Noel Philips shares his experience of flying with Azerbaijan Airlines

“Noel Philips shares his experience of flying with Azerbaijan Airlines” is an intriguing video by Noel Philips. In this video, he takes us through his troublesome situation in the lounge, where he was asked to leave. The content promises to provide an entertaining and thrilling story of his experience with Azerbaijan Airlines, from his review of the lounge and in-flight entertainment, to his overall flight experience aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Noel Philips begins his adventure at Istanbul, flying with Azerbaijan Airlines to Kazakhstan. He expresses his excitement about their incredible livery and shares his first impressions of the lounge before boarding the flight. Throughout the video, he highlights his experience on board both the Boeing 787 and Airbus A319, showcasing the seating arrangements, in-flight entertainment, and the delectable food served. The video provides a detailed and engaging account of his journey, making it a captivating watch for aviation enthusiasts.

Noel Philips’ Experience with Azerbaijan Airlines

Noel Philips, a popular pilot vlogger on YouTube, recently shared his thrilling experience flying with Azerbaijan Airlines. In his video titled “Did I Just Get Kicked Out of a Lounge?! Crazy AZERBAIJAN AIRLINES Adventure,” he takes his viewers on a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. From an incident in the lounge to flying on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Noel’s adventure with Azerbaijan Airlines promises to be entertaining and captivating.

Introduction to Noel Philips’ pilot vlogs channel

Noel Philips is known for his vlogs that offer a unique perspective on the world of aviation. His channel, @NoelPhilipsPilotVlogs, provides viewers with an inside look at the life of a pilot and the behind-the-scenes experiences of flying with different airlines. Noel’s videos are popular for their friendly and engaging tone, making them both informative and enjoyable to watch.

The incident in the lounge

Noel’s adventure with Azerbaijan Airlines starts off with a troublesome incident in the lounge. While details of the incident are not specified, it is clear that Noel had to make a hasty exit from the lounge due to an issue with the Azerbaijani camera. This incident adds an unexpected twist to his journey and sets the stage for an exciting story to unfold.

Flying on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Istanbul to Kazakhstan

After the incident in the lounge, Noel boards a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for his flight from Istanbul to Kazakhstan. He expresses his excitement for flying with Azerbaijan Airlines, particularly because of their stunning livery. The airline’s blue livery, showcased on their Dreamliners, is one of Noel’s favorites. With high expectations and a sense of anticipation, Noel sets off on his flight, documenting his experience for his viewers.

Appreciation for Azerbaijan Airlines’ livery

Noel emphasizes his appreciation for Azerbaijan Airlines’ livery, calling it “absolutely incredible.” He mentions that while the airline used to operate the A340 aircraft, they still have Dreamliners painted in the beautiful blue livery. Noel’s enthusiasm for the livery showcases his love for aviation and adds to the overall positive tone of his experience with Azerbaijan Airlines.

Long day and lack of sleep

Noel reveals that he had a long day and only managed to get a few hours of sleep before his flight. Despite feeling fatigued, he remains optimistic and determined to make the most of his journey. Noel’s ability to stay positive and energetic despite the lack of rest sets the tone for an engaging and resilient travel experience.

Review of the lounge and in-flight entertainment

Before boarding his flight, Noel takes the time to review the lounge at Istanbul airport. He compares it to the Turkish Airlines Lounge, expressing a preference for the IGA Lounge due to its spaciousness and comfortable seating options. Noel appreciates the variety of seating available, even during busy periods. He notes that access to the lounge is not exclusive to business class passengers, as those with a Priority Pass membership can also enjoy its amenities.

Noel also provides a brief review of the in-flight entertainment system on the Azerbaijan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. He mentions that the system is basic and retro, making it unique compared to other modern systems he has encountered on other aircraft. Despite encountering difficulties with the touch screen, Noel maintains his positive attitude and moves on to explore other aspects of his flight experience.

Comfortable flight experience with enjoyable food

Once onboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Noel highlights the comfortable seating and spacious legroom. He showcases the seat controls and footrests, describing the seats as old but comfortable. Noel appreciates the abundance of legroom and reclining options, expressing his intention to get some much-needed rest during the flight.

Noel also enjoys the meal service on the flight, which includes a variety of dishes such as salad, cheese, a fish dish, pasta, and vegetables. He expresses his satisfaction with the food and acknowledges the thoughtful gesture of the airline providing sweets before takeoff. This attention to detail enhances Noel’s overall experience with Azerbaijan Airlines and adds to his enjoyment of the flight.

Visit to the lounge in Baku before the next flight

After landing in Baku, Azerbaijan, Noel takes the opportunity to visit the lounge before his next flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan. While the details of his experience in the lounge are not provided, it can be inferred that Noel encountered some issues with recording while in the lounge. Despite these challenges, he remains optimistic and continues to share his journey with his viewers.

Issues with recording in the lounge

Noel encounters difficulties recording his experience in the lounge, which adds an element of unpredictability to his adventure. The challenges he faces showcase the realities of vlogging while traveling and highlight the dedication and perseverance required to create engaging content for his viewers.

