Can I Purchase Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater Tickets Online?

Have you ever wondered if you can conveniently purchase Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater tickets online? Well, the good news is that you absolutely can! With just a few clicks, you can secure your seats for an unforgettable night of entertainment and delectable dining. No longer do you need to worry about rushing to the ticket office or facing long queues. In this digital age, buying tickets for this renowned dinner theater has never been easier or more convenient. Read on to find out how you can easily purchase your Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater tickets online and ensure a fantastic evening of fun and entertainment.

About Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater

Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater is a popular entertainment venue located in Fresno, California. Known for its combination of delicious food and high-quality theatrical performances, Roger Rocka’s is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a unique date night experience, this dinner theater is sure to create memorable moments.


Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater is conveniently situated at 1226 N Wishon Ave, Fresno, CA 93728. Its central location makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city, allowing theater enthusiasts to enjoy a performance without having to travel far.


Established in the late 1970s, Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater has a rich history of captivating audiences with its exceptional productions. The theater was founded by Dan Pessano and has since become a beloved institution in the Fresno arts scene. Over the years, Roger Rocka’s has showcased a diverse range of performances, from Broadway classics to original productions, showcasing the incredible talent of local performers.

Current Shows

At Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, you’ll find an ever-changing lineup of captivating shows that cater to a wide range of interests. From toe-tapping musicals to thought-provoking dramas, there’s always something exciting happening on stage. Keep an eye on their official website or inquire at the box office for information about the current and upcoming shows. Whether you’re a fan of traditional theater or enjoy exploring new genres, you’re bound to find a show that captures your attention at Roger Rocka’s.

Ticket Purchasing Options

When it comes to purchasing tickets for a performance at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, you have several convenient options available to you.

In-person at the box office

One option is to purchase tickets in person at the theater’s box office. Located within the venue itself, the box office provides a convenient and personal way to secure your seats. The friendly staff will guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the perfect seats for your preferred performance.

Over the phone

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can also purchase tickets over the phone. Simply call the box office during their operating hours and speak to a knowledgeable representative who will assist you in selecting the best available seats. This option is especially convenient for those who may have specific seating preferences or require additional assistance.


For the ultimate convenience, Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater offers an online ticket purchasing option. This allows you to secure your tickets from the comfort of your own home or on the go at any time, day or night. Not only does this option save you time and effort, but it also provides the flexibility to choose your seats and review the available showtimes at your own pace.

Online Ticket Purchase Process

If you decide to purchase your Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater tickets online, the process is simple and user-friendly. Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

Visit the official website

Start by visiting the official website of Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. You can easily find it by conducting a quick search or by directly entering the URL provided on promotional materials.

Select the desired show

Once you’re on the official website, browse through the list of available shows and choose the one that piques your interest. From dazzling musicals to gripping plays, there’s something for everyone.

Choose the preferred date and time

After selecting the show, you’ll be prompted to choose a date and time that works best for you. The website will display the available options, allowing you to pick a performance that fits your schedule.

Select the number of tickets

Indicate the number of tickets you need for your group. Whether you’re going solo or attending with a large party, Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater can accommodate your needs.

Select the seating section

Next, choose your preferred seating section. Roger Rocka’s offers various seating options, ranging from intimate booths to spacious tables. Consider your preferences and the overall experience you desire when selecting your seats.

Add tickets to the cart

Once you’ve chosen your seats, add the tickets to your virtual cart. This allows you to keep track of the items you’re purchasing and review the details before finalizing your order.

Proceed to checkout

Click on the checkout button to proceed to the payment process. Double-check your ticket selection, date, and time to ensure everything is accurate.

Enter personal and payment information

Enter the required personal and payment information in the designated fields. Rest assured that the online ticket purchasing system is secure and your information will be kept confidential.

Review and confirm the order

Before finalizing your purchase, take a moment to review all the details of your order. Verify that the show, date, time, and seating section are correct. This step ensures a smooth and error-free ticket purchase.

