Noel Philips shares his experience with Canada’s worst-rated airline

Noel Philips shares his experience with Canada’s worst-rated airline in a video that takes you through his journey. Flair Airlines, according to TripAdvisor reviews, holds the title of being the worst-rated airline in Canada. Curious to see if the reviews were accurate, Noel booked a 5-hour transcontinental flight with Flair Airlines. From an easy check-in process to discovering that Flair charges for bags, Noel shares his observations. Despite the lack of food and drink due to COVID-19 restrictions, non-functional onboard entertainment, and a small but functional bathroom, Noel’s overall experience with Flair Airlines was positive, considering the low fare and good value for money. The video also showcases the stunning views of Vancouver, praising the comfort of the seats, friendliness of the crew, timeliness of the flights, and cleanliness of the plane. Encouraging viewers to share their thoughts on the airline, Noel provides an honest and detailed account of his experience.


In this article, we will delve into Noel Philips’ decision to fly with Flair Airlines, Canada’s worst-rated airline according to TripAdvisor reviews. Noel, a travel enthusiast and vlogger, was motivated to test the accuracy of these reviews by booking a transcontinental flight with Flair Airlines. Throughout his journey, Noel documented his experiences, highlighting various aspects such as the check-in process, the comfort of the aircraft, the limited services due to COVID-19, and the functionality of the facilities. Despite Flair Airlines’ reputation, Noel had an overall positive experience and found it to be good value for money considering the low fare. In addition to discussing his experience with Flair Airlines, Noel also shares breathtaking views of Vancouver from his hotel room, encouraging viewer engagement at the end.

Noel Philips’ Decision to Fly with Flair Airlines

Noel Philips, an avid traveler and vlogger, took on the challenge of flying with Flair Airlines, the worst-rated airline in Canada according to TripAdvisor reviews. With over 1,300 negative reviews on the platform, Noel was determined to see if these reviews accurately reflected the quality of service provided by Flair Airlines. So, he booked a 5-hour transcontinental flight from Toronto to Vancouver to gather first-hand experiences and share them with his viewers.

The Check-In Process

Noel found the check-in process with Flair Airlines to be surprisingly easy. Upon arrival at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, he quickly checked in, dropped off his bag, and obtained his boarding pass. However, he noted that Flair Airlines charges for baggage, a common practice among low-cost airlines. The specific charges for baggage were provided at the end of Noel’s video, allowing viewers to see how much he paid to drop off his bag before boarding the flight.

Flair Airlines’ Rapid Growth

Noel was impressed by Flair Airlines’ rapid growth in recent months. Just a few months prior, the airline only had a fleet of three 737-800s. However, they had since taken delivery of eight 737 MAX 8 aircraft and had more on the way. This expansion was reminiscent of Ryanair’s aggressive growth in the late 90s and early 2000s, suggesting that Flair Airlines may be following a similar trajectory.

The Comfort of the Aircraft

Despite Flair Airlines’ low rating, Noel found the aircraft to be comfortable. The seats provided adequate legroom and were relatively comfortable, even in the standard seats without extra legroom. Notably, he appreciated the cloth seats, which were softer and more comfortable compared to the leather seats commonly found on European low-cost carriers. Noel was satisfied with the comfort of the aircraft and looked forward to the five-hour flight from Toronto to Vancouver.

Limited Services due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Flair Airlines did not offer any food or drink for purchase onboard the flight. Noel expressed his disappointment at not being informed about this limitation before boarding, as he would have liked to bring his own refreshments for the five-hour journey. Additionally, the onboard entertainment system was not working during Noel’s flight, further limiting the in-flight experience. However, it is important to note that these restrictions were not specific to Flair Airlines and were in place across the industry to ensure passenger safety.

Functionality of Facilities

Noel briefly explored the bathroom on the Flair Airlines MAX 8 aircraft. While he acknowledged its small size, he found it to be functional. The bathroom featured the usual amenities, including a sink, a toilet, and a small garbage container. Although the tight space made it difficult to move freely, Noel appreciated having access to a bathroom throughout the flight.

Noel’s Overall Experience with Flair Airlines

Contrary to the negative reviews on TripAdvisor, Noel had an overall positive experience with Flair Airlines. He commended the airline for its comfortable seats, friendly crew, timeliness, and cleanliness. Despite the lack of available food, drink, and entertainment due to COVID-19 restrictions, Noel recognized that these limitations were beyond Flair Airlines’ control. Additionally, he highlighted the affordability of Flair Airlines’ fares as a significant advantage, making it a good value for money option for travelers.

Views of Vancouver from Hotel Rooms

Noel’s video also showcased breathtaking views of Vancouver from his hotel room. Some rooms offered stunning views of the runway and the harbor, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the city while staying at the hotel. Noel expressed his awe at the seaplanes flying over the harbor, further adding to the charm and unique experience of staying in a hotel with such picturesque views.


Noel’s experience with Flair Airlines challenged the negative reputation that the airline had garnered on TripAdvisor. Despite being rated as Canada’s worst airline, Noel found Flair Airlines to be reliable, comfortable, and good value for money. He had a smooth check-in process, enjoyed the comfort of the aircraft, and appreciated the friendliness of the crew. Noel’s positive experience encourages viewers to share their thoughts on Flair Airlines and engage in discussions about their own experiences with the airline. Overall, despite its rating, Flair Airlines proved to be a viable option for travelers, especially those seeking affordable fares without compromising on essential amenities.