Two Weeks of Filming for Months of Content

In the article “Two Weeks of Filming for Months of Content,” you’ll discover the fascinating world of Noel Philips, an aviation YouTuber. He shares his unique journey of turning his hobby into a full-time job, providing insights into how he earns money through his YouTube channel. From paying for his own flights to filming in batches and releasing videos gradually, Noel takes you behind the scenes of his content creation process. He also shares his thoughts on free tickets, his primary sources of income, and the importance of rest and relaxation between filming trips. Get ready to be inspired by this immersive peek into the life of an aviation YouTuber!

Embark on Noel’s adventure as he sets off on a flight from Chisinau, Moldova, to Istanbul. Experience the unexpected changes in his travel plans and follow his journey onboard Turkish Airlines. Enjoy Noel’s candid answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, such as how he pays for his flights and why he focuses on filming business class flights. Join him in exploring Istanbul International Airport, where his quest for caffeine leads to a humorous search for the elusive airport lounge. Travel alongside Noel as he shares his personal experiences, insights, and gratitude towards his viewers. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the captivating world of an aviation YouTuber!

Filming Schedule

Filming in Batches

Noel Phillips, the aviation YouTuber, has a unique approach when it comes to filming his videos. Rather than constantly traveling to different locations, he films in batches. This means that he spends a period of two weeks filming multiple videos and then releases them gradually over the next two to three months. Filming in batches allows him to streamline the filming process and ensure consistent content release.

Filming Duration

During the two-week filming period, Noel Phillips dedicates his time to capturing footage for his aviation videos. This includes filming business class flights, as he mainly focuses on showcasing the experience of flying in premium cabins. While he primarily flies in economy class for his personal travels, he specifically targets business class flights for his YouTube channel to provide valuable content to his audience.

Changes due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes in Noel Phillips’ filming routine. Due to travel restrictions and safety concerns, he has had to adjust his plans and spend longer periods at home between trips. This has allowed him to prioritize the health and well-being of both himself and others. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Noel remains dedicated to creating high-quality content for his viewers.

Content Release

Release Strategy

Noel Phillips follows a strategic approach when it comes to releasing his videos. He aims to release a new video every week, ensuring a consistent flow of content for his audience. This strategy helps maintain engagement with his viewers and keeps them coming back for more.

Release Timeline

After the two-week filming period, Noel gradually releases the filmed content over the next two to three months. This approach allows him to carefully curate and edit his videos, ensuring that each one meets his high standards. By spacing out the release of his videos, he can maximize viewership and keep his audience excited for new content.

Filming Routine

Rest and Relaxation

Filming aviation videos can be an intense process, requiring long hours and meticulous attention to detail. To maintain balance and ensure optimal performance, Noel Phillips understands the importance of rest and relaxation. This is why he takes time at home between filming trips to recharge and rejuvenate. Rest and relaxation help him stay focused and deliver the best possible content to his viewers.

Intense Nature of Filming

While creating videos for his YouTube channel may seem glamorous, it is essential to recognize the intense nature of filming trips. From capturing footage during flights to editing and post-production work, filming requires dedication and hard work. Noel’s commitment to delivering high-quality content is evident in the effort he puts into each video. It is a labor of love that he truly enjoys.

Financial Support

Covering Travel Expenses

As an independent content creator, Noel Phillips covers his own travel expenses. He takes pride in financing his flights rather than accepting free tickets from airlines. This ensures that he remains unbiased and provides honest reviews and experiences to his viewers. By paying for his own flights, Noel maintains control over the content he creates.

Advertising Revenue

The primary source of income for Noel Phillips’ aviation YouTube channel is advertising revenue. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook generate income based on ad views and engagement. With a dedicated audience, Noel is able to generate revenue through ads placed within his videos. This financial support allows him to continue creating content and sharing his passion for aviation.

Sponsorships and Integrations

In addition to advertising revenue, Noel collaborates with companies for video integrations and sponsorships. These partnerships provide additional income and allow him to showcase relevant products and services to his audience. By carefully selecting the partnerships he engages in, Noel ensures that the sponsored content aligns with his values and provides value to his viewers.

Patreon and Merchandise

To further support his channel, Noel has a Patreon page where viewers can contribute through monthly subscriptions. This additional source of income provides direct support from his dedicated audience. Additionally, Noel sells merchandise through his official website, allowing fans to show their support while also receiving branded products. While Patreon and merchandise sales may contribute to a lesser extent, they are still integral to sustaining his channel.

Gratitude to Viewers

Noel Phillips recognizes the importance of his viewers and expresses gratitude for their support. Without the loyal audience, his channel would not be where it is today. The engagement, feedback, and participation of viewers play a crucial role in shaping the direction of his content and motivating him to continue creating videos. He remains grateful for the community that has been built around his passion for aviation.

Highlights from Filming Trips

Virgin Atlantic Pink Lights

During one of his filming trips, Noel experienced the unique ambiance of Virgin Atlantic’s pink lights. This distinctive feature added a touch of luxury to the flight experience and provided a memorable highlight for both Noel and his viewers.

Shower at Istanbul International Airport

While at Istanbul International Airport, Noel had the chance to enjoy a refreshing shower. This small but luxurious perk was a welcome break during his travels and added an extra level of comfort to his experience.

Enjoyable Flight with Turkish Airlines

Noel had the pleasure of flying with Turkish Airlines during one of his trips. The flight provided a pleasant experience, from the exclusive boarding process to the attentive service onboard. Such positive experiences make filming trips all the more enjoyable for Noel and inspire him to share these highlights with his viewers.

Audience Interaction

Welcoming Questions

Noel Phillips encourages his audience to ask questions and engage with him on various platforms, particularly Instagram. He appreciates the curiosity and interest of his viewers and is always open to answering their inquiries. By actively encouraging interaction, Noel strengthens the connection between himself and his audience.

Future Q&A Video

To address the most commonly asked questions, Noel plans to create a video dedicated to answering viewer inquiries. This future Q&A video will allow him to delve deeper into the topics that his audience is most curious about and provide comprehensive responses. He looks forward to bringing this interactive element to his content and engaging with his viewers on a more personal level.


Thanks and Sign Off

In conclusion, Noel Phillips’s journey as an aviation YouTuber is driven by a genuine passion for aviation and a desire to share his experiences with his audience. The filming schedule, content release strategy, and financial support all play a vital role in sustaining his channel. Noel expresses gratitude to his viewers and remains committed to providing quality content that showcases the world of aviation. As he continues his adventures, he invites his audience to join him and looks forward to answering their questions and connecting with them on a deeper level in the future. Thank you for watching, and until next time, happy flying!