Flying from Manila to Dubai on the World’s Most Cramped Airbus A330

World’s Most Cramped A330! Join Noel Philips as he documents his experience on a flight from Manila to Dubai on the world’s most cramped Airbus A330. With over 430 passengers, exceeding the usual capacity, and a flight duration of 10 hours, this journey was anything but comfortable. Cebu Pacific, the airline in question, offered limited amenities, no inflight entertainment or Wi-Fi, and narrow, uncomfortable seats. The lack of food service, limited drink options, and passengers bringing their own meals on board added to the tediousness of the experience. Despite the challenging conditions, Philips mentions the Pinoy spaghetti during the meal service, which surprisingly wasn’t too bad. The bathroom onboard was grim, and the cabin was described as chaotic with passengers strewn across the seats. With a mention of Squarespace as a sponsor, the video ends with the narrator expressing relief upon landing in Dubai and describing the luxury of the airport. Overall, the flight with Cebu Pacific was described as horrendous, and the narrator invites viewers to share their opinions on flying with the airline and mentions the cheap prices from Manila to Dubai.

Flight details

Flight from Manila to Dubai

The flight from Manila to Dubai on Cebu Pacific airline was a grueling experience. With over 430 passengers, well over the usual capacity of 300, the flight lasted for a duration of 10 hours. Despite the long journey, the airline provided limited amenities, with no inflight entertainment or Wi-Fi available.

Uncomfortable seats

Narrow and uncomfortable seats

Passengers on the flight complained about the narrow and uncomfortable seats. With a seat pitch of 30 inches, there was a lack of comfort and space, making the journey quite unpleasant. The cramped seating arrangement made it difficult for passengers to find a comfortable position and caused discomfort throughout the duration of the flight.

Lack of inflight entertainment or Wi-Fi

One of the major downsides of the flight was the absence of inflight entertainment or Wi-Fi. Passengers were left with no form of entertainment during the long journey, which further added to their discomfort. Without any means to keep themselves occupied, passengers had to find alternative ways to pass the time.

Limited food and drink options

No food service

A major disappointment for passengers was the lack of food service on the flight. Unlike other airlines that provide meal options, Cebu Pacific did not offer any food during the journey. This left many passengers hungry and dissatisfied throughout the long flight.

Limited drink options

In addition to the absence of food, passengers also had limited drink options. The flight attendants only came around a few times during the flight to sell drinks, and they only accepted cash in Philippine pesos or US dollars. This made it difficult for passengers to stay hydrated throughout the journey.

Passengers bringing their own meals

To combat the lack of food service, many passengers took matters into their own hands and brought their own meals on board. This included one passenger who brought an entire KFC bucket meal, which impressed the narrator of the video. The resourcefulness of the passengers was commendable considering the limited options provided by the airline.

Positive review of Pinoy spaghetti

Despite the limited food options, there was a positive mention of Pinoy spaghetti, a Filipino-style spaghetti dish. The narrator expressed appreciation for the meal and found it to be a redeeming quality among the otherwise disappointing food experience.

Lack of information

No moving map display

One of the major frustrations for passengers on the flight was the lack of a moving map display. This meant that passengers had no way of determining the flight’s location or progress throughout the journey. The absence of this feature made the 10-hour flight feel even longer and more tedious.

Difficult to determine flight’s location

Without a moving map display, passengers found it challenging to determine their flight’s location. The narrator of the video specifically mentioned being two hours away from landing in Dubai and having no knowledge of their current position. This lack of information added to the overall discomfort and dissatisfaction with the flight experience.

Chaotic cabin

Cabin described as chaotic

Passengers described the cabin of the plane as chaotic. With the flight overcrowded and bodies strewn across seats, the environment was far from comfortable or relaxing. The crowded conditions further contributed to the overall dissatisfaction with the flight experience.

Grim bathroom

Another unpleasant aspect of the flight was the condition of the bathroom. Described as grim, the cleanliness and hygiene of the facilities were lacking. This further added to the discomfort and dissatisfaction of the passengers.

Sponsor mention for Squarespace

In the video, there was a sponsor mention for Squarespace, a website hosting platform. This mention was likely unrelated to the flight itself but served as a way for the narrator to monetize their content.

Price of the ticket

Ticket price of £135.20

The narrator mentioned the price of the ticket, which was £135.20 for a 4,000-mile, 9-hour flight. The affordability of flying Cebu Pacific was highlighted, as the prices from Manila to Dubai were relatively cheap compared to other airlines. However, it is important to consider if the discomfort and lack of amenities outweighed the low cost of the ticket.

Affordability of flying Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is known for its low-cost fares, making air travel more accessible to a wider range of passengers. Despite the affordability, passengers must also consider the level of comfort and amenities they are willing to sacrifice for a lower ticket price.

Cheap prices from Manila to Dubai

The video mentioned the cheap prices from Manila to Dubai offered by Cebu Pacific. While this may be attractive to budget-conscious travelers, it’s important to weigh this against the discomfort and limited amenities provided by the airline.

Relief upon arrival

Expressing relief upon landing in Dubai

After enduring a horrendous flight experience, the narrator expressed immense relief upon landing in Dubai. The long and uncomfortable journey, combined with the lack of amenities, made arriving in Dubai a welcome escape from the unpleasantness of the flight.

Describing the luxury of Dubai Airport

In contrast to the flight experience, the narrator described the luxury of Dubai Airport. The amenities and overall ambiance of the airport provided a stark contrast to the cramped conditions and limited amenities of the flight. This further emphasized the disappointing nature of the flight.


Overall horrendous flight experience

Based on the video and the narrator’s account, it is clear that the flight from Manila to Dubai on Cebu Pacific was a horrendous experience. From the uncomfortable seats and lack of amenities to the limited food options and chaotic cabin, the flight left much to be desired.

Request for opinions on flying Cebu Pacific

In conclusion, the narrator of the video asked for opinions on flying Cebu Pacific. This request gives viewers the opportunity to share their own experiences and impressions of the airline. It also serves as a way for the narrator to engage with their audience and spark further discussion.