Exploring Flynas: The First Low-Cost Airline in Saudi Arabia

In this video, titled “Exploring Flynas: The First Low-Cost Airline in Saudi Arabia,” the content creator takes us on a journey to experience Saudi Arabia’s first low-cost airline, Flynas. The video begins at Jeddah airport, the third largest in Saudi Arabia, showcasing its modern amenities such as a garden, aquarium, and mosque. We then join the narrator as they pass through security and enjoy a cup of coffee before boarding their flight. Flynas, which started operating in 2007, has rapidly grown its fleet and now serves destinations across the Middle East. The narrator boards an older A320 aircraft for a flight from Jeddah to Riyadh, a popular route that is the fifth busiest in the world. They highlight the affordable cost of the flight, the cabin crew from Lithuania, and the overall decent experience onboard. The descent into Riyadh offers fascinating scenery, and the video concludes with a glimpse into the modern terminal at Riyadh International Airport.

Overview of Flynas

Introduction to Flynas

Flynas is the first low-cost airline in Saudi Arabia, offering affordable air travel options for both domestic and international destinations. In this article, we will explore the history and fleet size of Flynas, the destinations they serve, what it’s like to fly with Flynas, and the unique flight experience from Jeddah to Riyadh. We will also discuss the cabin crew and services provided, as well as the Riyadh International Airport and its amenities.

History and Fleet Size

Flynas started operating in 2007 with just five planes, becoming the first low-cost airline in Saudi Arabia. Over the years, they have rapidly grown their fleet, which now includes Airbus A320s and A330s. Some of their planes even have a small business class cabin for added comfort. Despite being a low-cost airline, Flynas has maintained a commitment to quality and reliability, making them a popular choice for travelers in the Middle East.

Destinations Served

Flynas serves destinations throughout the Middle East, as well as India and Europe. They have become a key player in the aviation industry, connecting Saudi Arabia to a wide range of international and domestic locations. Whether you’re looking to travel to popular Middle Eastern cities or explore more distant destinations, Flynas offers a convenient and affordable option for your journey.

Flying with Flynas

Boarding and Seating

When flying with Flynas, you can expect a smooth boarding process and a comfortable seating arrangement. Flynas operates at Jeddah airport, which is the third largest in Saudi Arabia. The new terminal at Jeddah airport is not only impressive in size, but it also offers various amenities, including a garden, aquarium, and mosque. Once through the security checkpoint, you’ll find the gates for domestic flights conveniently located near the entrance, minimizing the walking distance. While the legroom on Flynas planes may not be extraordinary, the overall seating experience is decent for the duration of your flight.

Onboard Amenities

Despite being a low-cost airline, Flynas still provides essential onboard amenities to ensure a comfortable journey. The Airbus A320s, which are commonly operated by Flynas, offer leather seats, although not particularly distinguishable in terms of branding. However, the overall cabin environment is pleasant and accommodating. Flynas also offers a buy-on-board service, allowing passengers to purchase snacks and beverages during the flight. It’s worth noting that the availability of onboard menu options may be relatively limited, mainly consisting of low-cost options like water.

In-flight Experience

The in-flight experience with Flynas is generally satisfactory, considering the affordability of their fares. The flights are operated by experienced pilots and cabin crew, who strive to provide a safe and comfortable journey. The cruising altitude for the Jeddah to Riyadh route, for example, reaches 37,000 feet, allowing for a smooth and efficient flight. The duration of the flight from Jeddah to Riyadh is approximately one hour and six minutes, ensuring a convenient and time-saving travel option. With Flynas, you can enjoy the convenience of low-cost air travel without compromising on quality.

Flight Experience: Jeddah to Riyadh

Popular Route and Flight Frequency

The Jeddah to Riyadh route is one of Flynas’ most popular routes, offering frequent flights throughout the day. In fact, this route is celebrated for being the fifth busiest air route in the world, with an astounding 100 flights per day, connecting these two bustling Saudi Arabian cities. Flynas operates 15 daily flights each way, with Saudia and Flyadeal also providing multiple flights on this route. The high frequency of flights ensures that passengers have ample options when planning their travel between Jeddah and Riyadh.

Duration and Altitude

The flight from Jeddah to Riyadh is relatively short, taking only one hour and six minutes to reach the destination. Despite the brevity of the journey, Flynas ensures a comfortable and efficient flight experience for passengers. The cruising altitude for this route reaches 37,000 feet, allowing for a smooth and pleasant journey. The relatively low altitude ensures a quick and hassle-free travel experience, providing travelers with a convenient option for commuting between Jeddah and Riyadh.

Operated by Avion Express

It’s noteworthy that the flights on the Jeddah to Riyadh route are operated by Avion Express, a Maltese company. This partnership ensures a high standard of service and safety throughout the flight. Avion Express, being experienced in the aviation industry, employs skilled pilots and meticulously trains its cabin crew to provide exceptional customer service. This collaboration results in a seamless and secure travel experience for passengers flying with Flynas on this particular route.

Cabin Crew and Services

Nationalities of Cabin Crew

The cabin crew on Flynas flights, particularly those operated by Avion Express, represent a diverse range of nationalities. While Avion Express is a hybrid of Maltese and Lithuanian origins, adding an interesting dynamic to the airline’s cabin crew, Flynas cabin crew members also come from various backgrounds. This diversity not only enhances the cultural exchange between crew members but also contributes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere onboard Flynas flights.

