Noel Philips Takes a Flight to Britain’s Least Used Airport

In the video titled “Flying to Britain’s least used airport” by Noel Philips, you will follow Noel’s journey as he takes a flight to the least used airport in Britain. The purpose of the video is to explore how aviation connects a small community with the outside world. Throughout the video, Noel shares his experience at the airport, visits the town of Scalasaig on Colonsay, tries traditional Scottish cuisine, and enjoys the scenic views during his flight back to Oban. With a population of only 124 people, the island of Colonsay relies on this small airport, served once or twice a week, as an essential connection to the outside world. Join Noel as he takes you on this unique travel adventure.

Overview of the Video

Title and Host

The video is titled “Flying to Britain’s least used airport” and is hosted by Noel Philips.

Purpose of the Video

The purpose of the video is to explore how aviation connects a small community with the outside world. It aims to showcase the unique experience of flying to Britain’s least used airport.

Featured Experience

Noel Philips shares his personal experience of taking a flight to the least used airport in Britain. He highlights the journey, the airport, and the surrounding area.

Noel Philips’ Official Website and Social Media Platforms

Noel Philips has an official website,, where viewers can find official merchandise. He also offers the option to join him on WhatsApp for weekly live chats and more. Additionally, he has a Patreon page where viewers can provide support.

Exploring Britain’s Least Used Airport

Location of the Video

The video takes place in the town of Urban, Scotland. The host explores the least used airport in the UK, which is located on the island of Colonsay.

Visiting the Least Used Airport in the UK

Noel Philips takes a trip to the least used airport in the UK. He shares his journey from Urban to the airport in the morning. He talks about the uniqueness of the experience and the importance of aviation to the local community.

Trying Traditional Scottish Cuisine

Before heading to the airport, the host indulges in some traditional Scottish cuisine. He tries deep-fried battered pizza, which he had heard about but was initially skeptical of. He expresses his delight at the taste and recommends it to anyone visiting Scotland.

Frequency and Passenger Numbers of the Airport

The airport on the island of Colonsay is only served once or twice a week by Hebridian Air. In 2020, the airport had only 49 passengers, making it the least used airport in the UK. The host acknowledges that the number has increased slightly this year but emphasizes the importance of the airport as an essential link for the islanders.

Exploring Colonsay and Scalasaig

Exploring the Village of Scalasaig

The host explores the village of Scalasaig on Colonsay. He mentions that the island has a population of just 124 people and describes the village as the capital of Colonsay. Despite its small size, he is impressed by the community spirit and the friendly nature of the people he interacts with.

Population of Colonsay

The island of Colonsay has a population of 124 people. The host highlights the small size of the island and the close-knit community that resides there. He comments on the tranquility and safety of the island, noting that the last reported crime was in 2013.

Description of the Airport – Small, Wooden Hut, Short Runway

The host provides a description of the airport on Colonsay. He mentions that it is a small airstrip with a wooden hut serving as the terminal building. The runway is short but suitable for the small aircraft that operate to and from the island. He expresses his admiration for the airport and its significance in connecting the island to the outside world.

Return Flight to Oban

Taking a Flight Back to Oban

The host concludes his visit to Colonsay by taking a flight back to Oban. He shares his experience of boarding the aircraft and expresses his appreciation for the scenic views during the flight.

Enjoying Scenic Views

During the return flight, the host enjoys the scenic views from the aircraft. He praises the performance of the plane and comments on the beauty of the landscape below.

Cost of the Return Flight

The host mentions that the return flight from Colonsay to Oban costs £134. He acknowledges that it might seem expensive for such a short flight but highlights that the price includes the unique experience of flying to and from the least used airport in the UK.

Discounted Airfare Scheme for Locals

The host mentions that there is a discounted airfare scheme for locals, which allows them to travel to and from Colonsay at reduced prices. He appreciates the initiative and its significance in providing affordable transportation options for the island’s residents.


Thanking the Airline

The host concludes the video by expressing his gratitude to the airline for providing the unique experience of flying to Britain’s least used airport. He highlights the importance of aviation in connecting small communities and promoting accessibility. He encourages viewers to visit Colonsay and experience the charm of this remote island.