Exploring Alternative Paths to Community Building: Beyond the Realm of Social Media

  • In response to a thought-provoking question received via email, the author of Beautiful Voyager delves into the possibility of joining their online community without relying on Facebook or other social media platforms. Recognizing the overwhelming and irritating nature of social media for many individuals, the author shares a range of free and creative ways to connect with the Beautiful Voyager community.The article begins by expressing gratitude for the reader’s kind words about the author’s book, “Get Out of My Head,” which they found paradigm-changing and calming. This acknowledgment highlights the importance of finding solace and understanding within a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 
  • To address the question at hand, the author presents three distinct avenues for community engagement:
    1. Placing a Lighthouse on the Map: The author invites readers to participate in a unique and symbolic act of connection by placing a metaphorical lighthouse on a map. By sharing the location and name of their lighthouse, readers can contribute to the collective sense of community and exploration. Additionally, readers can send “messages in bottles” to be discovered by others navigating the map, fostering a sense of shared experiences and connections.
    2. The Beautiful Voyager Slack Community: The author introduces the Beautiful Voyager Slack community as an alternative platform for community engagement. By clicking on the provided link, readers can join this free community, which offers a space for discussions, support, and connection without the need for traditional social media platforms.
    3. “Meet a Voyager” Series on Substack: The author highlights the “Meet a Voyager” series, available through the Beautiful Voyager Substack newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter or participating in chat prompts, readers gain access to thought-provoking content and opportunities to engage with others in the community. This series serves as a platform for sharing interesting and inspiring readings, fostering intellectual growth and connection.

    In addition to these community-building suggestions, the author recommends exploring the free emotion-tracking app called How We Feel. While not an online community in itself, this app provides a valuable tool for finding a shared language with others and connecting authentically. By tracking emotions and experiences, individuals can cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and establish meaningful connections with loved ones.

    The article concludes by inviting readers to share their own experiences and strategies for building community beyond the realm of social media. The author encourages readers to comment on the article or join the Beautiful Voyager community to engage in further discussions, emphasizing the importance of finding sources of calmness and connection in one’s life.

    In essence, this article offers a comprehensive exploration of alternative paths to community building, highlighting the significance of finding spaces that resonate with individual needs and preferences. By embracing these alternative avenues, individuals can foster meaningful connections and support networks outside the confines of traditional social media platforms.