Limited In-flight Entertainment Options

In the video “18hrs on a MONGOLIAN Airline: How Bad Can It Be?” by Noel Philips, he takes the viewers on a journey from Mongolia to Korea on a Mongolian airline. He starts by sharing his experience checking in at Frankfurt airport and the long wait he had to endure. Finally, he boards the plane and expresses his excitement for the flight. Throughout the video, Noel provides insights into the flight experience, from the limited in-flight entertainment options to the quality of the meals served. He also highlights the modern terminal at the airport in Mongolia and concludes with his positive impression of the airline and the overall trip.

Noel’s video offers a comprehensive account of his flight experience on a Mongolian airline. From the comfortable seats on the 767 airplane to the friendly crew providing good service, he paints a vivid picture of the journey. He discusses the flight route, the limited in-flight entertainment options, and the meals served. Noel also shares his positive impression of the modern terminal at the airport in Mongolia and his overall satisfaction with the airline and the entire experience. The video serves as a detailed and informative guide for anyone interested in flying with a Mongolian airline or exploring that particular route.

Limited In-flight Entertainment Options

When you’re embarking on a long-haul flight, one of the things that can make the journey more enjoyable is having a range of entertainment options to choose from. Unfortunately, on my recent flight with a Mongolian airline, I found that the in-flight entertainment options were quite limited. This can be disappointing, especially when you’re facing a journey of 18 hours.

Overview of Flight Experience on a Mongolian Airline

My journey began at Frankfurt Airport, where I checked in for my flight. The check-in process was slightly confusing, with different lines for different passengers. However, after a long wait, I finally made it through and boarded the Mongolian Airlines plane.

Checking in at Frankfurt Airport

Checking in at Frankfurt Airport proved to be a long and somewhat confusing process. There were multiple lines and desks, and it took a substantial amount of time to get through check-in. If you’re planning to self-connect at Frankfurt, be sure to leave plenty of time to navigate the airport and complete all necessary procedures.

Boarding the Mongolian Airlines Plane

Once I finally made it through check-in, it was time to board the Mongolian Airlines plane. Despite the long wait, I was excited for the flight ahead. The boarding procedure went smoothly, and I was greeted by friendly flight attendants as I made my way into the aircraft.

Flight Route and Duration

The flight route from Germany to Mongolia crossed multiple countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia. The duration of the flight was approximately 8 hours and 12 minutes. It’s important to be prepared for the length of the journey and find ways to keep yourself entertained.

Friendliness and Service of the Crew

One of the highlights of the flight was the friendliness and service of the crew. The flight attendants were attentive and made sure that passengers were comfortable throughout the journey. Their positive attitude and willingness to assist created a pleasant atmosphere on board.

Meals Served on the Flight

In terms of dining options, the flight provided both beef and salmon meal options. The quality of the meals was satisfactory, and they helped to break up the long journey. It’s always a good idea to bring some snacks and drinks of your own to supplement the provided meals.

Airport in Mongolia and Security Procedure

Upon arrival in Mongolia, I was impressed by the airport’s modern terminal and overall cleanliness. The facility was well-maintained, and it made for a pleasant transition between flights. There was a brief passport check and security procedure to ensure the safety and security of all passengers.

Second Flight to Seoul, South Korea

After a brief layover in Mongolia, I boarded a second flight to Seoul, South Korea. This time, the flight was on a 737-800 airplane. The duration of the flight was approximately three hours, and it provided another opportunity to experience the airline’s services.

Impressive Features and Amenities on the Plane

The 737-800 airplane had some impressive features and amenities. The seats were comfortable, equipped with leather upholstery for a luxurious feel. There were audio controls in the seats, allowing passengers to customize their in-flight entertainment experience. These small touches contributed to the overall comfort and enjoyment of the journey.

Confusion about COVID Tests

One area that caused some confusion and uncertainty was the requirement for COVID tests. Before the flight, there were some uncertainties regarding the specific tests needed and the process for obtaining them. It’s important to stay updated on any travel restrictions and requirements, especially during these uncertain times.

Meal Service and Cost of the Flight

During the flight to Seoul, I received another meal service. While the quality of the meal was satisfactory, it’s worth noting that the cost of the flight itself was relatively high. It’s essential to consider the overall value of the flight and weigh it against your budget and preferences.

Arrival at Incheon International Airport

Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, the immigration process was straightforward. The airport itself left a positive impression, with its modern facilities and efficient operations. Navigating through the airport was a breeze, making the arrival experience much more pleasant.

Impression of the Airport

Incheon International Airport in Seoul proved to be an impressive airport. From its cleanliness to its extensive facilities, it showcased the dedication to customer experience that is characteristic of well-regarded international airports. The services and amenities provided catered to the needs of travelers and contributed to a positive overall impression.

Arrival at the Hotel and Overall Satisfaction

After a long journey, arriving at the hotel provided a much-needed chance to rest and relax. I stayed at the Grand Hyatt at Incheon Airport, and I was pleased with both the hotel’s amenities and its proximity to the airport. The overall satisfaction with the airline and the entire travel experience was enhanced by a comfortable and convenient accommodation option.

Future Travel Plans and Patreon Membership

As the video by Noel Philips concluded, there was a mention of upcoming trips and an invitation for viewers to become Patreon members. This membership offered exclusive access to flight schedules and more. For frequent travelers or aviation enthusiasts, this can be a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the world of travel.

Resting Before the Next Flight

After a long journey, it’s essential to rest and recharge before the next flight. With a layover of 24 hours, I took the opportunity to relax and prepare for the next leg of my journey. Finding a comfortable and inviting space to unwind can help make the overall travel experience more enjoyable.

In conclusion, my experience on a Mongolian airline for an 18-hour journey had its ups and downs. While the limited in-flight entertainment options were disappointing, the friendliness of the crew and the overall service provided helped to make the journey more enjoyable. The airport in Mongolia impressed with its modern facilities, and the second flight to Seoul showcased some impressive features and amenities on the plane. Despite some confusion about COVID tests and meal service, the arrival at Incheon International Airport and the hotel provided a satisfactory end to the journey. The opportunity for future travel plans and Patreon membership offers exciting possibilities for further exploring the world of travel.