Capturing a Beautiful Sunrise: Enjoying the Meal Service on Fiji Airways

Imagine spending 15 long hours on a flight and getting no sleep because of a broken plane. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the author on their Fiji Airways flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, with a stop in Fiji. Despite the uncomfortable journey, the author appreciated the check-in process at Los Angeles International Airport and enjoyed the Star Alliance Lounge. They were pleased with the seat and amenities on the Fiji Airways A350 but encountered issues with the in-flight entertainment system. Nevertheless, they captured a beautiful sunrise during the flight and enjoyed the meal service. After a layover in Nadi, Fiji, the author boarded the same Fiji Airways A350 for their flight to Sydney, again experiencing issues with the in-flight entertainment. They were impressed with the cleanliness and features of the lavatory. Finally, they arrived in Sydney and checked into a hotel near the airport.

Airport Check-In

Checking in at Los Angeles International Airport

When flying out of Los Angeles International Airport, the first thing you’ll need to do is check in for your Fiji Airways flight. The check-in process usually involves presenting your passport, receiving your boarding pass, and checking any bags you may have. Make sure to arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your scheduled departure to allow for any potential delays or long lines at the check-in counter.

Long walk to the gate

After checking in and going through security, you may find yourself facing a long walk to reach your gate. Los Angeles International Airport is quite large and has several terminals that are spread out across the airport grounds. Depending on which terminal your flight is departing from, you may need to walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach your gate. Be prepared and wear comfortable shoes to make the journey more enjoyable.

Flight Experience

Uncomfortable and sleepless due to a broken plane

Sometimes, flights don’t go as smoothly as we hope. Unfortunately, I had a less-than-pleasant experience on my Fiji Airways flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. The plane turned out to be broken, resulting in a rather uncomfortable and sleepless journey. It’s always disappointing when this happens, but it’s important to remember that these incidents are usually unforeseen and out of the airline’s control.

Traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney with a layover in Fiji

My journey from Los Angeles to Sydney wasn’t a direct flight. Instead, I had a layover in Nadi, Fiji. While layovers can sometimes be a hassle, they can also provide an opportunity to explore a new country or relax in an airport lounge. In the case of my Fiji Airways flight, the layover in Fiji added an extra element of excitement to the journey.

Boarding the Fiji Airways A350

Once it was time to board the Fiji Airways A350, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent service and amenities provided onboard. The seat was comfortable and spacious, ensuring a relatively pleasant flight ahead. The A350 is known for its quiet and smooth ride, making it an ideal aircraft for long-haul flights. As I settled into my seat, I felt a sense of anticipation for the journey ahead.

In-Flight Entertainment Issues

Repeatedly playing music

Unfortunately, my in-flight entertainment experience was not as smooth as I had hoped. The entertainment system on the Fiji Airways A350 seemed to have a glitch, resulting in the repeated playing of music. While music can be enjoyable, hearing the same songs on a loop every half an hour can quickly become tiresome. It was a minor inconvenience, but it did detract from an otherwise enjoyable flight.

Continued issues with the entertainment system

The issues with the entertainment system persisted throughout the flight, much to the frustration of passengers. While the cabin crew did their best to address the problem, it was evident that there was a technical issue that needed to be resolved. Despite this setback, the flight attendants remained friendly and accommodating, ensuring that passengers were comfortable and taken care of.

Meal Service

Enjoying the meal

One highlight of my Fiji Airways flight was the meal service. The airline provided a delicious meal, which consisted of a variety of options to suit different dietary preferences. I opted for the chicken dish, and I was pleased with the flavorful and well-prepared meal. The presentation and quality of the food exceeded my expectations, making the in-flight dining experience enjoyable.

Capturing a beautiful sunrise during the flight

As the flight progressed, I was treated to a breathtaking sight – a stunning sunrise. Despite the earlier inconveniences, witnessing the sun rise above the clouds reminded me of the beauty of flying. I took the opportunity to capture the moment through the window of the aircraft, creating a lasting memory of the journey.

Layover in Nadi, Fiji

Spending time in the lounge

During my layover in Nadi, Fiji, I had the chance to explore the airport lounge. The Star Alliance Lounge at Nadi International Airport offered a comfortable and peaceful environment to relax and unwind. The lounge had a nice selection of food and drink options, allowing me to enjoy a light snack and refreshments before my next flight.

Boarding the Fiji Airways A350 for the flight to Sydney

After a pleasant layover in Nadi, it was time to board the Fiji Airways A350 once again for the final leg of my journey. Despite the ongoing issues with the entertainment system, I remained optimistic about the flight. The cabin crew greeted passengers with warm smiles and ensured that everyone felt welcomed and comfortable.

Continued In-Flight Entertainment Issues

Issues with the entertainment system persisting

Unfortunately, the issues with the entertainment system continued on the second leg of the journey from Fiji to Sydney. The recurring problem with the entertainment system left passengers feeling disappointed and frustrated. The cabin crew did their best to address the issue, but it was clear that further attention was needed to rectify the problem.

Cleanliness and Lavatory Features

Discussing the cleanliness of the lavatory

One aspect that is often overlooked but is important to consider during a long flight is the cleanliness of the lavatory. On the Fiji Airways A350, the lavatories were well-maintained and kept clean throughout the journey. This attention to cleanliness is crucial for the comfort and well-being of passengers, especially during a lengthy flight.

Noting the features of the lavatory

In addition to cleanliness, it’s worth mentioning the features of the lavatory on the Fiji Airways A350. The lavatories were equipped with essential amenities, such as soap, paper towels, and ample space to move around comfortably. These little details contribute to a more pleasant and convenient in-flight experience.

Arrival in Sydney

Checking into a hotel near the airport

After a long and eventful journey, I finally arrived in Sydney. To ensure a comfortable transition, I decided to check into a hotel near the airport. Staying at a hotel in close proximity to the airport allowed me to rest and recharge before continuing my travels. The convenience of having a comfortable place to stay before exploring Sydney was greatly appreciated.


While my Fiji Airways flight had its share of challenges, including a broken plane and persistent issues with the entertainment system, there were also moments of enjoyment and satisfaction. From the comfortable seating and delicious meals to capturing a beautiful sunrise, the flight experience had its highlights. Though not perfect, Fiji Airways demonstrated a commitment to customer service and made efforts to address the issues faced by passengers. Despite the initial setbacks, the journey ultimately provided valuable memories and a sense of adventure.