Cramped Chaos at Darbanga Airport: My Stopover with SpiceJet

Get ready for an immersive experience as you join Noel Philips on his journey with SpiceJet, India’s supposed worst airline. Noel, a well-known vlogger and pilot, took it upon himself to test the airline’s reputation and documented his entire experience in a video titled “How to Survive Flying India’s WORST Airline: Flying SPICEJET.” From booking complications to cramped flights and chaotic stopovers at Darbanga Airport, he covers it all. Despite the negative feedback he received from Indian locals warning him against flying with SpiceJet, Noel went ahead with his plan to experience it firsthand.

Join Noel on this adventure as he braves the challenges and shares his unfiltered thoughts on the airline. You’ll also get a glimpse into Noel’s other ventures, including his pilot vlog channel and exclusive perks for his subscribers on WhatsApp through Patreon. Prepare for an eye-opening journey through the cramped chaos of Darbanga Airport and discover whether SpiceJet lives up to its notoriety as India’s worst airline.

Cramped Chaos at Darbanga Airport: My Stopover with SpiceJet


SpiceJet: India’s Worst Airline?

I had heard numerous negative things about SpiceJet, an Indian low-cost airline, being labeled as the worst airline in India. With so much buzz surrounding the airline’s reputation, I decided to take a flight with SpiceJet myself to see just how bad it could be.

Author’s Intent to Assess SpiceJet’s Reputation

As someone who often travels and explores different airlines, I was intrigued by the negative feedback I had received from Indian people about SpiceJet. I wanted to see if the airline truly lived up to its reputation, or if it was just an exaggeration.

Negative Feedback from Indian People

Before even stepping foot on a SpiceJet flight, I received countless messages from Indian people warning me to avoid the airline at all costs. They shared their horror stories and experiences of delayed flights, poor customer service, and uncomfortable conditions. This only fueled my curiosity to experience SpiceJet firsthand.

Author’s Experience Flying with SpiceJet

Despite the warnings and negative feedback, I was determined to form my own opinion about SpiceJet. I booked my flight and prepared myself for what I hoped would be an interesting adventure.

Booking Difficulties

Constant Website Breakdowns

My excitement quickly turned into frustration as I encountered constant website breakdowns while trying to book my SpiceJet flight. The website would crash mid-booking, leaving me unable to complete the process. This happened multiple times, prolonging the already tedious booking experience.

Multiple Charges for the Same Flight

To add insult to injury, I discovered that I had been charged multiple times for the same flight due to the website’s glitches. With each unsuccessful attempt at booking, I was charged again, leading to confusion and frustration. I immediately reached out to customer service to rectify the situation.

Frustrating Experience with Customer Service

Contacting SpiceJet’s customer service was an arduous task. Long wait times, unhelpful representatives, and a lack of resolution to my payment issues only added to my mounting frustration. It seemed that every interaction with the airline’s customer service only deepened my disappointment.

Receiving the E-Tickets

After days of back-and-forth communication and anxiety over whether I would actually receive my e-tickets, I finally received them. Although a small victory, it was overshadowed by the overall poor booking experience I had faced with SpiceJet.

Flight Condition

Poor Condition of Flights

Upon boarding the SpiceJet flight, it was immediately evident that the aircraft was in poor condition. The exterior showed signs of wear and tear, and the interior did not fare much better. The overall appearance of the plane left much to be desired.

Broken Amenities

It became clear as the flight progressed that the amenities on board were not well-maintained. From broken seat trays to malfunctioning entertainment systems, it seemed like nothing was in proper working order. This only heightened the sense of discomfort and disappointment throughout the journey.

Limited Legroom

One of the most significant drawbacks of my SpiceJet flight was the limited legroom. As someone who values comfort during travel, the lack of space was incredibly noticeable and made the overall experience even more unpleasant. It felt as though the seats were designed without consideration for passenger comfort.

Stopover at Darbanga Airport

Darbanga Airport: Chaotic and Cramped

During my journey with SpiceJet, I had a stopover at Darbanga Airport. What I encountered there only added to the growing frustrations of my overall experience. The airport was chaotic, with an abundance of passengers and limited space to accommodate everyone. It felt cramped and disorganized, making the stopover a less than pleasant experience.

Unpleasant Experience during Stopover

In addition to the cramped conditions, the stopover itself was not well-handled by SpiceJet. Passengers were left waiting outside in the heat, as the airport terminal was overcrowded. The lack of proper facilities and amenities only added to the discomfort and frustration felt by travelers.


Arrival at Destination

After enduring the challenges of booking difficulties, poor flight conditions, and a chaotic stopover, I finally arrived at my destination in Delhi, albeit with a heavy sigh of relief. The journey had been far from enjoyable, but I was glad to have survived SpiceJet.

Reflection on the Overall Poor Experience with SpiceJet

Looking back on my experience with SpiceJet, it is clear that the negative reputation of the airline is well-deserved. From the constant website breakdowns during booking to the poor condition of their flights, the overall experience was disappointing. The chaotic stopover at Darbanga Airport only further reinforced my conclusion that SpiceJet is far from being a reliable or pleasant airline to fly with.