Miscommunication Regarding Pre-Ordered Meals

During the flight experience on Flynas, there was a slight miscommunication regarding pre-ordered meals. In some instances, passengers who had pre-ordered their meals did not receive them as expected. Unfortunately, this miscommunication led to passengers having to pay again for their meals onboard. While this may have caused some inconvenience, it’s important to note that such incidents are not reflective of Flynas’ overall service quality. Flynas strives to ensure smooth operations and efficient communication with passengers, and this incident serves as an opportunity for the airline to improve its meal ordering process.

Onboard Menu Options

Flynas offers a limited range of menu options onboard their flights. This is primarily due to the low-cost nature of the airline, with a focus on providing budget-friendly travel options. Therefore, passengers should expect basic offerings, such as water and snacks, when it comes to onboard refreshments. The onboard menu may not feature an extensive variety of choices, but it adequately caters to passengers’ fundamental needs during their journey. For those seeking a wider selection of food and beverages, it may be beneficial to plan accordingly and bring their own provisions.

Flight Experience: Riyadh Landing

Scenic Descent into Riyadh

The descent into Riyadh offers passengers a scenic view of the city’s landscape. While the descent may be slightly bumpy at times, the stunning scenery compensates for any minor discomfort. The aerial perspective allows for a unique glimpse of Riyadh’s architecture, landmarks, and natural beauty, making the landing experience captivating and memorable. Passengers can fully appreciate the grandeur of Riyadh and the surrounding area as the aircraft prepares for its safe arrival at Riyadh International Airport.

Riyadh Airport Overview

Riyadh International Airport, the destination for the Jeddah to Riyadh flight, is the third-largest airport in Saudi Arabia. Spanning an impressive 144 square miles, the airport provides an expansive and modern facility for travelers. With positive feedback regarding its cleanliness, amenities, and efficiency, Riyadh International Airport ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for passengers. The airport’s modern design and well-maintained infrastructure contribute to the overall satisfaction of travelers arriving in Riyadh.

Affordability and Cost per Mile

One of the significant advantages of flying with Flynas is the affordability it offers. The low-cost nature of the airline makes air travel accessible to a wider range of individuals, allowing them to explore new destinations and connect with loved ones. The Jeddah to Riyadh flight, for example, offers excellent value for money, costing around 66 units and 12 pence per mile. This affordability enables passengers to travel conveniently and economically across Saudi Arabia, making Flynas an attractive option for both leisure and business travelers.

Riyadh International Airport

Bus Transportation to the Terminal

Upon arriving at Riyadh International Airport, passengers must take a bus to reach the terminal. The bus transportation typically takes about 20 minutes due to the airport’s extensive size. While this may add a short journey before reaching the terminal, the buses are designed to accommodate passengers comfortably, ensuring a smooth transition from the aircraft to the airport facilities. The bus transportation system efficiently connects passengers to the terminal, allowing for a seamless arrival and departure experience.

Modern Terminal and Positive Feedback

The terminal at Riyadh International Airport is known for its modern design and state-of-the-art amenities. Covering a vast area, the terminal stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to providing a world-class travel experience. Travelers have commended the terminal for its cleanliness, efficiency, and impressive range of facilities. From duty-free shopping opportunities to dining options, the terminal ensures that passengers’ needs and preferences are met during their time at the airport.

Comparison with King Khalid International Airport

Riyadh International Airport has surpassed King Khalid International Airport as the largest airport in Saudi Arabia. This change in status highlights the continuous development and improvement of the aviation industry in the country. While King Khalid International Airport held the title as the largest airport for some time, Riyadh International Airport has taken the lead, providing travelers with enhanced facilities and a more modern travel experience. This constant evolution in infrastructure showcases Saudi Arabia’s commitment to creating a world-class aviation hub.


Affordability and Value for Money

Flynas offers an affordable and cost-effective travel option for both domestic and international flights. With their low-cost model, Flynas aims to provide accessible air travel to a wide range of individuals. The affordability of their fares, coupled with the convenience and efficiency of their services, makes Flynas a popular choice for travelers in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Flynas offers excellent value for money, ensuring that your journey is both enjoyable and economical.

Positive Aspects of the Flynas Experience

The Flynas experience boasts several positive aspects, including a smooth boarding process, comfortable seating, reliable cabin crew services, and a decent in-flight experience. Despite being a low-cost airline, Flynas strives to ensure passenger satisfaction by providing essential amenities and maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the journey. The professionalism and friendliness of the cabin crew, alongside the secure and efficient operations of Flynas, contribute to a positive overall travel experience.

Invitation to Join the Community

As Flynas continues to expand its network and connect more destinations, they invite travelers to join their community and experience the convenience and affordability of their services. By choosing Flynas as your preferred airline, you join a community of frequent travelers who appreciate the value and quality that Flynas provides. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first journey, Flynas welcomes you to explore the world with them and enjoy the benefits of low-cost air travel.

In conclusion, Flynas has established itself as the first low-cost airline in Saudi Arabia, offering affordable and reliable travel options. With a growing fleet and destinations spanning the Middle East, India, and Europe, Flynas continues to provide opportunities for affordable air travel. Whether you’re taking the popular Jeddah to Riyadh route or exploring other destinations, Flynas ensures a comfortable and efficient flight experience. From the moment you board the plane to your arrival at Riyadh International Airport, Flynas strives to meet your needs and make your journey enjoyable. Join the Flynas community and experience the convenience and affordability they have to offer.