pandemic.