Scenic Flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Silver City, New Mexico on Advanced Air

Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona, my friend! Today, you’re in for a treat as we embark on a scenic flight from here to Silver City, New Mexico on Advanced Air. Now, let me give you a quick rundown of what to expect. We’ll be flying on an aircraft that’s normally used as a private jet but offers a private-like experience at a low cost. Our flight will take us from Phoenix to Silver City, with a stop in Albuquerque. You’ll be checking in at the FBO, which is where private planes usually depart from. We’ll be cruising at 23,000 feet on a comfortable Beach king air 350 with a capacity for six passengers. And trust me, the scenery during the flight is absolutely breathtaking!

Alright, now let’s dive into the details of our adventure. The flight is part of the Essential Air Service, connecting small towns with Phoenix and Albuquerque. When we arrive at the FBO, you’ll have the chance to witness the friendly crew in action. Make sure to plug your camera into the audio controls of the aircraft for an interesting perspective. We’ll be making a stop in Silver City, where you’ll explore this small town in the middle of the desert. And worry not, the flight time for the second leg will be a smooth 47 minutes at 23,000 feet. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your private-like experience on this incredible journey!

Flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Silver City, New Mexico on Advanced Air

Check-in at the FBO

Welcome to the exciting journey from Phoenix, Arizona to Silver City, New Mexico on Advanced Air! Our adventure begins at the Fixed Base Operator (FBO), Swift Aviation, located on the south side of Albuquerque Airport. Unlike the main terminal, the FBO provides a more relaxed and private experience for passengers traveling on private-like planes. Check-in is quick and hassle-free, and the friendly staff is ready to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.

A Comfortable Small Plane: The Beach King Air 350

Once you’ve checked in, it’s time to board the Beach King Air 350. This small plane is incredibly comfortable and offers a unique flying experience. With a capacity for just six passengers, you can enjoy a more intimate and spacious journey. Despite its compact size, the plane is well-maintained and offers amenities such as cup holders and fold-out tables for your convenience.

Enjoying the Scenery during the Flight

As we take off from Phoenix, Arizona, sit back, relax, and take in the breathtaking scenery below. The flight to Silver City, New Mexico offers awe-inspiring views of the arid landscapes and rugged terrain of the region. You’ll have the opportunity to witness nature’s beauty from a unique perspective, soaring above the clouds.

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Plugging the Camera into Audio Controls

Curiosity strikes as we notice audio controls onboard the Beach King Air 350. We plug our camera into these controls to explore what is transmitted through them. Although we are unable to listen to the audio directly, we invite you to have a listen and experience the atmosphere in the cabin.

Silver City to Albuquerque: The Next Leg of the Flight

After an invigorating stop in Silver City, it’s time to continue our journey to Albuquerque. Silver City, known for its remote and rural charm, adds a unique element to our adventure. As we board the plane for the next leg of our flight, we bid farewell to the quaint town and prepare for the next chapter.

Issue with a Passenger and Proper Identification

Unfortunately, our journey is briefly interrupted as we encounter an issue with a passenger who fails to provide proper identification. Advanced Air prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers, and this particular individual was not able to continue the flight without proper identification. The situation is swiftly resolved, and the crew ensures everyone’s safety and satisfaction.

Flight Details: 47 Minutes at 23,000 Feet

As we bid Silver City farewell, we embark on the next leg of our flight to Albuquerque. The flight time for this leg is approximately 47 minutes, with the Beach King Air 350 cruising at an altitude of 23,000 feet. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth journey to our final destination.

From a Small Town to Albuquerque

Our flight takes us from the charming small town of Silver City to the vibrant city of Albuquerque. As we soar through the skies, we catch glimpses of New Mexico’s diverse landscapes, from arid deserts to lush greenery. The ever-changing scenery keeps us captivated throughout the journey.

A Private Jet Experience with More Legroom

Upon arrival in Albuquerque, we are treated to a private jet experience with an abundance of legroom. The King Air aircraft provides a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant journey for both business and leisure travelers. Stretch out and enjoy the extra space as we glide towards our destination.

The Friendly Crew and a Unique Town

Throughout the flight, we have the pleasure of interacting with the friendly crew onboard our private-like aircraft. They go above and beyond to ensure our comfort and satisfaction, making the journey even more enjoyable. As we approach Albuquerque, we can’t help but marvel at a unique town along the way—Truth or Consequences. Its intriguing name piques our curiosity, reminding us of the wonders that await us in this diverse region.

Exploring the Seat Functionality

With more legroom at our disposal, we take the opportunity to explore the functionality of our seats. The King Air aircraft offers various adjustable features that allow us to find the perfect position for maximum comfort. As we prepare for landing, we hope that the seat locks securely in place, ensuring a smooth and safe conclusion to our adventure.

Arrival in Albuquerque and Gratitude to the Crew

Our journey culminates as we touch down in Albuquerque, completing our flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Silver City, New Mexico. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the crew of Advanced Air for their exceptional service, professionalism, and dedication to our safety and comfort. Their warm and friendly demeanor have made this journey a truly memorable experience.

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