Tasty and mild in-flight meal: Veg or non-veg curry on Air India

Welcome to the article titled “Tasty and mild in-flight meal: Veg or non-veg curry on Air India.” In this video by Noel Philips, he shares his exciting experience with Air India, which almost didn’t happen due to a checked bag issue. Despite the initial setback, Noel explores the nice and modern Delhi airport, enjoys a short layover at the Air India lounge, and encounters a minor hiccup with a spare power bank in his suitcase. Eventually, he boards the flight to Kolkata in business class, where he experiences the paradox of a new Airbus A320 neo with an old-fashioned cabin. The in-flight meal, consisting of either veg or non-veg curry, is described as tasty and not too spicy. With limited in-flight entertainment, Noel ultimately reaches his hotel in Kolkata with a breathtaking view of the city and reflects on his overall experience with Air India, inviting viewers to share their opinions.

Air India Experience

Noel’s Almost Missed Flight

Noel’s first flight in India didn’t get off to a great start. He nearly missed his flight on Air India due to a problem with his checked bag. Fortunately, he was able to check in and drop off his bag without any issues. Despite the initial setback, Noel remained optimistic and ready for his Indian adventure.

Description of Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport, where Noel’s flight took off, was described as nice, modern, and clean. Noel had been to this terminal before and was impressed with the overall experience. The terminal building was spacious and well-maintained, with the air conditioning providing a much-needed respite from the Delhi heat. Noel appreciated the comfort and convenience of the airport as he made his way to the Air India lounge.

Short Layover at Air India Lounge

Noel had a short layover at the Air India lounge in Delhi. While the lounge wasn’t massive, it was comfortable and had a nice ambiance. Noel took this opportunity to relax and enjoy a cool drink before his flight to Kolkata. He was looking forward to experiencing Air India’s service on their domestic flights within India.

Issue with a Spare Power Bank

Just when Noel thought he was ready to board his flight, he encountered an unexpected issue. It turns out that he had inadvertently packed a spare power bank in his suitcase back in the UK. Unfortunately, this is not allowed in India, and Noel was called back to the lounge. The usual procedure is to discard such items, but Noel was able to keep the power bank after a thorough scanning. Though it added a bit of excitement to his journey, Noel was relieved to have resolved the issue and prepared to board his flight to Kolkata.

Flight to Kolkata

Flying Business Class to Kolkata

Noel boarded the Air India flight to Kolkata in the business class cabin. He was eager to experience Air India’s service on their domestic flights. Being in business class, Noel expected a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Old-Fashioned Cabin Design

To Noel’s surprise, the interior of the Air India aircraft looked old-fashioned, despite it being a new Airbus A320 neo. The decor reminded him of a 40-year-old aircraft he had flown on before. While the cabin design was not what he expected, it did not dampen his spirits. He remained positive and looked forward to the rest of the flight.

Tasty and Mild In-Flight Meal

During the flight, a meal service was provided consisting of a choice between a vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry. Noel found the meal to be tasty and enjoyable, with just the right amount of spice for his Western taste buds. Air India’s branded cutlery added a unique touch to the dining experience, making it feel special despite the dated cabin design.

Limited In-Flight Entertainment

One aspect that fell short of Noel’s expectations was the limited in-flight entertainment. Despite being on a new aircraft, there wasn’t much entertainment available. To pass the time, Noel decided to read the local newspaper. He found it interesting to discover the differences in classified ads compared to those back home.

Arrival in Kolkata

Noel’s Hotel in Kolkata

Upon arrival in Kolkata, Noel made his way to his hotel. While the journey through the traffic was a bit challenging, he reached his destination safely. The hotel was welcoming and provided him with a comfortable stay for his time in Kolkata.

Great View of the City

Noel was delighted to discover that his hotel room had a fantastic view of the city. From his window, he could see the bustling streets and the fields below. The view gave him a sense of excitement and appreciation for the vibrant city of Kolkata.

Reflection on Air India Experience

After his eventful journey with Air India, Noel took a moment to reflect on his overall experience. Despite the initial setback with his bag and the dated cabin design, he found Air India’s service to be decent and the in-flight meal to be delicious. He acknowledged the value for money he received and was grateful for making it to Kolkata safely. Noel expressed his curiosity and invited viewers to share their opinions on Air India’s business class experience and the old-fashioned cabin design.

Inviting Viewer Opinions

Noel ended his video by thanking his viewers for watching and expressing his excitement for the next adventure in India. He encouraged viewers to subscribe to his channel to not miss any upcoming content. Noel also encouraged viewers to share their thoughts on Air India’s business class experience and the contrast between the old-fashioned cabin design and the new aircraft. He engaged with his audience and valued their opinions and feedback.

In this video, Noel Philips shared his experience with Air India, from his almost missed flight to his arrival in Kolkata. Despite the initial setback, Noel maintained a friendly and positive tone throughout the narrative. The article provided a comprehensive overview of Noel’s journey, giving readers a detailed understanding of his Air India experience.