Receive confirmation and e-tickets

After confirming your order, you will receive a confirmation email containing your e-tickets. These electronic tickets can be easily accessed and printed at home, eliminating the need for physical tickets.

Benefits of Purchasing Tickets Online

Opting for online ticket purchases at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater offers several advantages that enhance your overall experience.


The convenience of purchasing tickets online cannot be overstated. You can skip the trip to the box office and make your purchase from the comfort of your own home or while on the go. This saves you valuable time and eliminates the need to wait in line.

Wide range of available seats

Online ticket purchasing allows you to explore all the available seating options at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. You can compare the views, seating arrangements, and proximity to the stage, ensuring that you secure the seats that best suit your preferences.

Skip the lines

When you purchase tickets online, you can skip the lines at the box office. This is especially beneficial during busy seasons or when popular shows are running, as it guarantees you a spot without the hassle of waiting in a physical queue.

24/7 accessibility

With online ticket purchases, you have the freedom to browse and purchase tickets at any time of the day or night. Whether it’s the early morning or late at night, you can secure your seats whenever it is most convenient for you.

Secure payment options

Online ticket purchasing at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater ensures the security and privacy of your payment information. The theater’s website is equipped with secure payment gateways, providing you with peace of mind while making your transaction.

Availability and Pricing

Ticket availability

The availability of tickets at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater varies depending on the show and demand. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to secure your desired seats, especially for popular performances or during peak seasons. However, last-minute tickets may also be available, so it’s worth checking the website or contacting the box office for the most up-to-date information.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices for performances at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater can vary depending on factors such as the show, seating section, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. Prices typically range from affordable to moderately priced, offering options for different budgets. It’s advisable to check the theater’s website or contact the box office for specific details on ticket prices for the show you are interested in attending.

Discounts and promotions

Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater occasionally offers discounts and promotions on ticket prices. These can include special rates for seniors, students, military personnel, or group discounts for large parties. To take advantage of these savings, keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions on the theater’s website or inquire with the box office staff for current offers.

Ticket Policies and Customer Support

Refund and exchange policies

Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater has specific refund and exchange policies in place to ensure customer satisfaction. In the event that you are unable to attend a performance you have purchased tickets for, it is always best to contact the box office as soon as possible. They will guide you through the options available, such as exchanging your tickets for an alternative performance or providing a refund, subject to the theater’s policies.

Contacting customer support

If you have any questions, concerns, or require assistance with your ticket purchase, Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater offers friendly and helpful customer support. You can reach out to the theater’s staff by contacting the box office directly by phone or email. They will be more than happy to address your queries and provide the assistance you need.

Tips for a Smooth Online Ticket Purchase

To ensure a seamless online ticket purchasing process at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Check the website for any updates

Before making your ticket purchase, it’s advisable to visit the official website of Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater to check for any updates or changes regarding the show schedule or availability. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid any potential disappointments.

Choose a reliable payment method

When making an online transaction, it’s crucial to choose a reliable and secure payment method. Use reputable payment platforms that offer encryption and fraud protection to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information.

Double-check the order details

Take a moment to review all the order details, including the show, date, time, and seating section, before finalizing your purchase. This helps prevent any errors or misunderstandings and ensures that you get the exact tickets you desire.

Make the purchase in advance

To secure your preferred seats and avoid disappointment, it’s recommended to make your ticket purchase in advance. Popular shows and peak seasons often sell out quickly, so it’s best to secure your tickets as soon as they become available.

Save and print the e-tickets

After completing your purchase, make sure to save the confirmation email and download or print your e-tickets. These will be your entry passes to the performance, and having them readily available will make your experience at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater hassle-free.


If you’re looking for a memorable evening filled with delicious food and fantastic theater performances, look no further than Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. With its convenient location, diverse show selection, and various ticket purchasing options, this theater provides an excellent entertainment experience for all. Whether you choose to purchase tickets in person, over the phone, or online, the process is straightforward, efficient, and designed with your convenience in mind. So go ahead, plan your visit to Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater today and immerse yourself in a world of captivating performances and delectable dining.