I Flew Around The World in 80 HOURS on LOW COST Airlines

In the video “I Flew Around The World in 80 HOURS on LOW COST Airlines,” Noel Philips takes you on a thrilling adventure where he travels around the world using only low-cost airlines. Throughout the video, he shares his experiences and highlights the challenges and triumphs of flying extensively on budget airlines within a limited time frame. From his starting point in Houston to stops in New York, Barcelona, Athens, Singapore, Melbourne, Honolulu, and Phoenix, he provides an engaging account of the trip, including the various flight experiences and the cost of the entire journey. The video concludes with his arrival back at Hobby Airport in Houston, completing his incredible feat of flying around the world in less than four days.

Trip Preparation

Choosing the concept

When embarking on such an adventure, it’s crucial to have a clear concept in mind. For this particular trip, the goal was to travel around the world within 80 hours using only low-cost airlines. This concept allowed for a unique and cost-effective travel experience, as well as a challenge to see how far and fast one could go.

Planning the route

Planning is key to making any trip successful, and this around-the-world adventure was no exception. The route had to be carefully chosen to adhere to the trip’s rules and ensure a smooth journey. The chosen route started at William Hobby Airport in Houston with Southwest Airlines, then proceeded to stops in New York, Barcelona, Athens, Singapore, Melbourne, Honolulu, and finally Phoenix before returning to Houston.

Selecting low-cost airlines

A major aspect of this journey was the use of low-cost airlines. These airlines, known for their affordable fares and no-frills service, allowed for cost-efficient travel while still reaching a range of destinations around the world. By choosing low-cost airlines, it was possible to keep the trip within budget and experience a variety of different carriers and aircraft.

Starting Point and First Leg

William Hobby Airport in Houston

William Hobby Airport, located in Houston, Texas, served as the starting point for this incredible journey. As one of Southwest Airlines’ main hubs, it was the perfect choice for beginning the adventure. Southwest, known as a pioneer of low-cost travel, set the tone for the trip and showcased the convenience and affordability of this mode of transportation.

Flight with Southwest Airlines to New York

The first leg of the journey took place on Southwest Airlines, flying from William Hobby Airport to LaGuardia Airport in New York. This flight provided a comfortable and efficient means of reaching the next destination. With Southwest’s reputation for excellent customer service and reliable operations, it was a smooth start to the journey.

Exploring Barcelona

Arrival in Barcelona

Upon arrival in Barcelona, the adventure truly began. This vibrant city offered a plethora of sights and experiences waiting to be explored. Stepping off the plane, the excitement of being in a new destination was palpable. The journey had officially entered Europe, marking a significant milestone in the trip’s progress.

Sightseeing and experiences in the city

Barcelona, with its rich history and stunning architecture, was a treasure trove of experiences. From the iconic Sagrada Familia to the bustling Las Ramblas, there was no shortage of things to see and do. Exploring the Gothic Quarter, indulging in tapas, and soaking in the beauty of Park Güell were just a few of the highlights of this leg of the journey.

Venturing into Athens

Flight from Barcelona to Athens

Leaving Barcelona behind, the next destination was Athens, Greece. Boarding a flight with Vueling, another low-cost airline, the journey continued eastward. This flight allowed for an easy connection between two culturally rich cities, providing an opportunity to delve into the ancient history and modern charm of Athens.

Highlights and activities in Athens

Athens, a city steeped in history, offered a captivating experience. From exploring the majestic Acropolis to wandering through the picturesque Plaka neighborhood, there was so much to discover. Sampling local cuisine, visiting the fascinating museums, and witnessing the changing of the guard at the Syntagma Square were just a few of the incredible moments in Athens.

Discovering Singapore

Flight from Athens to Singapore

Leaving Europe behind, the journey continued to the vibrant city-state of Singapore. Boarding a flight with Scoot, a low-cost airline specializing in long-haul travel, opened the doors to a unique Southeast Asian adventure. The flight from Athens to Singapore showcased the diversity of low-cost airlines, proving that budget travel could still take you to far-flung destinations.

