Is This The SLOWEST High Speed Train in the World?

Are you curious to know if this is the slowest high-speed train in the world? Join Noel Philips on his adventure as he takes a ride on America’s Fastest Train, reaching speeds of 150mph (though only for a few miles). From the beautiful city of Boston to the Amtrak lounge for first-class passengers, Noel gives us an inside look at his journey. With comfortable seating, ample legroom, and even a menu for onboard service, the trip from Boston to New York on the Amtrak Acela is a thrilling experience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Noel shares his impressions of the train and the scenic views along the way.

Step aboard the Amtrak Acela, the fastest train in all of the Americas, reaching speeds of up to 150mph. Join Noel Philips on his journey from Boston to New York, as he takes us through the Amtrak lounge and showcases the first-class carriage. With spacious seating, power plugs, and a reclining feature, the first-class experience is top-notch. As the train departs on time from Boston’s South Station, Noel gives us a glimpse of the onboard amenities, including a spacious bathroom. Follow Noel’s adventure as he documents the journey, capturing the sights of New England and the electrifying experience of traveling at high speed. From breathtaking views to a smooth ride, the Amtrak Acela proves to be an exciting way to travel between two iconic American cities.

Is This The SLOWEST High-Speed Train in the World?

Video By Noel Philips

Introduction to the Story

In a recent video by travel vlogger Noel Philips, he takes a ride on what is claimed to be America’s fastest train, the Amtrak Acela. However, Noel’s experience on the train leaves him questioning whether it can really live up to its reputation. In this article, we’ll explore Noel’s journey on the Amtrak Acela, from his exploration of Boston South Station to his arrival in New York City.

Exploring Boston South Station

Noel begins his journey at Boston South Station, a beautiful railway station in the heart of the city. As he makes his way through the station, Noel is impressed by the architecture and design. He showcases the Amtrak Lounge, available for first-class and sleeper class passengers, which boasts beautiful ceilings and comfortable seating.

Boarding the Amtrak Acela Train

Noel boards the Amtrak Acela, excited to experience the fastest train in the Americas. He describes the first-class carriage as spacious, with plenty of legroom and a large table for convenience. The train is set to take him from Boston to New York City in about three hours, reaching speeds of up to 150 mph.

First Class Experience

During his journey, Noel enjoys a first-class experience on the Amtrak Acela. He highlights the reclining seats, power plugs for charging devices, and a menu for onboard dining. The comfort and amenities of first class add to the overall positive experience.

Speed and Performance of the Train

While the Amtrak Acela is marketed as America’s fastest train, Noel soon realizes that the claim may be misleading. He notes that the train only reaches its top speed of 150 mph for a few minutes before slowing down significantly. This brings into question whether the Amtrak Acela truly lives up to its reputation as a high-speed train.

Reviewing the Train Facilities

During his journey, Noel takes the time to review the train facilities, including the bathrooms. He finds them to be spacious and well-equipped, resembling those found on an airplane. However, he humorously points out that the windows are not transparent, making it difficult to appreciate the view.

Passing Through Different Cities

As the train makes its way from Boston to New York City, Noel captures glimpses of the cities and towns they pass through. He remarks on the beauty of Providence, Rhode Island, drawing a comparison to the fictional town of Quahog from the TV show Family Guy. The scenic views and charming landscapes along the route add to the overall experience.

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Arriving in New York City

After a smooth and relatively fast journey, Noel arrives at New York Penn Station. He describes the station as modern and bright, with the iconic Empire State Building visible in the distance. With his journey on the Amtrak Acela complete, Noel reflects on his experience and asks viewers to share their thoughts on whether they would prefer to travel by train or opt for alternative modes of transportation.


While the Amtrak Acela claims to be America’s fastest train, Noel’s journey raises doubts about its true speed and performance. However, his experience on the train, from the comfortable first-class accommodations to the scenic views along the way, still makes for an enjoyable trip. Whether it’s the slowest high-speed train in the world or not, the Amtrak Acela offers passengers a unique way to travel between Boston and New York City.