Resolving an Uber Scam Issue in Lahore with Uber Support

Good morning! Today, we’re embarking on an exciting road trip across Pakistan, from Islamabad to Lahore. Join us as we take a ride on the Qconnect bus, Pakistan’s first-class bus service. The video, created by Noel Philips, showcases the six-hour journey and reveals the unique experience of traveling on this luxurious bus in Pakistan. Get ready for breathtaking views of the mountains, spacious seating resembling first-class on a plane, personal TVs, and even stops for inspections and rest breaks with food and drink options. However, the video also highlights an unfortunate encounter with an Uber driver in Lahore who tried to scam the vlogger. The issue was resolved by reaching out to Uber support, but it serves as a warning to others about potential scams when using Uber in foreign countries. Despite this setback, the vlogger remains excited for their upcoming adventures in Pakistan.


Welcome to the comprehensive article about traveling on Pakistan’s First Class QConnect Bus and the encounter with an Uber scam. In this article, you’ll learn about the features of the QConnect bus, the bus journey from Islamabad to Lahore, the attempted scam by an Uber driver, and how the situation was resolved through Uber support. We’ll also discuss the importance of sharing experiences and warning others about possible scams abroad. Finally, we’ll touch upon the positive aspects of the Islamabad to Lahore trip and conclude with the author’s current location in Lahore and their excitement for upcoming adventures in Pakistan.


About the video and creator

The video in question is created by Noel Philips, who runs a pilot’s vlog channel called @NoelPhilipsPilotVlogs. Noel takes viewers on various adventures around the world, and in this particular video, he documents his road trip from Islamabad to Lahore on the QConnect bus. His channel is known for providing unique and informative content about traveling experiences.

The bus journey from Islamabad to Lahore

The bus journey from Islamabad to Lahore is a popular route in Pakistan, and it takes approximately six hours to complete. The QConnect bus is known for its first-class amenities and comfortable travel experience. This journey offers beautiful scenic views of the mountains and smooth roads, making it an enjoyable experience for travelers.

Features of the QConnect bus

The QConnect bus is equipped with various features that make it stand out as a top-class travel option. The bus offers personal TVs, ample storage space, and spacious seating similar to first-class seats on a plane. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable and entertaining journey while traveling from Islamabad to Lahore. The bus also includes stops for inspections and rest stops, where passengers can find a variety of food and drink options.

Scam Incident

Encounter with the Uber driver

During his trip, Noel encountered an incident with an Uber driver in Lahore. After arriving in Lahore, he requested an Uber ride to his hotel. Little did he know that this encounter would lead to an attempted scam.

Attempted scam and demand for higher fare

Upon reaching his destination, the Uber driver demanded a higher fare than what was initially shown on the app. This behavior raised suspicions, as Noel was aware of the standard fare rates for Uber rides in Lahore. It was clear that the driver was trying to scam him and extort more money.

Contacting Uber support

To resolve the situation, Noel decided to contact Uber support and report the incident. He explained the attempted scam and provided all the necessary details to support his claim. It was crucial for him to reach out to Uber support as soon as possible to ensure that the issue was addressed promptly.

Uber support’s response and resolution

After contacting Uber support, Noel received a response that claimed there was little they could do since the ride was canceled by the driver. This response was understandably frustrating, as it seemed like Uber was not taking the issue seriously. However, after further correspondence with Uber support, the situation was resolved. Uber agreed to charge the original fare but only in cash, which was a fair compromise considering the circumstances.

Uber Scam Warning

Sharing the experience and warning others

After experiencing the Uber scam in Lahore, Noel felt it was crucial to share his experience with others. By sharing his story, he hoped to spread awareness about possible scams and help fellow travelers avoid falling victim to similar situations. Sharing experiences and warning others can significantly contribute to creating a safer travel environment for everyone.

Cautioning about possible scams abroad

Noel also emphasized the importance of being cautious while using ride-sharing services abroad. Scammers may take advantage of tourists or foreigners who may be unfamiliar with local transportation systems and fare rates. It is essential to research and familiarize yourself with these systems beforehand to avoid any potential scams.

Positive Experience

Brief mention of the Islamabad to Lahore trip

Although the encounter with the Uber driver was unfortunate, it is important to mention that Noel had a positive experience overall during his trip from Islamabad to Lahore. The QConnect bus provided a comfortable and luxurious travel experience, offering amenities comparable to first-class seats on an airplane. The scenic views and smooth roads added to the enjoyment of the journey.


As the article concludes, it shares the author’s current location in Lahore and expresses their excitement for upcoming adventures in Pakistan. Despite the encounter with the Uber scam, the author remains positive and optimistic about exploring more of what Pakistan has to offer. By sharing their experience, they hope to create awareness and encourage others to be cautious while traveling. Remember to stay vigilant and informed to ensure safe and enjoyable journeys.