Exploring the vibrant city-state

Singapore, known for its modern skyline, lush green spaces, and melting pot of cultures, provided an exciting contrast to the previous destinations. Exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Little India and Chinatown, roaming the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, and indulging in the diverse street food scene were just a taste of what Singapore had to offer.

Exploring Melbourne

Flight from Singapore to Melbourne

Leaving the tropics behind, the journey continued south to Melbourne, Australia. Jetstar, another low-cost airline, transported travelers from Singapore to this cosmopolitan city. The flight served as a gateway to an entirely different continent, highlighting the vastness and diversity of our planet.

Activities and attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne, with its thriving arts scene, stunning architecture, and world-class coffee culture, offered a unique Australian experience. Exploring the charming laneways, visiting iconic landmarks such as Federation Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens, and immersing oneself in the vibrant street art scene were just a snapshot of the adventures to be had in this dynamic city.

Embracing the Aloha Spirit in Honolulu

Flight from Melbourne to Honolulu

Leaving Australia behind, the next destination on the journey was the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. Boarding a flight with Jetstar, the journey continued across the Pacific Ocean to the idyllic beaches and warm waters of Hawaii. This leg of the trip allowed for a much-needed break and a chance to soak in the aloha spirit.

Enjoying the Hawaiian paradise

Honolulu, with its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and rich Polynesian culture, provided a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. From swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Waikiki Beach to hiking through lush rainforests, there was no shortage of ways to embrace the beauty and tranquility of the Hawaiian paradise.

Layover in Phoenix

Flight from Honolulu to Phoenix

Leaving the tropical paradise of Honolulu behind, it was time for a short stopover in Phoenix, Arizona. Boarding a flight with Southwest Airlines, the journey continued back to mainland United States before heading home to Houston. This layover allowed for a brief respite and an opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey so far.

Short stopover before heading home

Phoenix provided a brief interlude before the final leg of the journey. With its desert landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and stunning sunsets, it offered a unique glimpse into the southwestern United States. Whether exploring the famous Heard Museum, taking in the beauty of Camelback Mountain, or indulging in delicious Southwestern cuisine, Phoenix provided a pleasant break before the last stretch.

Flight Experiences

Varying comfort levels

Throughout the journey, the varying comfort levels of different airlines became apparent. While low-cost airlines provided affordable fares and efficient service, the legroom and amenities were not always comparable to full-service carriers. However, the trade-off between cost and comfort was well worth it for the opportunity to explore a wide range of destinations within a short timeframe.

Pros and cons of different airlines

Each airline had its strengths and weaknesses, with some offering a more comfortable experience while others prioritized affordability and efficiency. Southwest Airlines and Jetstar were known for their friendly service and reliable operations, while the long-haul flights with Level and Scoot required some adjustment due to limited amenities. Ultimately, the pros of low-cost airlines, such as affordability and accessibility, outweighed the cons for this whirlwind journey.

Final Leg and Conclusion

Return to Hobby Airport in Houston

After a whirlwind adventure spanning multiple continents and cultures, it was time to return to where it all began – William Hobby Airport in Houston. Southwest Airlines once again provided the means to conclude the journey, completing the full circle. Returning to familiar surroundings allowed for reflection on the incredible experiences and memories made along the way.

Reflections on the journey

Embarking on an around-the-world trip in such a short timeframe was both exhilarating and challenging. From braving long-haul flights to navigating unfamiliar cities, every moment was filled with excitement and a sense of adventure. The trip showcased the power of low-cost airlines in making extensive travel accessible and affordable, proving that a world of experiences is within reach.

Video documentation and heading home

Throughout the journey, video documentation played a vital role in capturing and sharing the experiences with others. Noel Philips, the creator of the video, meticulously documented the trip to provide a glimpse into the adventure of traveling around the world in 80 hours using only low-cost airlines. With the journey coming to an end, it was time to head home, bringing with them lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the world of budget travel.