Flying on a 1 Star Safety Rating Airline: Noel Philips’ Experience

I Flew an Airline With a 1 STAR Safety Rating. Here’s What Happened. In a video by Noel Philips, he documents his experience flying on an Indonesian airline with a 1 Star Safety Rating. The video is part of his pilot vlogs series on his YouTube channel and takes place in Pangkalpinang, Indonesia. The video covers various aspects of the flight including interactions with the cabin crew, details about the plane, and in-flight service. It also discusses the poor safety record of Indonesian aviation and Sriwijaya Air’s four crashes since 2008. The narrator reflects on their overall experience and poses the question to viewers if they would fly on a questionable airline for the experience.

Noel Philips’ Experience Flying on a 1 Star Safety Rating Airline

Welcoming Viewers to Pankalpinang, Indonesia

In his latest pilot vlog, Noel Philips takes viewers to Pankalpinang, Indonesia, as he embarks on a flight with an Indonesian airline. As Noel welcomes viewers to the city, he sets the stage for his exploration of what it’s like to fly on an airline with a 1 Star Safety Rating. With his friendly tone, Noel invites viewers to join him on this unique journey and see firsthand what the experience has in store.

Inside the Airplane and Interactions with Cabin Crew

Once inside the airplane, Noel gives viewers a glimpse of the cabin and shares his interactions with the cabin crew. He notes the unique seating arrangement in the front of the plane, where extra legroom seats are located. Interestingly, he reveals that these seats are actually old first-class seats from the plane’s previous operator, Continental Airlines. Noel’s friendly demeanor shines through as he compliments the cabin crew for their attentive and personable service, emphasizing the contrast he experiences compared to his previous flight with a different airline.

Flying on Sriwijaya Air: A Discussion

Noel turns his attention to the airline he is flying with: Sriwijaya Air. As he discusses the reputation of Indonesian aviation, he highlights the poor safety record of the industry, with 40 accidents resulting in fatalities since 2001. Sriwijaya Air itself has a one-star safety rating and has experienced four crashes since 2008. Noel’s friendly tone encourages viewers to reflect on the unconventional choice of flying with an airline of this rating and raises the question of whether the experience is worth it.

Poor Safety Record of Indonesian Aviation

With a sincere concern for safety, Noel brings attention to the overall poor safety record of Indonesian aviation. This context sheds light on the significance of flying with an airline that has a one-star safety rating. By painting a picture of the industry’s history, he encourages viewers to consider the potential risks involved.

Sriwijaya Air: One-Star Safety Rating and Crash History

Delving deeper into Sriwijaya Air’s safety rating, Noel highlights the airline’s one-star status and explains that it currently operates only one Boeing 737-500. He recalls the tragic crash of this aircraft type caused by a faulty auto throttle, resulting in the loss of all 62 people on board. By sharing this information, Noel provides viewers with important details about the airline’s safety history.

Experience at the Airport Lounge in Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia

Noel then takes viewers on a tour of the airport lounge in Pangkal Pinang. In his signature friendly manner, he describes the lounge as one of the strangest he has ever encountered. He showcases the small, fenced-off area and narrates his initial impressions. Despite the unconventional nature of the lounge, Noel lightens the mood with a touch of humor, mentioning the availability of different refreshments. He acknowledges that the lounge may not be the best, but encourages viewers to visit if they are in the area and have a few dollars to spare.

The Plane: Boeing 737-500 Operated by Sriwijaya Air

Returning to the airplane, Noel provides viewers with a closer look at the Boeing 737-500 operated by Sriwijaya Air. He emphasizes the age and uniqueness of the aircraft, noting its historical connection to Continental Airlines. This personal touch adds depth to his narrative and allows viewers to relate to his experiences.

Lack of Cabin Crew Checks and Safety Cards

Noel raises a safety concern as he mentions the absence of cabin crew checks before takeoff. He contrasts this with his previous flight and expresses surprise at the difference in safety protocols. Additionally, he calls attention to the lack of safety cards in the seat pockets and raises the importance of having these essential safety resources readily available to passengers.

In-Flight Service: Meal and Water

During the flight, Noel showcases the meal service provided by Sriwijaya Air. With his friendly tone, he presents viewers with a comedic twist, referring to the meal as “some feast.” He displays the simple offering of tango and water, humorously comparing it to his previous flight with Nam Air, where water was not provided. Despite the simplicity of the meal, Noel appreciates the effort made by the cabin crew to provide in-flight service.

Reviewing the Condition of the Plane

As Noel explores further, he takes the opportunity to review the condition of the airplane. He highlights the age and wear of the aircraft, drawing attention to the fact that it is the only remaining Boeing 737-500 in Sriwijaya Air’s fleet. By providing this information, he helps viewers understand the unique nature of the aircraft they are flying on.

Flight Stops in Tanjung Pandan and Jakarta

Noel shares with viewers his uncertainty about the flight’s route, as he only booked a flight directed to Jakarta. However, he mentions that there will be a stop somewhere along the way. This element of surprise adds to the adventure and captures viewers’ interest as they wonder where the flight will take them.

Fast-Paced Taxiing and Long Walk to the Terminal in Jakarta

Upon landing in Jakarta, Noel experiences the fast-paced taxiing of the aircraft, reminiscent of his previous flight with NAM Air. He also mentions the long walk to the terminal, providing a firsthand account of the airport experience. His friendly and relatable tone helps viewers envision the journey and empathize with the physical demands of air travel.

Reflections on the Overall Experience

With the flight complete, Noel takes a moment to reflect on his overall experience. He appreciates the friendliness of the cabin crew compared to his previous flight and acknowledges the unique opportunities to explore Indonesian aviation. He poses a thought-provoking question to viewers, questioning whether they would consider flying on an older airliner with a questionable safety record for the experience alone.


In conclusion, Noel’s pilot vlog takes viewers on a comprehensive journey through his experience flying on an Indonesian airline with a 1 Star Safety Rating. With his friendly tone, informative descriptions, and personal anecdotes, he provides valuable insights into the aviation industry in Indonesia and invites viewers to reflect on the choices they make when it comes to air travel.