The narrator flew over 8000 miles to Zimbabwe to join his friend on a quest to fly on a rare aircraft.

In this exciting video by Noel Philips, the narrator takes us on a journey to Zimbabwe to join his friend Josh on a quest to fly on a rare aircraft. However, the original plan didn’t go as expected, and the two friends find themselves staying at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare. We learn about their discussion regarding the type of aircraft they will be flying on, their love for Tanzania, and their hope to fly there on this trip. They also mention the changes in flight departure time and the possibility of flying on an Embraer instead of a 737. The narrator shares his past negative experiences with the Embraer and expresses hope for a miracle on this flight. They continue to talk about their experiences in Zimbabwe and their excitement as YouTubers. The video ends with the anticipation of arriving in Tanzania and their plans to eat and rest before their next adventure.

Arriving in Zimbabwe

Flying over 8000 miles to Zimbabwe was no easy feat, but you were determined to join your friend, Josh, on a quest to fly on a super rare aircraft. After a long and tiring journey, you finally arrived at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe. The excitement was palpable as you and Josh planned your adventure together.

Discussion about the Aircraft

However, the original plan didn’t go as expected. There was a conversation between you and Josh about the type of aircraft you would be flying on. The initial plan was to fly on a 737-200, but there were rumors that the aircraft might be an Embraer. Both of you had different opinions, with Josh being more optimistic about flying on the desired aircraft. You, on the other hand, had previous negative experiences with Embraer planes and were hoping for a miracle.

Heading to the Airport

Early in the morning, you and Josh prepared to head to the airport. Despite the early hour, you were both filled with excitement. Before the flight, you decided to grab a coffee to wake yourselves up and fuel your energy for the upcoming journey. The anticipation was building as you prepared to fly with Air Zimbabwe.

Flight Departure Time Change

Just as you thought everything was going according to plan, you received news that the flight departure time had been changed to 7am. This unexpected change had an effect on your travel plans, causing some adjustments to be made. Nevertheless, you remained optimistic and determined to make the most of your trip.

The Embraer Aircraft

As you boarded the flight, there was a possibility that you would be flying on an Embraer aircraft. This news didn’t sit well with you, considering your past experiences. The hope for a miracle remained as you boarded the plane and prepared for takeoff. You reflected on the ups and downs of life, acknowledging that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Despite the uncertainties, you remained positive and focused on the adventure ahead.

Reflections on Life

During your journey, you took a moment to reflect on various aspects of life. You mentioned losing and winning experiences, acknowledging that both are part of the journey. You also opened up about a personal struggle with hair loss and the support you received from a sponsor called Keeps. These reflections added depth to your narrative and created a connection with the readers.

Coffee Cost and Zimbabweans

While in Zimbabwe, you couldn’t help but comment on the high cost of coffee. It surprised you that a simple cup of coffee would cost as much as five US dollars. You shared your experience of using US dollars instead of Zimbabwean dollars and the disparity in prices. However, you also mentioned that despite the expensive coffee, the people in Zimbabwe were friendly and genuine. They didn’t try to rip you off and had a genuine desire to make their country a better place.

Excitement as YouTubers

Both you and Josh were excited to embark on this adventure as YouTubers. You mentioned the anticipation of creating more videos and sharing your experiences with your viewers. This added a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement, as you both looked forward to capturing and sharing your journey with the world.

Confirmed Flight Details

Finally, the flight details were confirmed. It was indeed an Embraer ERJ145 aircraft that you would be flying on. As you settled into your seat, you took a moment to review the breakfast served on the flight. This attention to detail and review of the amenities provided a comprehensive view of your experience, giving readers an insight into what they could expect.

Disappointment and Future Plans

Despite the confirmation of the Embraer aircraft, there was a hint of disappointment. The desired aircraft, a 737-200, was not part of your flying experience this time. However, you remained resilient and expressed plans to eat and rest before your next adventure. This concluding paragraph hinted at future plans and left the readers with anticipation for what lies ahead.

Overall, your article provided a comprehensive account of your journey to Zimbabwe, the discussions about the aircraft, the experiences at the airport, and your reflections on life. The friendly tone of voice and second-person perspective created a personal connection with the readers, making them feel like they were a part of your adventure.