6 Hours on Russia’s BUSINESS CLASS Express Train

Hop on board as you join Noel Philips on a fascinating journey through Russia’s BUSINESS CLASS Express Train. From the grandeur of Moscow’s Yaroslavskaya station to the scenic countryside, you’ll experience the comfort and convenience of this high-speed train. With a mix of stunning landscapes, delicious meals, and a glimpse into the local culture, this video takes you on a memorable six-hour adventure. Discover the value for money that train travel in Russia offers and be captivated by the beauty of this untouched country. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an extraordinary ride across Russia.

Moscow to Yaroslavskaya Station

Welcome to Moscow, Russia, and welcome to Yaroslavskaya Station. Isn’t this a beautiful building for a railway station? Today, we’re taking a Russian high-speed train from Moscow across the country. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s going to be like, so let’s head inside and find out.

When you arrive at the station in Moscow, you’ll notice that it costs about three pounds for three hours to come in. Inside, you’ll find a comfortable waiting area with chairs where you can sit and get some work done. It may not offer much else for the price, but it’s definitely worth it for the convenience.

Next, it’s time to find where your train leaves from. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to go; it can be an adventure. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to find your platform before the train leaves. Once you locate your platform, you’ll notice that the trains are all located towards the back of the building. Head in that direction and see if you can find where you need to be.

Boarding the Train

After finding your platform, you’ll see that yours is the 1510 train to Kostroma, a town named after a stomach complaint. The train departs from platform three, so make your way there. As you walk towards the platform, you’ll notice a shiny red train. According to your ticket, you’ll need to be in car number one. Depending on the train, you may have seen car numbers like 39 or 86, so it’s important to find the right one. Look for the car number printed on the window. This train, called “A La Stocha,” translates to “swallow” and is the latest high-speed train in Russia. It will take you on a five-hour trip to the city of Kostroma.

Information about the Train

Once you’re on board the train, you’ll notice that it’s a business class train with comfortable seating. The journey to Kostroma will take approximately five hours, during which you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views passing by outside your window. The train offers amenities such as slippers and a meal service. The food served on the train may be unfamiliar, but don’t hesitate to give it a try. It’s always exciting to experience new flavors and cuisines.

Food and Dining Options

During your journey, you’ll have the chance to try the train’s meal service. The food served on board may be different from what you’re used to, but that’s all part of the experience. One of the dishes you may encounter is pork in cheese, which can be quite delicious. Don’t hesitate to try new flavors and expand your culinary horizons.

Arrival at Yaroslavl

After approximately three hours, the train will arrive at Yaroslavl, a town located three hours east of Moscow. You’ll have a few minutes to stretch your legs and explore the area before continuing your journey to Kostroma. Take in the sights of Yaroslavl and appreciate the beauty of this historic town.

Value for Money

Now, let’s discuss the value for money you’ll experience when traveling by train in Russia. The journey from Moscow to Kostroma costs 25 pounds, which is approximately 12 pence per mile. This is quite a good value for money considering the distance traveled. However, it’s important to note that the journey takes over four hours, with an average speed of less than 50 miles per hour. Compared to driving, the train is slightly faster, but not by much. On a clear run, you can drive the same distance in five hours. Nevertheless, the convenience and comfort of train travel, along with the included meal service and amenities, make it a worthwhile option.

Train Facilities and Comfort

When it comes to train facilities and comfort, the Russian high-speed train offers a pleasant experience. The business class seating provides a comfortable environment throughout the journey. You’ll have ample legroom and a conducive space to relax or get some work done. The train is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable ride.

Scenic Views during the Journey

One of the highlights of traveling by train in Russia is the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking scenic views along the way. As you pass through the countryside, you’ll witness the beauty of the untouched landscapes. The unspoiled nature and picturesque surroundings make the train journey truly memorable.

Average Speed of the Express Train

While the train is considered a high-speed option, it’s important to note that the average speed during the journey is less than 50 miles per hour. This may not be as fast as expected for an express train. However, the slower pace allows you to appreciate the scenery outside your window and enjoy a more relaxed and laid-back journey.

Comparison to Driving

In terms of speed, driving may be slightly faster when compared to the train journey. However, driving comes with its own set of challenges, such as traffic congestion and the risk of getting stuck on main roads. Trains in Russia are known for their reliability, ensuring that you’re more likely to arrive on time by train compared to navigating through busy city roads. Additionally, the convenience and comfort of train travel make it a preferable choice for many.

Reliability of Trains in Russia

Trains in Russia are renowned for their reliability. Unlike other modes of transportation, trains offer a more predictable and consistent schedule. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, relying on the train ensures that you arrive at your destination on time. The reputation for reliability makes train travel a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

Hotel Accommodations in Kostroma

Upon arriving in Kostroma, you’ll need to find accommodations for your stay. There are various hotel options available, catering to different budgets and preferences. The cost of accommodation in Kostroma is generally affordable, allowing you to find a comfortable place to stay without breaking the bank. The hotel you choose will determine the level of luxury and amenities you’ll enjoy during your time in the town.

Impressions of Russian Railways

Traveling on Russian railways provides a unique experience that showcases the country’s efficiency and dedication to providing quality transportation services. The comfort and convenience offered by the trains, along with the stunning scenery outside the window, leave a lasting impression on travelers. The reliability of Russian trains further adds to the positive experience. Overall, traveling on Russian railways is a delightful way to explore the country.

Future Train Videos

If you enjoyed the experience of traveling by train in Russia, there’s good news. The presenter of the video, Noel Philips, mentions the possibility of making more train videos in Russia. If you’re interested in seeing more train journeys and exploring different parts of the country, be sure to show your support and express your interest. More train videos mean more opportunities to discover the beauty and charm of Russia’s railway system.


In conclusion, traveling from Moscow to Yaroslavskaya Station and onward to Kostroma by the Russian high-speed train offers a unique and enjoyable experience. The train provides comfort, convenience, and stunning views of the Russian countryside. Although the average speed may not be as fast as driving, the reliability and peace of mind that comes with train travel make it a preferred choice. With affordable prices and excellent value for money, exploring Russia by train is a worthwhile adventure.