Boarding the Airbus A319 for the next flight

After concluding his visit to the lounge in Baku, Noel boards an Airbus A319 for his next flight to Almaty. He notes that the flight duration is shorter compared to his previous flight from Istanbul, indicating the efficiency and convenience of flying with Azerbaijan Airlines. Despite the shorter duration, Noel expresses his anticipation for a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

Flight Experience and Amenities

Shorter flight duration compared to Istanbul

The flight from Baku to Almaty is shorter in duration, indicating the convenience of traveling within the region with Azerbaijan Airlines. This shorter flight time adds to the efficiency and time-saving benefits of choosing this airline for regional travel.

Inclusion of an immunity kit, slippers, blanket, and pillows

Noel mentions that the flight includes an immunity kit, slippers, blanket, and pillows. These additional amenities contribute to the comfort and well-being of passengers, showcasing Azerbaijan Airlines’ commitment to providing a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience.

Possibility of a premium route for extra comfort

Noel speculates about the possibility of a premium route for those seeking extra comfort and luxury during their flight. While specific details are not provided, this mention hints at the potential availability of a premium option for passengers looking for enhanced amenities and a more personalized experience.

Aircraft details: Airbus A319 with a 2-2 configuration

Noel highlights that the aircraft used for the flight to Almaty is an Airbus A319 with a 2-2 configuration. This information gives viewers an idea of the seating arrangement and emphasizes the spaciousness and comfort provided by Azerbaijan Airlines on their regional flights.

Comfortable seats with footrests and seat controls

Noel emphasizes the comfort of the seats on the Airbus A319, mentioning the presence of footrests and seat controls. These features enhance the overall comfort of the flight and contribute to the positive experience of passengers. Noel’s positive remarks about the seating further emphasize Azerbaijan Airlines’ dedication to providing a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

In-Flight Entertainment and Dining

Basic in-flight entertainment system with overhead monitors

Noel provides a brief review of the in-flight entertainment system on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, describing it as basic and retro. The system features overhead monitors, adding a unique touch to the overall flying experience. Despite encountering difficulties with the touch screen, Noel remains optimistic and adaptable, showcasing his ability to make the most of any situation.

Meal service including salad, cheese, fish dish, pasta, and vegetables

Noel expresses his enjoyment of the meal service on the flight. He mentions the variety of dishes offered, including salad, cheese, a fish dish, pasta, and vegetables. This diverse selection of culinary options showcases Azerbaijan Airlines’ commitment to providing delicious and satisfying meals to their passengers. Noel’s positive review of the food contributes to the overall positive tone of his experience with the airline.

Desire for sleep during the flight

Given his lack of sleep prior to the flight, Noel expresses his desire to get some rest during the journey. This sentiment underscores the importance of a comfortable and relaxing flying experience, allowing passengers to rejuvenate and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed. By prioritizing the passengers’ well-being, Azerbaijan Airlines ensures that their customers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Arrival in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Flight duration: 2 hours and 49 minutes

Noel mentions that the flight from Baku to Almaty had a duration of 2 hours and 49 minutes. This information provides viewers with an understanding of the efficiency and timeliness of Azerbaijan Airlines’ regional flights, contributing to the overall convenience of traveling with the airline.

Observing another aircraft take off at the airport

Upon arrival in Almaty, Noel mentions observing another aircraft taking off at the airport. This small yet intriguing detail adds to the overall excitement and sense of adventure associated with air travel. Noel’s ability to observe and appreciate the intricacies of aviation further demonstrates his passion for flying and adds depth to his storytelling.

Cost of the flight: approximately 933 British pounds

Noel briefly mentions the cost of the flight, stating that it was around 933 British pounds. While the specifics of the pricing are not discussed in detail, this information offers viewers an estimation of the cost associated with flying with Azerbaijan Airlines on the specified route. It adds a practical element to Noel’s storytelling, providing valuable information for those interested in traveling with the airline.

Passport control and transfer to Intercontinental Hotel

Noel shares his experience going through passport control upon arrival in Almaty. He then highlights the transfer process to the Intercontinental Hotel, underscoring the convenience and ease of travel facilitated by Azerbaijan Airlines. Noel’s mention of these aspects provides valuable information and insights for viewers who may be considering a similar journey in the future.

Fatigue and anticipation of rest

Noel, who had a long and tiring day, expresses his fatigue and anticipation of getting some much-needed rest at the Intercontinental Hotel. This relatable sentiment adds a human touch to his storytelling and makes his experiences with Azerbaijan Airlines more relatable. It emphasizes the importance of comfortable travel and sets the stage for a satisfying conclusion to his adventure.

In conclusion, Noel Philips’ experience with Azerbaijan Airlines showcases the airline’s commitment to providing comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient travel experiences. From his thrilling encounter in the lounge to his comfortable flights onboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A319, Noel shares an entertaining and captivating story of his journey. Azerbaijan Airlines’ attention to detail, delicious food offerings, and thoughtful amenities contribute to the overall positive tone of Noel’s experience. With his friendly and engaging vlogging style, Noel continues to captivate viewers with his unique perspective on aviation adventures.