Flying Business Class on Rex’s 737 from Brisbane to Sydney

Welcome to the fascinating world of flying business class on Rex’s 737 from Brisbane to Sydney! In this article, we will take you on a journey with the author as they share their experience on the Australian airline, Rex. With a focus on the business class product, the author highlights interesting features such as the cabin layout similar to Virgin Australia and a full hot meal served on a relatively short one-hour flight. The author praises the quality of the food and expresses excitement about Rex’s potential growth and competition in the Australian airline market. Join us as we delve into this unique flying experience and learn more about Rex’s expansion and partnerships with Delta Airlines. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Flying Business Class on Rex’s 737 from Brisbane to Sydney is an article that takes you along on a voyage with the author as they explore the offerings of Rex, an Australian airline. With a focus on the business class experience, the author highlights the intriguing details of the cabin layout and the surprise of a full hot meal during the one-hour flight. The author expresses their admiration for the quality of the food and their excitement for Rex’s future growth and competition in the Australian airline market. Prepare for an informative and enjoyable read as we accompany the author on this journey from Brisbane to Sydney.

Flying Business Class on Rex’s 737 from Brisbane to Sydney


Welcome to the world of Rex, Australia’s regional airline that is making waves with its business class experience on the Brisbane to Sydney route. In this article, we will take a closer look at Rex, its route network, aircraft, cabin layout, in-flight meal, food quality, expansion plans, and partnership with Delta Airlines. Join us as we explore the unique features of Rex’s business class and discover why this airline is gaining momentum in the Australian aviation industry.

About Rex

Rex, short for Regional Express, has long been known for its regional flights on turbo planes to remote areas of Australia. However, in recent years, Rex has expanded its horizons by adding 737s to its fleet and venturing into major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. This has allowed them to connect not only rural towns but also the bustling urban centers of Australia. Despite being relatively unknown compared to giants like Qantas and Virgin Australia, Rex is making its mark with its exceptional service and unique offerings.

Route and Aircraft

The flight from Brisbane to Sydney is one of Rex’s major routes operated by their 737 aircraft. This particular plane, a 737-800, was originally delivered to Virgin Australia in 2005 before Rex acquired it a few years ago. The route takes passengers from the capital of Queensland to the iconic city of Sydney in approximately two hours. With its modern and versatile fleet, Rex aims to provide a comfortable and efficient travel experience for its customers.

Cabin Layout

Once onboard the Rex 737-800, passengers are treated to a familiar cabin layout reminiscent of Virgin Australia’s business class. The seats are spacious and comfortable, offering ample legroom and recline. The overall design of the cabin exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, setting the tone for an enjoyable journey. This attention to detail in the cabin layout reflects Rex’s commitment to providing a premium experience for its business class passengers.

In-Flight Meal

One of the standout features of Rex’s business class is the full hot meal served even on relatively short flights like Brisbane to Sydney, which typically takes only one hour. Passengers can expect a delectable array of options, including mouthwatering dishes like beef with mashed potatoes and greens. The meal is accompanied by warm, soft rolls and delectable desserts, elevating the dining experience to new heights. The fact that such a sumptuous meal is offered on a short flight speaks volumes about the dedication of Rex to providing an exceptional business class experience.

Quality of Food

The quality of the food served onboard Rex’s business class has received rave reviews from passengers. The dishes, prepared with utmost care and attention, have been likened to those found in high-end restaurants. Passengers have commended the tenderness of the beef, the creaminess of the mashed potatoes, and the freshness of the greens. The flavors are well-balanced and satisfying, leaving passengers feeling satiated and delighted. It is rare to find such gourmet offerings on short domestic flights, making Rex’s business class a standout option for discerning travelers.

Expansion and Competition

Rex’s foray into the major city routes has brought about newfound competition in the Australian airline market. Traditionally dominated by the likes of Qantas and Virgin Australia, Rex is quickly establishing itself as a formidable player. Its expansion into the 737 operation has allowed Rex to tap into a larger market and offer more choices to passengers. The increased competition is beneficial for travelers, as it drives innovation, improves overall service quality, and provides more options in terms of routes and fare prices.

Partnership with Delta Airlines

One of the major milestones for Rex is its partnership with Delta Airlines. This strategic alliance involves operating flights on a codeshare basis with Delta, allowing for seamless travel between Australia and the United States. This partnership opens up a world of opportunities for both airlines and their customers. Passengers can enjoy the convenience of booking with either Rex or Delta and seamlessly connecting between their extensive networks. This collaboration showcases Rex’s commitment to global connectivity and further solidifies its position in the international aviation market.

Optimism for the Future

With its impressive business class product, expanding route network, and strategic partnerships, Rex is poised for a bright future. The airline’s commitment to excellence, evident in its cabin layout, in-flight dining, and overall customer experience, sets it apart from its competitors. Rex’s dedication to innovation and expansion shows that it is ready to claim its place as a major player in the Australian airline industry. Passengers can expect even greater offerings and exciting developments from Rex in the coming years.


As we touch down in Sydney, it is clear that our journey with Rex has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we stepped onboard the 737 to the delectable in-flight meal and the smooth landing, Rex has exceeded our expectations. With its business class product, Rex is redefining regional aviation in Australia and challenging the status quo. We applaud Rex for its dedication to providing an outstanding travel experience and eagerly look forward to their future endeavors.